Shownotes For Episode 29- Demons And Angels

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Shownotes For Episode 29- Demons And Angels

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:05 pm

Podcast begins

Pre-recorded shownotes
Hello and Welcome to Scuttercast 29, this week I'm joined by.........Demons and Angels
Aboard Red Dwarf, Kryten has invented a triplicator. He shows Lister and Rimmer how he can triplicate a strawberry; creating one that is divine and another that is filled with maggots. To find out what would happen Kryten reverses the triplicator which sends the engine core into meltdown. The crew escape in Starbug just before Red Dwarf explodes.

They discover that instead of reversing the triplicated strawberries, its field affected the outside of the ship, creating a high and low Red Dwarf. The crew need to find the triplicator on each ship to reverse this effect and bring back Red Dwarf.

Aboard the divine ship, the crew find an edible pot noodle, meet themselves with their negative qualities removed, find the first half of the triplicator and are entertained by some “interpretive dancing”. They then receive a distress call from the other ship and both crews go to investigate.

On the low ship high Cat and Kryten are “accidently” shot and blown up by their lower counterparts. Our Cat and Kryten go to find the second half of the triplicator. Rimmer shivers in a box and Lister is captured by the lower crew (including Low Rimmer in a very memorable outfit).

They place a spinal implant in Lister’s neck and take control of his body. After being sent out to kill High Rimmer and Lister, he tries to kill the Red Dwarf crew. Kryten “surprises” him with chloroform and carries him onto Starbug along with the second half of the triplicator. Lister tries to kill them once more but Kryten removes the implant and activates the machine just in time. Both of the ships disappear and Red Dwarf appears in space once more . - Lisetta
Episode Review
They were going to film Holoship first, but Jane Horrocks was busy so this was the first in the series to be filmed >It Juliet May's introduction to Red Dwarf and she struggled with the sci-fi concepts which we mentioned last time. She struggled from the off with this one because of the split screens-costume changes and live effects for the studio audience!

According to the DVD inlay, Rob and Doug did some substantial reshoots after filming but still weren't happy with the results. A lot of the best stuff wasn't even caught on film as the cast threw themselves into the "Low" versions of thier characters!!

Scene 1
Lister pulls a strawberry out of what looks like a cryo freeze and puts it on some device (triplicator). It's bases on the matter paddle (from Meltdown episode), it now splits the receiving 3 ways

Where did the matter panel come from again. I know they used it in Meltdown, but can't remember where it's from.....and why didn't they use it in Terrorform to rescue Rimmer

4 / 5 strawberries a week....

It recreates them in multitudes of 2, so if we're gonna be picky, we should point out that it can do 4-6 a week. Not 5!!

1 strawberry is "perfect", the other has maggots

I can understand the second being rotten...but the maggots are not a part of the strawberry unless the original has a maggot infestation in it!

Reverse the process, and everything blows up
This is a good seen when u see lister randomly smashing the keyboard he seems to type like i do :)

Holly comes on the screen with a broken voice using....abandon shop, this is not a daffodill (reminds me of the.....advert)

Meltdown in 15 mins....

When cat comes in and say " there playing are tune the awwoger waltz" he seems very happy since he does not no what's going on >??
Scene 2
they leg it, in Starbug, and blast their way out.

Well....sort of Crash their way out!! Fantastic modelshot as Starbug takes off with debris falling and explosions and sparks!!

I think the effects in all of this episode, there is a few explosions that look pretty real

Red Dwarf blows up !...where is holly and how is Rimmer being sustained ?

This Red Dwarf that blows up isn't the original model Red Dwarf. The original which was used in the series I and II titles was an 8 ft long model with much more detail than this one. The original model is rumoured to have fallen off a shelf and broken sometime after filming series III and I believe it was chucked out into a skip!!. All shots since then have been stock footage. This was a 5 ft model with less detail which was built just so they could blow it up in this episode. There are 2 explosions....a surface one with little model damage and a larger one that obliterated it!! But they did film it from all angles before destroying it. Although the cast commentary says it is the original model that they blow up!

Nearest asteroid with a s3 atmosphere is 6 hours away, only enough fuel for 5, and only 7 mins of oxygen.

Is Starbug just running low on supplies or do they just change the rules for series VI. 5 hours doesn't seem long for fuel...and doesn't it have some sort of oxygen generater?

Rimmer offers to dump their corpses, and that way they get to the rimmer and kryten don't need to breath.....they don't need an S3 planet either then ?

