Shownotes For Episode 36- Out Of Time

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Shownotes For Episode 36- Out Of Time

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:25 pm

Podcast begins

Pre-recorded shownotes
Hello and Welcome to Scuttercast 36, this week I'm joined by.........Out of Time
recorded by The Denim Cowboy..
Episode Review
Originally, this was going to be called "Present From The Future", but "Out Of Time" seems more appropriate as this episode was actually being written as they were filming with many of the lines being read on autocues. Some lines were being changed on the autocue before the very eyes of the cast during filming...
Cast did very well to hide this though. It is only really evident when you look at Krytens eyes during most of his lines
Scene 1

Rimmer has called a 1st weekly meeting to discuss morale.

U have to Admit not much of a morale boast, what i did notice tho the cat has a hell of a lot of make up on, seem to have black eyes and red cheeks, any one else notice this ?

Uses it to get everything off his chest and dig at everyone, then leaves.

Thought this was a good recap scene...everyone is annoyed, no Red Dwarf, everything bleak.

They mention here an attack by a Pan Dimensional Liquid Beast From The Mogadon Cluster. We have debated the existance of aliens in the Red Dwarf universe on the Red Dwarf Forum (.com) I am in the camp that there are no aliens, only genetically created creatures. This is the only creature we hear of that may actually be alien.

wine from urine resik i didn't pitch this lads to be wine drinkers.

An alarm sounds and and Kryten suggests it's the autopilot alert ?

Scene 2

All in the cockpit

Stellar fog all around them (tightly-packed particles from an exploded
supernova), and can't see more than a couple of metres

Lovely model shot of the Bug descending into the fog

There's a jolt, Listers jacket rips and he gets knocked out, so they stop.

Scene 3

They've dragged Lister to an observation table.

Kryten is operating on his arm, and finds out that Lister is a droid, a 3000 series at that

This really annoys Kryten as he's looked upto Lister as a superior, but it's being Droidist :)

He explains that humans were uncomfortable with the human looking 3000 series and that Lister must have reprogrammed himself to believe he was human to get away from being decommisioned. That is why the series 4000 doesn't look human. But his own superior in The Last Day, Hudzen 10 looks human. As do all the rogue simulants who are basically, rebel mechanoids

Kryten explains to Lister that he's a droid, tells him that he gets the front seat, and is on laundry. (does this suggest the Cat and Lister are superior ?)

Also, is Kryten superior to Rimmer then as he still has a back seat?

Why does he give Lister the laundry. He always says he loves doing the laundry...

Kryten is really hard on him !

This storyline with Lister as an android inferior to Kryten had been kicking around for a while. The commentary says that it was even going to be a whole episode. I think thats what makes RD so great. A whole episode idea can become just a couple of scenes in an entirely different episode. Look at Rimmerworld with the "stressballs".

Scene 4

Back in the cockpit

Another jolt and Kryten refers to the database to find out what they are

Lister comes back with tray, Kryten is hard with him again, demands he uses a Z square to cut the sandwiches

After Lister leaves, Kryten find out that they are going through a reality mindfield...apparenlty fitted to Space corp test ships.....which then the penny drops, Lister isn't a droid

Think have been throw a few of the reality mind-fields waking up after a good night out :)

Scene 5

Kryten is very sheeping and creaping to Lister

Another jolt, and they forget about the cat, then he comes back

I love this bit. The Cat who believes himself to be the centre of the universe and nobody can see, hear or even remember him!

also i like that fact that cat can not say unforgettable bul bul

Another jolt, and they all have animal heads (Lister's head
becomes that of a wolf, Cat becomes a deer, Rimmer a fox, and
Kryten a rooster)

I think Cat looks similar to the hologram Deer head used in the Dave TV channels advertising for Back To Earth. Pity Rimmer wasn't the deer with the "H" on it's head!!

Another jolt, and no starbug....

With some of Cats face disappearing with the ship.

Kryten suggests they go into stasis and Kryten navigate

Scene 6

Lister and the Cat get in bunks, and Kryten has "installed a temporary stasis seal on
both deep sleep units".....really ?

Sounds a little complicated to me, but i guess this how they travel some times

Scene 7

Assume that 3 days have passed as they are approaching a huge space station

Would have been nice to see more of this Space station

The space station look very familiarier for some reason?
Lister leaves his bunk and goes to join the others

The computer suggests that the mindfield has been protecting a 28th century derelict capable of time travel.

All the crew are dead, due to them heading to the 20th centrury and catching an influenza virus, and programmed the autopilot for deep space.

So they're going to tool up, and go on a robbing spree

Scene 8

They are all stood around the new time drive in the engine room.

They already own a time machine that is also a teleporter. Couldn't they somehow integrate that?

Scene 9

Back in the cockpit

Kryten suggests a neutral time period.

Lister suggests 1422, Cat 1421....just so it looks like he's paying attention.

They try it, and end up in deep they head back for the present time.

Again, couldn't they incorprate the teleporter technology?

