Shownotes For Episode 30- Back To Reality

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Shownotes For Episode 30- Back To Reality

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:42 pm

Podcast begins

Pre-recorded shownotes


Hello and Welcome to Scuttercast 30, this week I'm joined by.........Back to Reality

The crew discover the wreckage of the ship SSS Esperanto on an ocean planet which has been marine seeded. The crew has committed suicide, and all life has disappeared except for a gigantic squid which immobilises its prey by squirting an ink which induces despair. In attempting to get away, the crew crash Starbug, but wake up to find they have been playing a Red Dwarf computer game for the last four years, with a success rating of 4%. Lister discovers he is really Sebastian Doyle, despot in the fascist government; Rimmer is Billy Doyle, his dropout alkie yak-urine-scented half brother; Kryten is Jake Bullet, traffic control supremo; the Cat is Duane Dibbley, the most tragically unhip geek in the galaxy. The despair this induces nearly causes the crew to commit suicide, until Holly manages to convince them they’ve been hallucinating and welcomes them back to reality. - smeeeg_heeeeed
Episode Review

This is notable for being Hatties last ever appearance as Holly. They also thought that this may have been the last ever episode of Red Dwarf. Chris Barrie was busy with The Britas Empire and Robert Llewellyn was headed to America for the Red Dwarf USA project! This episode is cited to have been one of the leading reasons that series V was nominated for an International Emmy Award. There was also a BBC viewers vote in 1995 for the Best Red Dwarf episode ever. This episode won!!

Scene 1
The crew are in starbug at the bottom of a fish tank (well looks like one)

The first shot actually has air bubbles sinking...not rising. For some reason, the shot is playing in reverse!
They are searching for a black box recording on the SSS Esperanto

Basically the SSS Esperanto was introducing oceanic life to potential S3 planets....isn't that a little cruel, if they were only potential S3 planets ? Does that mean they didn't yet sustain life ?

This is filmed in Sunbury pumping station again!!! Robert says on the commentary that is now a museum (or at time of recording the commentary). He also says it was used in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the Toot Sweet Song scene....made me smile!!

They got 5 millions years of evolution in 3 solo years

As there is meant to be all this sea life, and they haven't found any, Lister starts to get worries that "Some kind of gigantic, weird, pre-historic leviathan who has porked its entire way through this ocean."

Lister finds some dead body with a gunshot wound to the head, Kryten says that it's probably self inflicted

Another guy has hung himself & another dude

A haddock suffocated committed suicide too

Lister finds some green goo on the floor and puts his hand in it....silly body

Kryten tells him its "Best guess is some sort of hallucinogenic venom secreted from a piscine source, not unlike Earth's octopus or giant squid."

But an Octopus is NOT a piscine...when I looked into it, I found it is a mollusc!!

When the ciscan has finished doing it's analyzing, Kryten bricks it, and demands that they have to they leg it !

Kryten explains that the ink was hallucinogenic, that causes dispare.

They are all booing a little, (would Kryten be effected ?)

Scene 2

Kryten tells them that there is a blob the size of new mexico on the sonar scope moving towards them.

Holly calls it the suicide squid it 2,000 fathams above them.

Scene 3

They are all in starbug watching the sonar scope, and they can see it heading towards them

Lister and the Cat have breathing masks on.

It dives for them, so they decide to leg it

It chases them down, covers them in ink, and they crash and blow up !

A lot of time and money was spent on the Despair squid effects but it was felt they didn't look right, so they were scrapped and a simple shadow effect was added in post production.

Scene 4

On the screen, it says Machine 16, Game over, Score 4%, Red Dwarf

The Holoship set was redressed and used for these Artificial reality suite scenes.

You then see that there are 4 people in chairs, with facemasks on.