Again, Boys from the Dwarf.......but Rimmer is looking after no1

Kryten points out that he's going to expire in 4 mins, as he's running on backup#

Again, 4 minutes of run he already on low. If useless is he on away missions. How did he manage in Backwards, Terrorform or Meltdown...

Later they all so say he has to say behind to charge his battery pack ?? i didn't no he had one ?

2 objects outside....2 Red Dwarfs
Kryten explains that they were both created when Red Dwarf blew...

1 good, 1 bad....but they only have a limited life span...about an hour

The "good" Red Dwarf should have a triplicator on it, and they should be able to amalgamate the 2, and make 1 (don't they need 3 ?)

Thats what I thought. With the origianl destroyed...these both have no lifespan....even together, they should logically disappear!

Scene 3

They land on the good Red Dwarf, and it's all shiny

Just as they exit Starbug Rimmer starts fading in and out as his batteries fade......Cat fades aswell. And it's not just a slight fading either. Dodgy effects from post production.

They order a pot noodle...and it tastes good !
It's not actually a Pot Noodle. The tub says Pot A Noodles. Also, this is where Lister refers to playing pool with planets. That timeline never existed so how does he know he did that. It never technically occured!!

I think all in all the consistency of the red dwaft story is not perfect in every episode they seems to be some thing the reverts back to old episode the just not work out :(

Good Lister and Cat turn up, and explain the situation...kinda looking like monks

Good Rimmer and Kryten are talking to Rimmer and Kryten (wouldn't it have been easier to film if they have good rimmer / kryten with normal lister and cat ?)

Would have avoided the horrible split screen in the corridoor where nobody wants to step into the centre 50% of the corridoor for fear of crossing the split screen!

They all seem pretty chilled for only an hour before it blows ?

Kryten explains that they only have half the components on this ship, and they have to goto the other to get the other half

The higher versions of themselves explain how they spend thier time.....erm....they only came into existance a few minutes before!! Are they from another dimension!!?

The good crew do a play for the normal hour !

Is Higher Lister supposed to be playing the harp here. The music plays and Lister seems to be ignoring the harp shaped object in his hand

it does look like he pressing buttons not playing the strings
Holly comes on the screen and says there is a distress call coming from the other they're all going to "help"

how come no one has explained to the hippy's whats going on and how come the high ones of them self never asks ?

Scene 4

All on Starbug and head to the other

The other ship totally the oposite, and looks pretty trashed
Rimmer again is doing his karate moves ?.....HE'S A HOLOGRAM !

Notice how they all split off through most of this episode in groups that try to avoid so many split screens. As they actually leave in thier groups, Higher Rimmer's toga does actually cross over the split screen slightly

Good Kryten gets shot at, a lot !...he's accidentally shot be 5 I love thee

As Kryten walks across the screen into shot and says "Welcome brothers...", he is dragging a rather obvious looking cable. Presumably the one that detonates the chest shots. Never see cats cable though!! He also burns his inner thigh during the chest shots!!

Good Cat then tries...and gets shot

"somebody" throws a grenade...which they pick up, and say it's a gift ? (my assumption is that these were pretty smart....if so, why pick up a grenade ?)

...they then blown up !

When it lands on the floor, Danny burns his toe on it!! Also, as Higher Kryten picks it up and says it's a gift, Cat starts to speak...but the audio is cut and the shot changes!
Lister gets knocked to the floor, only to come round with his Evil self looking at him.

Lister actually loses his hat twice in about 5 seconds....both times it reappears on his head. It flies off as he gets blown away from the bomb and again when he lifts his head to Low Lister staring down at him!

Beard, eye patch, minging teeth !

He keeps shooting at him, but misses (from like a foot away), also BAD bluescreen !

Lister legs it, and comes across evil cat....who has some HUGE fangs and blood all over his mouth ? (Are we to assume he's just eaten the Good Cat ?)

how come he as large fangs like that , his eye brows growing in 2 directions so this mean he trims then so does he file his fangs ??

Lister chills a sec, only to be pulled through a box by bad Kryten (who's just mental)

Instead of bad Kryten or Low Kryten, I think I'm gonna call him cod-piece Kryten!! In rehearsal, Robert actually injured his hand on the back of Craig's head. Lots of injuries in this episode!
Lister is running around whispering "Rimmer", and he hears this voice saying "looking for someone"....and you see Bad Rimmer walking down the stairs.

Reminds me a lot of Frank N Ferter (Rocky Horror)

Now...he whips Lister with his holowhip.....but....can the holowhip harm non holographic beings ?

The fact that there is a holowhip there in the first suggests that they did actually have one aboard Red Dwarf. I know they mention one in Holoship, but I always thought L:ister was makiing it up to frighten Commander Binks
Rimmer - I'm going to lash you to within an inch of your life. And then I'm going to have you.....again HE'S A HOLOGRAM !

