Shownotes for Episode 27- Terrorform

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Shownotes for Episode 27- Terrorform

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:16 pm

Podcast begins

Pre-recorded shownotes
Hello and Welcome to Scuttercast 27, this week I'm joined by.........Terrorform
Kryten wakes up on a moon surrounded by the remains of a crashed Starbug. He detaches his
hand and tells it to return to Red Dwarf and bring back Lister and Cat. Upon his rescue, Kryten
tells them that Rimmer was captured while on a psy-moon (a terraforming moon that reshapes
itself to mimic a persons' psyche).

The crew search for him. The crew find out that Rimmer is hanging in a dungeon about to be
tortured by "The Unspeakable One". The crew find the dungeon and drive back The Unspeakable
One, saving Rimmer. They try to escape in Starbug, but the ship gets caught in the swamp and
begins to sink. They begin to realize that Rimmer's personality is what has created the
circumstances, not The Unspeakable One, and they realize they must make Rimmer feel good
about himself to weaken The Unspeakable One's power so they can escape. - smeeeg_heeeeed

Episode Review
Scene 1
Starbug 1 is crashed (again)

Look at how trashed StarBug actually is. We've seen it crash into rocks and moons and
lava....never has it looked this bad!! Must have been some smash!!

Kryten in the wreakage, kinda smashed up, eye hanging out

On the screen it shows, Error Finding Server........(what server ?)

The CPU also plays CopaCabana. On the original broadcast, it was the James Last version of this
song. However, all future broadcasts, VHS tapes and DVD's that were released have a different,
but near identical version. I assume that this is for copyright/royalties reasons....but I can't
remember if the DVD inlay booklet says exactly why!!

At the bottom of every screen, it says Condition: Mauve (surely this would be a Red Alert)

I could not work out in this if Kryten had is own black box system or that starbugs black box had
fallen very close to him ?

Fuel Tanks will Xplode in 67 mins (why the miss-spelling ?)

Gets laser cutter (from somewhere), and chops off his hand, and attaches eye to the end (why did he have to laser cut it off, I thought the parts were just replaceable ?, hence the spare parts

You also see Robert Llewelyn's real wrist in this scene where it shows over the top of his Kryten
hands gloves...which incidently, look cr@p close up!!

His CPU also states that his legs are "crushed beyond repair" and suggests checking the trade in
price for a Series 5000. He later gets fully repaired by Lister with the aid of Cat...not very good
for a self repairing mechanoid!! Beyond repiar was a poor description!!

Kryten tells it to get in a pod, and start the homing procedure and bring help
What pods do they have on starbug ? He calls it an ore sample pod

Scene 2
Pod heading for Red Dwarf

Then hand walking down the corridor

Lister goes to see holly, she tells him there is a visitor

You would have thought that she'd have recognised the pod as a Red Dwarf ore sample pod!
She explains it's looks like a tarantula

She describes it as one of Listers all time fears, yet in Better Than Life, it was Rimmer that "imagined" one into his pants!!

Holly explains that Kryten and Rimmer are off moon hopping

What is "moon hopping"? Have they given up on returning to Earth now. They always seem to be
out and about in Starbug
See in the background the the hand is coming into the room

Cat walks in, and they do the whole "I think I've got a tarantula crawling up my leg" scene

This is a fantastic scene...just look at the expressions on Cat's face. Ranges from fear through to
indifference and then boredom. Fantastic for a scene with no spoken dialogue!! He also pulls off
some great facial expressions towards the end of this episode when they are trying to boost
Rimmer's self confidence!!

If you look early on in this scene at the shot where you see both Lister and Cat's faces reflected
onto the screen, you will also notice the camera in between them!!

The hand then types, Hello, Kryten in Danger, no time to explain, follow

Scene 3
Starbug heading away from Red Dwarf

Notice that StarBug 1 is in pieces on the psi-moon. This is StarBug 2 that they are in

Lister finds Kryten, and says he's going to free him by cutting him in half (why didn't he just cut
the girder type thing in half instead ?)

maybe the cutter was not powerful enough

Scene 4
Back in starbug, and they have put Kryten back together again

Notice Cat's yellow zebra print jacket....according to the commentary, they coloured that in by
hand using felt tips!! Coolest outfit for Cat so far...must be!!

