I got a PS4 (Christmas 2017)

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I got a PS4 (Christmas 2017)

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Fri Nov 02, 2018 2:55 pm

I managed to get back into gaming after my failed attempt and inexplicable disinterest in the XBox Elite...

My daughter asked for a PS4 at Christmas so she could play Fortnite with her school friends. I told her "You don't buy a gaming system for one game!!". But I agreed to buy it, but with a "50% mine, 50% yours and then you still have some cash to spend" proviso.

Wind on to 10 months later and I am totally hooked....on Fortnite. I keep trying other games. Mad Max had a good run. I did the story mode on Battlefront II. I unlocked most of the stuff in Gran Turismo. I keep loading up Fallout 4 (but not really for long enough to actually do anything). All I seem to play is Fortnite...and I'm not even very good at it. But there's something about the Season Battle Pass and the weekly/daily challenges that I really enjoy. And I love the ongoing evolving storyline they are doing. I just wish I could stick to doing just the challenges. But to unlock all the Battle Pass items, you have to grinde day by day to earn the XP! This leaves no time for anything else..

I am debating giving the next Season Pass a skip and getting Red Dead Redemption II. I'll still play Fortnite, but only on the free pass which is the daily challenge and half of the weekly challenges. Then I won't be so fussed about grinding for XP to unlock Battle Pass items. This should free up some time for something else. And I have earned enough V Bucks already that I can buy the Season Pass after that if I still choose....

Anyway, that's where I am with gaming now

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