Perhaps aswell as a holo-whip- he has a holo-strap on!!

Family show :)

Lister passes out, with all 4 of the Bad crew above him.....maybe he wants to be "had" ?

And with Rimmer looking so fine- who wouldn't!!

Scene 5

Normal Kryten, Cat, and good Lister and Rimmer are walking down the corridor

Kryten explains that they've only got 20 mins left (well....they shouldn't have spent so much time doing plays...:))

Kryten suggests that they split up......Rookie mistake !

it does seem a little scooby doo :)

Scene 6

The evil dude have Lister on a bed, and they are sticking something in his spine.

Thought the effect of the spikes going in was kinda good, looked very realistic

Is this where we first see Low Holly? Hattie loved the chance of a costume change...even though it was just a change of polo neck colour and a black wig. They had to add the static to show the wig up as it didn't work on the black background.

Gawd ! I hate Listers laugh in this

Me too. Remember watching for the first time and thinking how cool Low Lister is going to be....I was so disappointed!!

Find out that the thing in his neck is a remote control, and they want the other this is the bit I don't get...these ships have only 40 mins ago been brought into existence, So, how do the good and bad crew know everything they know ? They way they talk, it's like theres been years of history ?

btw, it's a really good 1 button remote that gets his to do everything ?
Get him to bang his head in a supply cabinate, then pour boiling water over his groin

See if he wants something to eat, and gets him to eat a tarantula !
I wonder if Rob or Doug has a phobia about Tarantula's....if Cat and Lister are so frightened of them....why would there be one on board. It must have been on the original for it to be duplicted!!

were did they get the spider
What a magical remote, it can control his jaw !

So they stick a grotty plaster over his mouth and suggests that he may kill.

Scene 7

Cat and Kryten in the bunk room

Bad music, bad food, bad movies....
Some cool posters on the wall though. Wrestlers and comic characters- Punisher etc..
They get the other half of the device as go, as they have only 8 mins left

Scene 8

Good Lister and Rimmer are walking down the corridor being all "nice"

Remote controlled Lister walks down the corridor with a knife and stabs his good self, then good Rimmer....and hits his light bee

Rimmers last words "Farewell brother. My brook is babbled!"

Scene 9
Back on starbug, all there but Lister, only 4 mins left

I think it's here where the Cat says he found Rimmer hiding in a cupboard using his uniform as a, to use a Suckcast term, holograms do actually poop then!!

Lister comes walking in and the cat does a very sensible thing, and removes the plaster

Lister tells him to look out, he's going to kill him

Lister his Kryten with an axe a couple of times, (the same 1 I believe from last episode) but it just kinda bounces off him ?
Listers asks somebody in incapacitate a non painless way...Cat knees him in the groin.

Lister shoots the bazookiod but shouts the directions, so they can all avoid them. He then tells them to get behind him and take him by surprise ! (It's not **** if you yell surprise first)
Now i no if this was me i would be like is that ur left or my right
Kryten seems to have a hanky and some chloroform ? from somewhere ?

It first appears in his hand as he moves from behind the crates they are using to defend against the bazookoid fire!!

Scene 10

They have 2 minutes before the triplicater activates, so take off

Lister springs back to like and starts trying to kill them again

Kryten pulls it out, and it gets stuck in the Cat.....

The 2 dwarfs disapear, and 1 comes back....with a confused holly..

She says, plotting a course 0,0, mark 0...taking her home ?

is this there ship back ?? and was course and mark word lost out of her vocabulary ?

Listers sits on the device again, and starts to be bad Lister
Why hasn't bad Lister expired like the rest of the duplicates.
Cat blasts him, and the dude is dead

Cat picks up the remote, and starts playing with him.

Starts what!! 8o

7/10 Good concept, again a few flaws, low rimmer again is very memorable (not in a good way :))

4/10 A wasted opportunity. They could have really gone deep into the characters psyche and given us some insights into the characters. Why is Rimmer so much more disturbing than the others? What do we learn about anyones inner selves? Too much time spent with the higher and not enough depth into the Lower personalities. Especially when they say so much was put into the Low selves by the cast!

8/10 I think this one is one of then that just fly's by it keep you inserted from start to finsih with some funny sences,

63.3 call it 64%

Clip from Eccenticast
Groove Town BTL unofficial Dwarf con cancelled

We're having June off ! (due to Antony being in the states) 27th May episode then next is 8th July

4 stories up on the official Red Dwarf site, though many of them are linked.