Another craft's starbug with an SOS call

Lister knows it's them from the future (How ?)

so does this mean they have been sat in same spot for years jumping time to the same spot ?

Now why dont thiey go back to the time of the drive plate incident and fix it then they might have been home when the traveled back to there own time ?

Kryten doesn't want then to see their future selves as The human brain is not designed to cope
with knowing its own future.

He should have been more careful last week then!

Scene 10

Kryten speaks to the future crew, then goes to speak to the current crew

He looks gutted, and it all over Lister.

He explains that they are their future selves from 15 years in the future..but keep going on about Lister

Their drive has a fault, and they need to copy some components.

Kryten is going to seal them in the upper decks, so they can't see themselves.

Scene 11

Kryten is in the kitchen booing over Lister favourite bowl and cup

Lister comes in, but Kryten won't tell him anything, explains that one of the crew member is called Dave Lister

Scene 12

Cat Lister and Rimmer and in the Obs rooms, and Lister is hooking a cable to the mediscan....he's hacking into the security camera

The crew come in, Rimmer has grey hair and big bushy eye brows, and it fat. (in Rimmer world, 600 years past and nothing changed)

Luxurious Lifestyle maybe? Also, wasn't he running the risk of a heart attack....with that much weight gain he should be dead!

they seem to have aged a lot over 15 years

Cat is bald and over weight

Kryten comes in with a toupee and fake eyebrows, with a jar with Listers brain in it, and his dreads

Lister is looking from the obs rooms and describing their future selves, and how Lister has "lost a litte weight"

On the commentary, Craig does say that he wanted to have his head in the jar. I think that could have been funny.

The future selves don't like any of the food or drink as it's now beneith them. They are now used to the likes of Dolphin sweetmeats, roast suckling elephants, baby
seal hearts stuffed with dove pate.

They've been chilling with the greatest figures in history eg the Hitlers... (does this mean that they've found a way back to earth ?)

Kryten goes to kick them out, and our boys blow the lock, and kick them out. They don't want to become them.

Scene 13

The future crew are attacking them, however just to disable them.

When the threat warning comes in, the future selves fire upon our ship. The effect used looks just like an unreality pocket effect from earlier. This lead to fan speculation during the hiatus that everything from this point onwards is an unreality bubble. I don't buy it though. The exterior shots shows them well away from the unreality cloud

They say killing them would bew killing themselves...

They decide to fight !

Lister says, Shields up ! Arming Laser ?.....They have Shields ?

They get in a lucky shot, then get shot !

Listers console blows, and kills Lister

Another explosion and Cat dies

Another explosion and Kryten goes....

His last words are...But there may be....

Rimmer then figures out that if he blows the time drive, they'll never exist, so never hurt them.

He blasts.....there's a massive explosion...and it ends with "To Be Continued"

Wiki states that this is the first series to end on a cliffhanger. What about series 2......ended with a pregnant Lister. Isn't that a bit of a cliffhanger

I did read an article on Ganymede and Titan written in 2003 by Ian Symes and John Hoare that told of the four different ending ideas.

One had Rimmer blasting the time device and everything returning to normal with Rimmer saying "Smeg, I'm a hero". Then a celebratory scene with the crew drinking margherita's and toasting "To the present" Then staing it was a "good wine, good year and best yet". Basically showing they were happy with where they were.

Another was the scene that turned up on the smeg outs video with them all sipping the urine recyc. It was basically as before but ending with the "urine recyc foam moustaches which was actually, a Craig Charles ad-libbed line during rehearsals that they decided to go with.

Another ending was for the crew to discover Red Dwarf...similar to the ending of Series VII. This wouldn't have made sense with Rimmers line at the start about morale being so low because they've lost all signs of Red Dwarf.

The one they settled with was of course this "To Be Continued". This was decided in post production after they knew the BBC wanted a seventh series and the future was secure.

They had to get the FX department to make up an exploding Starbug. They couldn't afford to have a model shot destroyed, so went with a cheaper stock model shot and overlayed a CGI explosion.

10/10 Loved it !

9/10 I love this show. It is funny from start to end....but I'm docking it one point for ending on a cliffhanger. I was gutted that I was going to have wait a year for the resolve. I ended up waiting 3 years and 2 months. I can't forgive that and it cost the episode 1 point!! :)

9/10 really enjoyed this episode fast paced and funny, really like the cliffhanger ending

Groove Town

Chris Barrie has been given an honorary degree by Loughborough University. He is now a Doctor of Technology in recognition of his work on engineering documentary shows such as Britains Greatest Machines.

Australia has got a 19 disc boxset released on August the 5th of Red Dwarf. The good news is that it contains all episodes of Red dwarf including the Back To earth easter special, Smeg Ups, Smeg Outs, and various bonus discs. The bad news is that series 1-3 are the remastered versions

Scores for series 7 and 8 on the forum
I went to Splendour festival. I did not wear my outfit!! Saw Shed Seven, and was unimpressed. I saw Athlete and was unimpressed. Pet Shop Boys were okay, but who wants to listen to anything from after 1990? Highlight was TerrorVision. "We're TerraVision an' we from Bra'ford!!" They were brilliant, and I've got to get the back catalogue. When Shed Seven came on, the Terrorvision singer, Tony Wright, came out from behind the stage and I went and shook his hand

Been watching Hartnells Doctor Who stories starting with the first. Me and both daughters are loving them. Even the Caveman story. Although, the next story has no episodes and is audio only. Interesting to see how they like that.

