Shownotes For Episode 26- The Inquisitor

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Shownotes For Episode 26- The Inquisitor

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:35 pm

Podcast begins

Pre-recorded shownotes

Hello and Welcome to Scuttercast 26, this week I'm joined by.........The Inquisitor


Thomas Allman wakes to find the Inquisitor at his bedside. He is told that he has lived a worthless life and is then wiped from existence. In his place is an alternate Thomas Allman who had never been given the chance to live. Back on Starbug the Red Dwarf crew discovers they are no longer in control of the ship. Suddenly the Inquisitor speaks through Lister and explains that it is their time to be judged. Kryten explains that the Inquisitor is a droid who travels through time and judges the worthiness of every individual’s existence. If the crew is found to have lived lives without meaning they will be erased.

Back on Red Dwarf the judgement takes place and the Dwarfers are each judged by “themselves”. In the end two members of the crew are found to be unworthy. Rimmer and the Cat disappear but then the Inquisitor explains that they had been acquitted by their own low standards. Kryten and Lister are found guilty of not living up to their potential. He chains them together and deletes their existence in time. Just as he is about to erase their physical bodies, Kryten from the future appears and cuts off the Inquisitor’s gauntlet. He throws the gauntlet to Lister and just before being killed by the Inquisitor he says his final words: Enig.

Kryten and Lister try to move around the ship, but Holly does not recognise their palm prints and does not let them through. They are then discovered by the Cat and Rimmer but they have also forgotten who they are. They also run into an alternate Kryten and Lister but they are soon blown up by the Inquisitor. Using a severed hand to gain access to the ship, Lister and Kryten escape. Kryten figures out how the gauntlet works (using the enigma decoding system) and uses it to age their chains. They meet back up with the rest of the crew and Lister decides to take on the Inquisitor. The simulant kills Rimmer and the Cat. Just before Lister is about to be killed, Kryten “distracts” the Inquisitor and Lister freezes him in place with his gauntlet.

Kryten goes back in time to sacrifice himself. Lister dangles the Inquisitor by a rope over a chasm. He sets fire to the rope but then pulls him to safety. Lister gives back the gauntlet and tells the Inquisitor that he can no longer be erased. Otherwise there would not be anybody to save the Inquisitor’s life and he would die. The Inquisitor points out that he is wrong; without Lister his life would not have been in danger in the first place. The Inquisitor puts on the gauntlet and tries to erase Lister. However, Kryten has reprogrammed the gauntlet and it backfired; erasing the Inquisitor. All of the Inquisior’s work is undone and the Cat, Rimmer and Kryten reappear on Red Dwarf. –

Thanks to Lisetta for writing the synopsis

Episode Review

Scene 1

Thomas Allman wakes with the inquisitor in his room, telling him he's had a worthless life, and he's going to be wiped (Reminded me of thicky holden, with the "is that you mother")

Did you notice the inquisitors voice turning Cornish on the "may they spend their time wisely"

Did Thomas get a trial?

As he deletes the dude, and brings in the other, wouldn't the surroundings have changed too, or do they have the same taste ?

"Sorry to bother you sir, reality control"

I checked the actors IMDB pages from this scene. The first Thomas Allman is played by James Cormack. Very little on his list...but did notice that he'd been in Elephant man. The replacement Thomas was played by Trevor St John Hacker. He played Nimon in the Dr Who story "Horns of Nimon"

Before we see Thomas Allman, we get a model shot of a Dome. I think it is the same one used at the start of Dimension Jump

Scene 2
Lister and Rimmer are in the starbug cockpit, Kryten brings in a coffee Double cafinated, quadruple sugar

Why are they always on Starbug and not on Red Dwarf? They were at the start of Holoship too!!
There are a lot of boom mic shadows on all of the casts faces in this scene. Very untidy!

Lister is reading Virgil's Aeneid, the comic book version.

Lister doesn't get the Trojan horse, and I agree, they did a good parady on the Holy Grail :)

As Listers discussing the reason why, something takes control and locks them out of starbug and sends them back to red dwarf

The inquisitor talks through lister, and tells them the score

Notice throughout this episode that Danny John Jules is only shot from one side. The commentary tells us that he had a massive abcess in his mouth and was in agony. If you look, you can see the size of it in a couple of shots!!

Also, I haven't checked, but isn't this the same suit he wears in Out Of Time...the future fat and balding Cat? That was a red tartan one too!