Also, Lister is in a long leather trench coat....have we seen him in this before or since?

Kryten explains that they had found an S3 moon, and Rimmer wanted to claim it on behalf of the
space corp, then it terroformed around them
They can track Rimmer so off they go

Kyten lowers the catapillar tracks so they can search on the ground

You'd have thought it would have been easier to used Blue Midget which already had tracks than
to change the Starbug model!!

they couldn't take blue midget due to the scutters had not finished repairing after its last crash :)

Scene 5

In Starbug "driving"

Kryten explains that it's a psi moon, and explains that the planet has used Rimmers mind as a
templete, and they are essentially in Rimmers Mind !

Psi-moon was originally the working title for this episode.

Also explains that every part of his phycy will be played out here, as well as Rimmer having a
living form

Scene 6

Jawa's carrying rimmer through the woods, on this woodern thingy (Reminded me of the who Return of the Jedi bit with the Ewoks)

The take him off the woodern thing, and drag him into a type of temple and chain him up
One of the jawas says "In accordance with the appetites of the Dark One, the viscous ruler of
this domain, we, the hooded legions, proffer up this sacrifice to slake the vile depraved thirstings
of the Unspeakable One."

Why does Rimmer demand to be taken to the British Embassy. He's Ionian, not British...unless IO
is a British colony?
2 lasses come in, strip off Rimmer

Scene 7

Kryten suggests that the swamp infront won't support the weight of the bug, and suggests they
go on foot

"It's Rimmers mind out there, expect sickness"

Scene 8
2 lasses oiling up Rimmer, and then depart

you would think rimmer would be more Suspicions here since he has lost the H on is head and
he can feel the oil been rubed on him

Rimmer asks them to have a pizza ready for when they've done. This is a reference to Thanks For
The Memory where he claims his only ever sexual encounter lasted 12 minutes, including the time
it took to eat the pizza afterwards!!

They explain that the master prefers his victems to be oiled, it's so much better for conducting

oil does not conduct electricity because there are no charge carriers in it ?

Scene 9
The boys are on a boat going through the swamp

The DVD inlay says that John Pomphrey, the lighting director actually fell into this swamp taking 2
electricians with him!!And a load of equipment!! The following series, he found a life jacket
waiting for him on set

The sets throughout this episode are fantastic...looks like it was an expensive production...shame
that the fans view it as the weakest from this season!

They get out and see a sign for "Swamp of Despair"

Frogs at the side saying "useless"
Rimmers mum as a leach

Kryten finds a metaphor

Gravestones with


Cat finds a small one with Charm

& finally a tombstone with a unfilled grave saying Hope

Kryten suggests they have to find him before the grave is filled, otherwise they won't get out
without him ? (with no Rimmers on board, can't they just res another Rimmer ?)

Would you want to!!

Scene 10

This alien type thing comes out of a pit in front of Rimmer (the unspeakable one)

The unspeakable one is claimed on various websites (IMDB, etc) to be based on a Doctor
Who unused model. But every site uses the exact same phrase to explain this. It didn't ring true
for me, so I asked on the official RD looks as though this is an internet inaccuracy

Do they explain why Rimmer isn't a hologram on this planet?

He's going to brand Rimmer with a H symbol, Rimmer says that's one of his worse nightmares

There are loads of deleted scenes here that can be seen on the DVD...including one which shows
a cactus shaped club or bat with nails sticking in it. The DVD inlay booklet says that they asked
for an uncomfortable looking Phallus...the first one was scrapped for being too rude. This one was
scrapped in the editing and the phallus dropped, though Rimmer does mention it later.

The unspeakable one tells him all his nightmares will come true here

The boys are in the vent above him

Crawling through the vents, it reminded me of metal gear solid!!

The unspeakable one explains that he's his self loating

Lister says they can either go blasting in with Bazookiods, or lay and watch him get splatted

They jump in and blast it way
Rimmer - You'd risk your life just for me

Kryten - Yup, your one of the crew

This puts rimmer back in his suite, removes the shackles, and kills off the beast

So they leg it

Kryten comes out with a "There's an old android saying which I believe is peculiarly appropriate
here.", and says that In binary language it goes something like this:
001100111011000111100, which roughly translated means, "Don't stand around jabbering when
you're in mortal danger."