The voiceover says "For the last four years you have been engaged in the Total Immersion Video Game, Red Dwarf"

As with all role-playing adventures you will experience a certain amount of disorientation on leaving the game. It will be several minutes before your real-life memories return. So, in the meantime, please disengage the game-playing machinery and _relax_ until an attendant is free to answer any of your questions. On behalf of Leisure World International, may we be the first to say, welcome back to reality!

All the crew look different, Rimmer isn't a hologram, Kryten is half human, and the Cat has a bowl cut and huge teeth

Why is all thier hair well trimmed and styled (except Rimmers) did they manage to trim their hair under the helmet?

The attendant (andy) comes in, explains that it's a popular game, with a 2 year waiting list, and they have 20 machines.

Andy is played by Timothy Spall. According to the commentary, he struggled in front of a live audience and they had to redo this scene because of his nerves. He appeared in loads of stuff including Auf Weidersein Pet, Harry Potter as Peter Pettigrew, or WormTongue...and he also provides a voice in Grand Theft Auto- Vice City Stories!

Also, if there is a 2 year waiting list, how did Dwayne Dibbley and Billy Doyle afford this! Even Kryten who we discover is a traffic cop should have struggled!!

Andy asks how they died, when he explains it was the Dispair squid he told them the answer

They were meant to use the laser on the Esperanto.

Esperanto. That's a clue, isn't it? Esperanto -- hope. Hope defeats despair. Despair -- the Despair Squid. It's a blatant clue, isn't it? Blatant!

Lister was supposed to get Kotchanski...that was the goal in his game

Planet of the nymps

The truth behind Rimmer, in the i of Rimmers swimming cert, and this was a clue because Rimmer couldn't swim. In the i was a message from the captain

"He was a hand-picked special agent for the Space Corps. He had his memory erased and was programmed to behave like a complete twonk so no one would suspect he was on a mission to destroy Red Dwarf in order to guide Lister to his destiny as the creator of the second universe!"

By jump starting the second big bang with the jumpleads on Starbug. He states that it is ironic that Lister- the ultimate Atheist ends up being God. But Lister says he is a Pantheist in The Last Day. An atheist denies the existance of God and a Pantheist believes God to be the Universe and everything in it!

The next 4 turn up.....

For some reason, I always thought the new Lister was Craig Bierko from Red Dwarf USA..but it's actually an actor called John Sharian who has appeared in CSI Miami, Spooks, 5th Element, Saving Private Ryan, Lost In Space. Most of the others haven't really done much. New Kochanski was Anastasia Hille who's been in Lewis and The Bill etc....

Scene 5

In the recuperation lounge, they are all trying to come to terms with reality

Woman asks for Dwane Dibbley.....(the Dibbley party....are we to assume they all knew each other before ?)

Danny says that his Red Dwarf wigs were always expensive. They went to a shop in Marston to get the Dwayne Dibbley one. It was in the bottom of a box at the back of a storeroom...and they let them have this one for free!! The teeth were done by a proper who Danny John Jules still uses now!!

She hand the bags, and in Dwane's bag, there is anorak in here, White socks, Nylon shirt, Plastic sandals, Aertex vest, Cardigan and a key to the Salvation Army hostel.

Kryten is Jake Bullet...a detective in the Cybernautic devision

On the cast commentary, Robert Llewellyn admouts to having taken the Jake Bullet police badge home. Also, Danny John Jules says he took his Dwayne Dibbley ID card home with him!!

Billy Doyle - Rimmer....describes a chav / redneck.....

Tramp coat

Lister is CGI - Sebastian Doyle...meaning they are brothers (same mother.....did it really say all that on the ID card ?)

Scene 6

They all leave dressed in their new clothes

Lister has a look at the current game running in machine 16...and it's totally reminds me of the American version :)

There's a couple of signs outside that says "Vote Fascist for a third glorious decade of total
law enforcement."

"Be a government informer. Betray your family & friends.
Fabulous prizes to be won.