Nearly finished all of TOS Star Trek and then starting TNG.

Watched BBC horror fantasy, NeverWhere. Missed it originally. Totally awesome. Highly recommended.

Also started watching True Blood and Dexter. All TV at the moment!!

Nik and Andy down

Leaving do

Podcast of the week
I heard about this from Bucho, one of the Simply Syndicated forum users. He invited me to participate on the list forums "3 word game" thread. This actually goes on to form the "storytime" segment of the show.

It is immature, not safe for kids toilet humour. I love it.

The List is basically lots of funny little skits, songs, a section called "retard reviews" and then we get the list itself, some of which you can hear in the promo....and of course, there's the forum written Storytime. I sometimes contribute audio to the show.

This section lasts upto half an hour, and then the rest is made up of a Skype conversation between Digitaltopia and his buddy, Stub-a-dub. They usually talk about games, Sci-fi, Movies, books etc... The phone conversation section may not be for everyone, but stick with it at least once. I always find myself cracking up at where their conversations lead.

Back in 2 weeks with Tikka to Ride

Additional post-record shownotes
Intro music followed by "voice over guy" (Tony AKA CyntaxError from Fictionshed). This
weeks episode, Number 36, Out Of Time. Original air date 11th of November 1993.

Introduction of hosts-
Darren AKA BassJunkie
Andy AKA AntiRealism

Trailer for The List Podcast.

Have your say on the scoring of series VII and series VIII episode reviews. Full details at viewtopic.php?f=88&t=3185
Chris Barrie has been given the honorary degree by Loughborough University
Full story can be found on the official website
Or at ... ticle.html
The Australian 19 disc Red Dwarf box set ... e-box-set/
Parrots Bar
Darren has been drinking and “wii-ing” with Andy and Nick. Plenty of beers...and Wii tennis!!
Splendour Festival talk from Antony. Smuggling in beer....when you are allowed anyway!!
Highlight for Antony was Terrorvision...many bands were unimpressive!!
Pet Shop Boys were okay when they did their pre-1990 stuff
Antony has been watching the original William Hartnell Doctor Who episodes with his daughters...who are loving them!
He has also watched NeverWhere...a 90’s fantasy BBC production
True Blood and Dexter have also landed on Antony’s playlists. True Blood is awesome....however, falls just short of soft porn!! His wife seems to enjoy it though!!
Andy has just finished reading The Cell
And playing Mass Effect. Also working through the books
Darren has had one of those hectic weekends. Up north for a family leaving do (Aunty returning to South Africa) then back down again for a wedding!! after first agreeing to go camping the following weekend!! Darren has bought everything for camping including a frog security guard statue. Checking for 3G signals, solar panel chargers, battery back ups for iPhones,.....sounds like fun!!
He hasn’t waterproofed the tent......

Watch out for big dogs and any other hostile wildlife though!!

Podcast Of The Week
The List Podcast can be found at
Not a lot more can be added to from what is written above without just re-writing the Podcast Of
The Week thread. So, check out viewtopic.php?
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Re: Shownotes For Episode 36- Out Of Time

Postby fi3fi3 » Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:18 pm

Loved the latest episode, as always. I listened to it today on the way back from a holiday in cornwall.

Just a few points: firstly, Kryten accuses Lister of not using a set-square, not a Z-square

and secondly, it's late so i'm not going to type out the whole thing about the stasis field/deep sleep unit now - but expect an email soon! :D
Yes I learnt how to say it!!! :D

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Re: Shownotes For Episode 36- Out Of Time

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:18 pm

I thought that too when I saw it on the shownotes, but every online script (well....2 of them) I looked at said "Z square" I assumed I was wrong.
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Re: Shownotes For Episode 36- Out Of Time

Postby fi3fi3 » Sun Aug 15, 2010 11:27 am

ori-STUDFARM wrote:I thought that too when I saw it on the shownotes, but every online script (well....2 of them) I looked at said "Z square" I assumed I was wrong.
Spellings on Red Dwarf have been an issue before - the subtitles on the DVD are often different to on the official website.

I've just never heard of a Z-square
Yes I learnt how to say it!!! :D

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Re: Shownotes For Episode 36- Out Of Time

Postby Rudolph » Wed Sep 15, 2010 10:12 pm

Also, to put your minds at ease, the derelict they find the time drive onboard looks familiar because it's a reuse of the Justiceworld model from 'Justice'.
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Re: Shownotes For Episode 36- Out Of Time

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Thu Sep 16, 2010 4:17 pm

Didn't know that. Good find. :)

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