Scene 3

Kryten in true Kryten style explains about the Inquisitor, and explains how if you've had a worthless life, you'll be deleted and another person will be given a chance.

Look or Rimmers face is mint....he looks so scared.

Kryten tells them that the Inquisitor is a "droid- a self repairing simulant". George Lucas owns the copyright on the use of the word "droid". I wonder if they had to declare this to LucasFilm?
The Droid phone homepage has the copyright notices at the bottom of its screen. The bottom line reads "DROID is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. and its related companies. Used under license.”

Scene 4
Back on Red Dwarf

Inquisitor is played by Jack Doherty from the Absolutely comedy group. This is the third Absolutely member we've seen. Morwenna Banks was the elevator hostess in stasis leak and Gordon Kennedy played Hudzon 10

Rimmer is first, he goes up against the inquistor, which is himself
Rimmer tries to get out of it, but in a wimpy way, tries to be hard, but then bows

The fair hearing is done by himself... (very sweaty rimmer in the suite)

2 totally different personalities, great acting from from the guys

Cat's a beautiful ass...that's his case :)

Krytens turn, he can't justify himself, as he's programmed to do good.

Yet later on, Lister says how it is his fault that Kryten broke his programming and is in the mess they are in.

Listers turn "Well, get out of this one smeg head "

Inquistor suggests that he could have been so much more, if he's have used his brains

2 of them are to be's Kryten and Lister as they could have been so much more.

Rimmer can't believe that he has lead a worthwhile life! What about Rimmers guilt at having killed the crew in Justice. He knows he could have been more. Look at Ace Rimmer, living proof of what he could have been! Look how big his self loathing is in Terrorform!! He must hold himself responsible!!
He shackles them both together, why just not delete them ?

I've written the exact same thing!!

Just as they are going to be deleted, Kryten turns up with a virtual chainsaw, chops off the inquisitors hand, and kicks the glove to them (very bad kick, went about a foot)

ed by the inquisitor while he's explaining what to do, and his last word is "Enig" (now he only has his head squashed, he's got a couple of spares, why not have 2 kytens ?

If you watch the background, the Inquisitor actually has the mask raised. But you can't see his face. The deleted scenes shows Kryten actually spray him in the eyes....that is why. I think this also expains why his lips don't quite sync up right and carry on moving after he's stopped saying "Excuse me. May I distract you for a brief second"
They run off, but they are unable to get through any doors, as they've been erased

Kryten uses the crew registration code additional 001. Surely Cat should be 001 as he was the first additional crew member! Also, Lister gives the code Lister D 00169 when in future echoes he uses RD 169 the crew number? I thought in Justice they had decided that there was an extra 1000 people? I'm confused!!

Holly won't let them in, and tear gasses them.

Rimmer and Cat come in with Bazookiods, and Rimmer is acting hard....(would Rimmer still have died with no Lister in his life ?)

But yeah, they do seem too brave!!

I think they would. The new Kryten and Lister seem identical to the originals which begs the question "What has the Inquisitor achieved. A carbon copy...even down to the worthiness of thier lives!!" Why do these 2 deserve to live?
Lister runs through how he knows him....

Cat says "He read your name on your uniform"....where does he have his name?

Another Lister and Kryten arrive, however wouldn't they have been deleted too under the same ruling, obviously Lister had a cat (otherwise no cat race), he got put into suspended animation, he dresses the same and the rescued Kryten which would suggest that they are very similar

IMDB info time again!! I mentioned Tim Yeates on the last episode as an Enlightenment crew member. This is the new Kryten...will also be in the next ScutterCast. The new Lister is played by Jake Abraham and is probably more famous for Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels...was also in the Mean Machine remake and 51st State....various TV shows and Adverts as well!

Scene 5

They are in some cage lift heading for the brig ?
Lister is attemting to talk Lister into letting him go.

The inquisitor stops the life and starts shooting at them, and the leg it

New Kryten gets killed, and Lister picks "something" up

Scene 6

They are planning on heading for the cargo decks, but they come up against a door, Lister revieals what he picked up, (other listers hand)

I always thought it was the other Krytens hand?