Firstly- iTunes has compiled all of the official Red Dwarf releases into one page known as the Red Dwarf room and at the moment, is available on the iTunes front menu page. This includes all episodes of RD including story 2 on the official site- Back To Earth which has been released. Also available are both Smeg Ups and Smeg Outs. The official site explains that this is available for the UK, USA, Canada, Austrailia and Germany. I didn't realise that Germany has never aired the program, but the first book, Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, was recently released in Germany and well fairly well recieved.
The Red Dwarf iTunes room also includes the Red Dwarf apps which brings us on nicely to the next story on the official site. We now have more than the soundboard app....we now have the Dibbleyfier App. This costs £ Tim, if you're Appytimes podcast review please?? This basically enables you to morph yourself into Dwayne. We first heard of this when Danny let slip on Twitter a few months back that he'd been in the Dibbley outfit again

The final story is the Red Dwarf competition that we announced on the last episode. Basically, to celebrate the Back To Earth iTunes release, you have the chance to win merchandise and Dimension Jump XVI tickets. If you check on BBC Comedy Greats you tube channel you will find a video from Robert llewellyn asking for you to send indeo of no more than 60 seconds of your finest Red Dwarf impressions. You basically record it and upload it as a video comment to Robert's message...thats it. At time of recording, there are only 10 I noticed was from Red Dwarf Animated. Whether that is Pete, Karcreat or some of the voice actors...I couldn't say. Some of the video's are excellant...a couple are not so great. I won't criticise as I haven't entered myself but one young fella does an excellant Kryten and Rimmer. And Rimmer is so difficult to do!!


The front page of Chris Barries website reads "From what I hear we are still on target to make some new episodes of Red Dwarf in 2010. However for the most up to date news on this, please visit the Red Dwarf site." This can be found at

New member FishFingers
Apart from booking the holiday to Florida...there's not alot happened here. It was my eldests 11th birthday last week and on Friday we went to see Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang. Much better than I thought....but still not my kind of film. Hopefully do Kick Ass shortly!!

Played God of War...loved and hated it !...

Got a shiny iMac :)

Podcast of the week
Fi3 who we met at DJXV mentioned starting a podcast then. Darren has helped with advice on uploading and she has even joined the Fictionshed family alongside Novo Babylonia and ScutterCast. She has a section in the Fictionshed forums. Practical discussion such as internet safety for young adults as well as whacky subjects like getting stuck in quicksand and the life expectancy of guinea pigs!! Fi3 spends a lot of the time talking Sci-fi to her friends...but I get the impression that they are not as mad on Dwarf, Star Trek or Doctor Who as Fi!!! She had a very funny appearance on the latest SuckCast where she dazzled the suckcast boys with her British accent!!

Back in 2 weeks with Back to Reality

Additional post-record shownotes
Intro music followed by "voice over guy" (AKA Tony AKA CyntaxError from Fictionshed). This
weeks episode, Number 29, Demons And Angels Original air date 19th of March 1992.

Introduction of hosts-
Darren AKA BassJunkie
Andy AKA AntiRealism
Trailer for Eccentricast
Better Than Life convention has now been cancelled.[ur ... ease-note/
Link for The iTunes Red Dwarf Room according to the official RD site
Link for The iTunes Release of BtE according to the official RD site
Link for the Dibblifier app according to the official site
Link for more detail in about the Dibblifier app according to the official site
Link for the YouTube RD competition according to the official site.
The 2 videos mentioned by Antony for the RD YouTube competition are

These were his most memorable for the right reasons out of the first 10 entrees....there were others that were memorable for the wrong reasons.....and there are now loads more uploaded, so check them out on this YouTube link
We are still looking for any information on the new episodes going to film.......anyone?
Aswell as the[url] you can chec ... Titan site story ... new-series which asks this very question. This G&T story refers to an intersting thread on the Official RD site. Interesting comments from one forum member in particular.... Click This Link for more ;)
Big welcome to FISH FINGERS
And then we remember that it was our first birthday...ScutterCast is now OVER 1 year old!!

Parrots Bar
Nanny McPhee 2 review. Not a bad movie for the family....but I don’t recommend dragging your mates
Darren mentions his 27”iMac and then tells us about God Of War collection for the PS3
Podcast Of The Week
Now that it is half a dozen episodes old, we have gone with Eccentricast.
Not a lot more can be added to from what is written above without just re-writing the Podcast Of
The Week thread. So, check out viewtopic.php?



I have edited my Red Dwarf competition entree video's as I had posted the wrong one previously. The previous one was good, but not the one I refered to in the Groovestown!!

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