Did a quick check, and that in binary is actually (Error: Malformed binary. Your binary code is must
be divisible by 8)
Scene 11

Swamp of Despair, straight past the Wood of Humiliation and then hard left at the Chasm of

Back on the boat, and back to red Dwarf

Scene 12

I've been kidnapped, stripped, oiled, menaced, manacled, licked, nibbled, chained, tortured,
humiliated, and I nearly had a knobbly thing the size and shape of a Mexican agabe cactus
jammed up where only customs men dare to probe.

During this rant, if you look in the bachground, it looks like a jet pack behind Rimmer. Ironic that
Cat comes up with a jet pack plan that Kryten Poo-pooh's!

Kryten explains that it's a psi moon, and starts going through the list of why Rimmer should loath

If you look at the shots of Starbug struggling to lift up out of the swamp, you'll notice that they
are on Starbug 1 again!! I thought 1 was crashed and they were rescueing Rimmer in 2!!

Because of his self doubt, the ground turns to quicksand and starts dragging them in, and they
can't get out

Cat - OK. I say get into the jet-powered rocket pants and junior-birdman the hell out of here.
KRYTEN: An excellent and inventive suggestion, sir, with just two tiny drawbacks: A. We don't
have any jet-powered rocket pants; and B. There's no such thing as jet-powered rocket pants
outside the ... outside the fictional serial Robbie Rocket Pants.

Another deleted scene here has Rimmer quoting Space Corp Directives to make Kryten go out and
pretend to be Rimmer!!

The unspeakable one wants then to send Rimmer back

Kryten susses that they need to make Rimmer good about himself (why didn't they just turn off
his lightbee)

After a couple of mins of making him feel good, and then him doubting himself, they get some life

Why does Kryten lead with his groin??!! Also, they cut loads out here of Cat protesting that he
sould have tpo build Rimmer up!!
Outside the graves all spawn ghosts of brave Rimmers (very like Ace), and fight it out against his
self the unspeakable one and it's minions and win !

Only Self Confidence and Self Respect that rise. Loads was cut out from this sword fighting
scene. Including a reveal that showed that all the hooded hoard looked like pale and ill versions of
Rimmer under thier masks. If you check the IMDB pages, you'll see that there wasn't many
notable actors...but loads of stuntmen, most of which have had full and intersting careers...Too
many to mention....


6/10 It was ok, the story was quite good, but not too many jokes, and just kinda ok
7/10 I like the episode a lot. I always think of it as a Rimmer heavy episode...but he's hardly in it.
Not at all in the beginning. This put me off it a bit more. Pity they cut so much of the Rimmer
parts out of this...
5/10 bit of a plain episode, just seems it was made to show what Rimmer really thought of
himself, there is other episodes in the last few series thats show this point in a more funner way..
not one of my favorites ..


Next section is Groovetown after In The Shadows

Groove Town

Quiet couple of weeks on the forum, few new members kendricktamis, nessy

Official site tells us that Craig Charles will be performing at Glastonbury with his supergroup The
Craig Charles Fantasy Funk Band. This band was created in 2009 by listeners of the Craig Charles
funk and soul show. There suggestions of a dream line up eventually lead to the birth of this
band. The band is subject to change to the line up from last year though...although, TBH, non of
the names jumped out at me!!

Dimension Jump 16 has confirmed it's first 3 guests....Chris Barry, Danny John Jules and Robert
Llewellyn!! (Birmiongham Holiday inn July 23rd-25th)

Hey, this may seem like a radom place to write this but I was thinking I could give you lads a
topic for your next Parrots Bar discussion?
What do you want to happen in the new series coming up and is there anything you would
change from Back to Earth special? - Ella Williams

If anyone else has suggestions, send them in. We've still got a year or so to go, but what will
become of ScutterCast once we've covered all episodes, we don't know!! We love recieving mail,
so write in. Let us know if you like my podcast suggestions...things you never knew before
listening to us...anything. How you found out about ScutterCast also Appeal for more iTunes
feedback. One positive review puts us in the top 100 of the TV and Film....which leads to more
listeners. We don't ask for money like some podcasts, but a review would be nice!!