Scene 7

In storage area trying to get the shackles off, and discussing the plan of escape

Kryten not bothered about dying, however he's lying

He is jigging when he is lying. One of these lies is "Yes I do believe in Silicon Heaven." Yet he knows that the Inquisitor has been to the end of time and concluded it's we can assume that he doesn't believe really. Why hasn't he stopped running like Hudzon 10? His belief was the only thing that kept him going!

Lister blames himself for breaking Krytens programming and getting him into this mess! What?? I thought it was because he had been programmed and not broken it that he was in the mess. Surley, Kryten is leading a worthwhile life because of Lister!! Demand a retrial!!

Enigma coding program (Krytens last words Enig)

Cat and Rimmer come into Starbug, and say the other 2 are dead, and they should team up

Lister is going to use his brains for the first time in his life, and takes the glove from Kyten
Scene 8

They are walking down a corridor, the inquistor jumps them, turn Rimmer off, and disitergrates the cat
Lister want's the know how to use the device, and Kryten shouts Delta, Gamma 145

Lister and the inquistor have a old western face off, and Lister is reduced to a kid, then makes him old

Imdb time!!! Young Lister is played by Duanne other listings. Old Lister is played by Carl Chase. Various appearances...Tomb Raider playing a TV. Emmerdale etc...

Kryten "Excuse me, can I possibly just distract you for a brief second", and Lister freezes him for 10 mins

Kryten takes his glove, changes Lister back, and they start the plan in action (Why didn't they just remove the inquisitor from existence, and the ending would be like White hole

Scene 9

Lister has the inquistor hanging from a rope, over the storage deck.

Lister lights the rope (which seems to burn through in seconds), and saves his life

He gets the rope to light very easily aswell. He catches it with one arm easily aswell!!

Backfiring gauntlet trick

A version of this was filmed with the Inquisitors mask raised but they decided to go with the lowered version.

Everyone comes back to normal.

If the timelines have been returned, the "Gimme 15" line, wouldn't have worked.

I think the timelines are still sorting themselves out though. But, in theory, they'll have no memory of this episode at all!!

I also found out on the commentary that Lee Hurst was a Red Dwarf warm up man. It was doing this warm up that he was asked to appear on Have I got News which lead to his inclusion on They Think It's All Over....not relevant, but interested me. Blame Red Dwarf if you don't like Lee Hurst!!

8/10 Some good one liners, great story behind it, as with any dimension/time episode there are flaws, but still good.
9/10 Love the concept of a droid reaching the end of time and contemplating the meaning of life!!

85% total
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Back in 2 weeks with Terrorform

Additional post-record shownotes
Intro music followed by "voice over guy" (AKA Tony AKA CyntaxError from Fictionshed). This weeks episode, Number 26, The Inquisitor Original air date 27th of February 1992.

Introduction of hosts-
Darren AKA BassJunkie

The FanFic that is talked about from the DwarfCasts commentary (The commentary can be found on iTunes or at ... inquisitor) is called The Last Temptation OF Kryten . The link for this fanfic can be found at
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Very very VERY brief talk about our first Red Dwarf viewing as it is Red Dwarf’s birthday. My VHS series VIII only had the selophane removed just before BtE was aired. Looking forward to the series VIII episode reviews!!
DVD extra- documentary of Red Dwarf USA
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Podcast Of The Week

Not a lot more can be added to from what is written above without just re-writing the Podcast Of The Week thread. So, check out viewtopic.php?
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Re: Shownotes For Episode 26- The Inquisitor

Postby D5120 » Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:14 pm

I've edited the shownotes, and removed the bits we chopped out due to time constrains
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Re: Shownotes For Episode 26- The Inquisitor

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Thu Feb 25, 2010 8:23 pm

I hadn't overlooked that....I just left it in as pre-show notes....just to show people how much we plan...and how much we actually get done!! :)
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Re: Shownotes For Episode 26- The Inquisitor

Postby D5120 » Fri Feb 26, 2010 7:08 pm

LOL, ok fair enough :)
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Re: Shownotes For Episode 26- The Inquisitor

Postby BlueMidget » Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:05 am

I've downloaded it but haven't gotten around to listening yet. I feel dirty.
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Re: Shownotes For Episode 26- The Inquisitor

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Tue Mar 02, 2010 5:31 pm

Shake a leg!! Next episode is recorded and will be up this week :P
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Re: Shownotes For Episode 26- The Inquisitor

Postby D5120 » Fri Mar 05, 2010 6:06 pm

Ooops, forgot the topic, it's out now !

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