Lister has a limo with Vote 1 on the reg plate

This girl runs past with a man all in black chasing her with a gun, he's after her because she stole an apple.....

This law enforcer was played by Lenny Von Dohlan who had been in Twin Peaks before he appeared in Red Dwarf. He appeared after advise from Frances Barber- Genny Mutant in Polymorph. I was interested to see on his IMDB that he played Miles or Moles in the 1984 movie- Electric Dreams!!

He tells Jake that's he's traffic control

He keeps calling Lister voter kernel...head of the ministry of alteration....basically he kills people to fix voting (or this is what I get from it)

The dude then shoots at the girl as she runs off, and Kryten shoots him instead.

It then flicks back to Red Dwarf, and they are all in the same positions, but Kryten has a crossbow in his hand instead

Kryten is gutted he's killed somebody

They all jump in the limo, and play it out on a couple of boxes in Red Dwarf

Holly keeps shouting at them, trying to tell them they are hallucinating

They then act out, being chased by bikes, helicopters, smashing through barriers , jumping over bridges....

They dump the limo and leg it.....round in circles !

Kryten wants to kill himself because he's killed someone

Lister doesn't like who he is in this world, neither do the other 2

They all line up, and try to get the bullet to go all the way through

All the way through this epsiode, the crossbow has no bolt in it...until this final scene where they line thier heads up. Then it has a bolt with a massive arrowhead on a harpoon!!

Holly gets through the Kryten on a higher frequency and gets him to turn on the valve of a fire extinguisher (in the game) (Lithium Carbonate in the real world
Lithium Carbonate is a real life treatment for depression.....but it is not gaseous...usually in the form of a stable salt. It doesn't turn to a vapour until 1310 degrees celcious...or so I read on-line!!
This is a mood stabiliser and brings them all back

Kryten then explains why they were going to commit suicide

KRYTEN: Of course! The hallucinations were designed to induce despair!
To attack the very things we each consider quintessential to our self-

Take Mr. Rimmer: Back there he could no longer blame his failings and
shortcomings on his parents because he shared an upbringing with you,
sir, (Indicating LISTER) his richer, more important, half-brother.

Can he blame his parents in the real world then? His brothers in real life were as far removed from himself as Billy was from Sebastian. Does that mean our Rimmer is as suicidal and desparic as Billy Doyle?

The Cat lost his "Cool" and life for him no longer had any meaning
because he is so mind-meltingly shallow.

Cat says "Superficial is my middle name".....when did Cat start using words like Superficial.....he struggled with the word Yo yo in series 1!!

KRYTEN: (To LISTER) And you, sir. You have always prided yourself on
being a good man; a man of moral courage. So, when you thought you
were a mass-murdering butcher in a totalitarian state: despair.
Despair destined to drive you over the edge.
LISTER: (To KRYTEN) And with you it was taking a human life

Scene 7

They take off and Lister give a long speech

Those planet engineers really screwed up in a big way here, didn't they? Playing god. The evolutionary process threw up a life force so much stronger and more deadly than any other species -- damn near wiped out everything on the entire planet. Spreading despair and destruction wherever it stuck its ugly mush.

Kryten then suggests that this reminds him of humans....but you wouldn't get it unless you were a mechanoid !.....


10/10 I love this episode !...nuff said !

10/10 Fantastic episode. Remember sitting there and thinking "they can't be in a game..........they can't be. They can't finish it like this!!!"

....quick advert for Captain Kremmen (created by Antony) :)
Groove Town

It's all too quiet on the RD front!......If anyone has heard something...please, write in. We can be trusted to keep anonymous......We can even be trusted to keep it to ourselves if you insist.......anyone?