New members - kendricktamis, nessy

Again, gaming...for a change, played Infamous
on the PS3 and loved it !, finished my 30 day training program of EA Sports active today, lost
13lbs ! Go me !

picked up a copy of c&C red alert 3 for 3.95 free delivery order it Friday turned up Tuesday and i
have still not played it :( (argh, me too)
On a training course next week, of VB.NET, which should be london ! No gaming
! ARGH !

Our iron caught fire this week!! Need to renew the fire alarm batteries...urge everyone to check

I watched Twilight.......

Podcast of the week
This weeks is an audiodrama set in the Star wars universe called In The Shadows. This took
nearly a year from writing to release. Written by Dany Pepin, it features a few voices that you
may recognise from the world of podcasting. Meds from Waffle On makes an appearance. As does
Jen from The Anomaly podcast...even Jimmy Mac from The ForceCast makes a small appearance
as a stormtrooper. This has to be the best audiodrama I have listened to..except for Novo
Babylonia of course!! Runs for nearly 5 hours I think. Really gripping stuff!!

Back in 2 weeks with Quarantine

Additional post-record shownotes
Intro music followed by "voice over guy" (AKA Tony AKA CyntaxError from Fictionshed). This
weeks episode, Number 27, Terrorform Original air date 5th of March 1992.

Introduction of hosts-
Darren AKA BassJunkie
Andy AKA AntiRealism

Welcome to some of the new members
RD news from the official site. Craig Charles will be performing at Glastonbury with his super
group, The Craig Charles Fantasy Funk Band. ... es-glasto/
Also, announcement of guests at DJ XVI. Chris Barrie, Robert Llewelyn and Danny John Jules. Full
story at ... announced/
We also put a request out for more emails and feedback. We are after
suggestions of where to take ScutterCast. What do you want us to do? Etc.... this was in
response to Ella Williams comment on the podbean site at ... announced/ (along with
a comment from MY wife using my log in details!!! :oops:
And another appeal for honest reviews on iTunes. As long as negative comments are constructive
and tell us how we can improve. We don’t ask for donations- just 5 minutes to write a review
and try and get us in the top 100 TV and Film Podcast charts!! This leads to more listeners!!
This leads us on to discuss roughly where we think ScutterCast is headed....what we are expecting about the new series of Red Dwarf (although we only briefly touch on this). We are in
agreement that until Dimension Jump XVI has been, we probably won’t hear much by way of
rumours and news 
But then we’ll hear loads of speculation and interesting titbits of info!! :D
Parrots Bar
Darren tells us about Infamous on the PS3. Full review can be found at Infamous
His life seems to be consisting of podcast editing and gaming....just so he’s got something to
report on the next podcast. Hope you all appreciate that!! What a guy!!
In addition, he has also lost nearly a stone in 30 days using his Wii EA Sports regime!!
Details at EA Sports active
Looks like hard work to me!!! I’ve put weight on!! Mostly beard though....or so I think!!
Andy has just purchased Command And Conquer Red Alert 3 for £3.95 with free delivery!! I haven’t seen a C&C game since PS One.....gob smacked by how good it looks in the trailer!!
Darren is cursing his training course next week!!
Antony’s house nearly burned down after his iron caught fire. Please...CHECK YOUR SMOKE
Watched Twilight with the family...not as bad as I thought it would be....although, I was laughing
at parts that weren’t supposed to be funny....
BTW, it was Jasper Hale that I was killing myself laughing at!! He looked like he was trying to do
his Johnny Depp/Edward Scissor hands impression with about 5lbs of excrement in his pants!!

Podcast Of The Week

Not a lot more can be added to from what is written above without just re-writing the Podcast Of
The Week thread. So, check out viewtopic.php?

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Re: Shownotes for Episode 27- Terrorform

Postby D5120 » Tue Mar 09, 2010 7:05 pm

Awesome dude :)
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Re: Shownotes for Episode 27- Terrorform

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Tue Oct 25, 2011 4:29 pm

An article has just been posted on the Ganymede & Titan site that states that Rimmer's Self Loathing monster WAS in fact a Doctor Who unused model ... the-1990s/
The green monster on the left was built originally for Doctor Who where it was to be “The Destroyer” from the 1989 episode Battlefield, but it was replaced by another prop entirely. Not wiling to waste it, it later cropped up in an episode of Red Dwarf.

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