Rudolph has been onto the forum and left us a lengthy comment on the Quarantine shownotes which tackles various points we've raised about Red Dwarf. I'm not going through all the points raised, but he did find on the official website the details about the escape pod and ore sample pods that is more than worth mentioning. He wrote....Are Ore Sample Pods and Escape Pods the same thing?
In the Space Corps Database on the official website, the entry for 'Escape Pod (Ore Sample Pod) it says:
"This pod is strictly for mineral use. It is NOT an escape pod. We don't care if you've crashed on a psi-moon or you need to send your hologram back to the mothership - get yourselves out of your own problems. ROOM FOR TWO PERSONS"


Darren has convinced me to get the EA Sports Active. Hard enough to make me feel like I've exercised....but not too hard that I want to stop. Relatively easy to complete the routines...even on hard!! Not lost any weight yet though!!

I've been doing like most of the UK, and cutting the grass for the first time, trimming the bushes, etc..

Kick Ass got cancelled for last week, so looks like it will now be this Wednesday.....or yesterday's wednesday for those listening on the day of, by now, there should be a review of my opinions on the website....if not, it has been cancelled again!!

Been playing Dragon age in my spare time

Good news is that the insurance company has paid up for my stolen PSP.........looks like they are paying full ammount I paid 2 or 3 years ago and full price for the game and memory card...........and I can probably get an X-Box now....:)

TV show, Misfits. Fantastic piece of superhero sci-fi drama

Podcast of the week

Captain Kremmen found at ... ainkremmen and on iTunes. Kenny Everett genius DJ...before my time. I remember the slightly more tame TV show. It was originally aired by Capital Radio in the 70's and is Kenny at his best. He does all the voices except for the recap which is done by Tommy of Kenny's fellow DJ's. Each episode is about 5 minutes long....but squeezes so much story into such a short ammount of time. A lot of audio plays go on for too long....they could learn from Kenny!!

Back in 2 weeks with series 6 - Psirens
Additional post-record shownotes
Intro music followed by "voice over guy" (AKA Tony AKA CyntaxError from Fictionshed). This
weeks episode, Number 30, Back To Reality Original air date 26th of March 1992.

Introduction of hosts-
Darren AKA BassJunkie

Trailer played for Captain Kremmen
See below ........or above for details

Apology for abruptness of the trailer intro and outro....Antony’s first attempt at any kind of editing which basically meant chop off this bit....that and send to Darren. I think it worked though!! 
Quiet on the Red Dwarf news front. Request for information....anonimtiy assured if wanted. PM us on the forum, email us at, comment on the podbean....whatever! We crave input!!
Rudolph has left a lengthy comment on the Quarrantine episode about points raised by ScutterCast. His full comment can be found at viewtopic.php?f=94&t=2914

The info about the Ore Sample Pod/Escape Pod on the official site can be viewed at
The database is full of information and pictures...including a Cat Ark
Rudolph, the feedback is really appreciated!!
Parrots Bar
Darren has now gotten Antony started on the EA Sports on the at the time of recording, I was saying it is fairly easy.......I now take that’s a pig of a routine and I hate is no longer easy to finish!!  Still going for it though...:)
Darren tells us about the summer weather and his favourite pass time.....sunbathing....whilst tending his bushes......and listening to podcasts
...and also listening to Harry Potter
Antony tells us about how he should have seen Kick Ass.....he was good!! Details at viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2518&start=10
Then we talk about the new Doctor Who, Matt Smith and the split opinions of him.
The G&T thread refered to that discusses Doctor Who can be found at ... o-spoilers
Darren talks briefly about Dragon “offline Warcraft” type of game
Antony maybe getting his X Box with the insurance money received from the house break in, namely, the PSP theft!!
Antony tells us about the E4 TV show, Misfits and the US show, Breaking Bad
Darren has now got an iPhone, so is able to ditch his iPod Touch and Nokia combi......Jealous? Me? 

Podcast Of The Week

Not a lot more can be added to from what is written above without just re-writing the Podcast Of
The Week thread. So, check out viewtopic.php?

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Re: Shownotes For Episode 30- Back To Reality

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=D> Awesome ! Well done matey :)

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