Shownotes for Episode 25- Holoship

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Shownotes for Episode 25- Holoship

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Mon Feb 08, 2010 8:39 pm

Podcast begins

Pre-recorded shownotes

Hello and Welcome to Scuttercast 25, this week I'm joined by.........Holoship
Synopsis by smeeeg_heeeeed
Another normal day around Red Dwarf when Starbug finds a ship, that reads no mass or density, a Holoship called the Enlightenment, and it abducts Rimmer.
Rimmer offers a challenge to any member of the Holoship to take thier place aboard it.
Rimmer also finds love on the Holoship in the form of Nirvanah Crane who tells him of the wonder of sex.
Rimmer returns to Red Dwarf (who just had a run in with Binks of the Enlightment) and asks Kryten to give him a Mind Patch which could either make Rimmer a genius or a dribbling wreck.
Luckely for Rimmer (unluckely for the others) Rimmer is turned into a genius and sent back to the Enlightenment to run the challenge...against Nirvanah (chosen randomly).
Rimmer's mind unpatches just as he's about to win and he runs back to the Dwarf where he's told be Kryten that he can't conduct another.
Nirvanah quits the challenge and concede's to Rimmer (possible because she's fallen in love with him) but love is not the Hologram's way and Rimmer returns to Red Dwarf after giving up his place on the Enlightenment.

Episode Review
This episode was the 3rd one filmed, but was brought forward to be the series opener for the same reasons Camille was last series. Because it was close to Valentines day and it had a romantic element to the story.
Also, Craig Charles was too ill to do the cast commentary and the rest of the cast do nothing but give him stick for it....especially Chris Barry who keeps doing his Lister impression!
Scene 1
All 4 of them are in the storage area in Starbug, watching a "sad film" Dave and the Cat are obviously moved by the film, Rimmer can't stand it
Cat is actually bored and struggling to keep his eyes open. A very glazed look on his face.
I bet that dread lock that lister was chewing didn't taste too well ether
He suggests that somebody wouldn't give up their job, give up everything for love, explained that it's all a load of rubbish.
Rimmer in a new shiny red outfit and gold H, looks like a teddy boy, quite tight pants, and a large jacket, you get to see it better at the beginning of the next scene. They do say on the commentary that Rimmer's quiff looks better than Cat's. Danny also reveals that by this point, he was using a "hair piece" for the character
It also looks like cat is wearing one of the most shinyist jacket yet i think
Holly comes on the screen and says she can see a blip, Kryten goes to check it out
The blip is on a collision course with them, and the Cat suggests they drop the defensive shields, excellent plan sir, with 2 minor drawbacks, 1 we don't have any defencive shields, and 2, we don't have any defensive shields.....technically only 1, but it was such a major flaw he thought he'd mention it twice.
According to one of my "mistakes" sites Rimmer has Starbug's window behind him and there are no stars being projected onto it.
They also state a few crew member shadows and boom mikes in shot, but no major ones.They do state that Rimmer's lips don't move for the line "Those Kind of films iritate me" 2min10secs.
This is a cut shot as Rimmer gets upand for a split second, Rimmers lips don't move in the first shot
Scene 2
This blue ball of light enters starbugRimmer stands in it, says it's beautiful
Its not like him to be close to any thing u can not explain, was not expecting him to be stood in it Kryten attempts to scan it, but nothing shows up
The ball then leaves the ship, and it's own ship emerges
Holoship was created by Paul McGuiness using moulded clear perspex. Looks awesome.
This epsiode over-ran and they had to cut a lot of the model shots out. IMDB says it was 8 minutes that had to be cut. says it was 12 minutes. Either way, we lost a lot of the model shots including one that showed the Enlightenment changing from a long straight shape to a "Z" shape
The Rimmer gets "beamed" away....Cat suggests they get out of there before they bring him back
Scene 3
Rimmer is beamed into a very white room, looks like an ikea showroom :)
Nirvanah Crane enters the room and explains that the entire ship is holographic, which lead me to think, where is the computer generating this ?light based computers are the future i guess :)
Jane Horrocks is rumoured to have based her accent on Joanna Lumley's who she worked with on Absolutelly Fabulous. However, that wasn't until November of 1992. This was aired in Feb of 1992, so I assume theyed met before, or that this is somebodies inaccurate guess. Excellant acting from her. I didn't realise for a long time that this was the same actress that played Bubbles in Ab-Fab. She was also in Lttle Voice which was written specifically for her...and also the Asda Adverts! :)
Scene 4
Nirvanah and Rimmer in the lift, she explains that there are just under 2000 crew, all top flight personnel.
They go past Floor 3125: Sports and sexual recreation, and Nirvanah explains that it's a rule that they have sex twice a day....and it's considered bad manners to turn down an invite for sex.
Dont no why but the first think that popped in to my head was they pluged them selfs in to a machine then i thought maybe that was a flim
I get iritated by Nirvanah's Hologram "H" on her forehead, It doesn't bend to the contour of her head and is hanging off all through this scene
Scene 5
Back with the other 3 on Starbug, Holly has tried to "handshake" with them, but they aren't responding.
Cat suggest "Well, I say let's break out the laser cannons and give 'em bothbarrels."Krtyen replies with "An adroit suggestion sir, with just two minor drawbacks.
"Lister explains that there's nothing on the readouts to shoot at anyway
Kryten susses it's a Holoship "The project was in its initial phase when I left the solarsystem. Ships of no mass or volume able to travel as super-light particles -- tachyons -- through worm-holes and star gates crewed by holograms of great genius and bravery."When he left what solar system ???
He mentions that they didn't handshake is that fact that they are arrogant, and despise stupidity.
One of the hologram crew members (Binks) comes onto Starbug and catalogs the place (on comms with the ship Enlightenment), suggests that the model of starbug was recalled due to major flight design flaws.
Binks is played by Don Warrington who some will know as the president in the Rise Of The Cybermen. I was excited when I first saw him in this episode as I instantly recognised him as Phillip from Rising Damp.
Also, when I was checking the IMDB of the cast, I found that Tim Yeates is uncredited and played Sam Murray in thgis episode. Sam Murrayis also the name of a character from a funeral scene from the Red Dwarf pilot that was deleted. According to the DVD booklet, this was possiblya gay character in the Red Dwarf universe. Tim Yeates also appeared as one of the "hooded hoard" in Terrorform and played the alternate Kryten in The Inquisitor
Walks up and down the crew, suggests Kryten is burnt out, only got 3 years left in him, Cat is stupid, and Lister is overweight and ugly, mid-20s, physical age: 47.
He instantly recognises Cat as Felis Sapiens. Wikipedia suggests that they may have come across the Cat race before for them to instantly recognise them. Second Ark maybe? Also, he is wrong by describing Lister as Mid-20's. He was 25 in stasis Leak and Rimmer says later that he has been in charge for 4 years. Lister should therefore be nearly 30!!
I am not sure but the radiation on the ship didnt start the evolution prossec off its was the time spent so may be the cat on earth or titan had evolved over time too?
Lister mimics him with a packet of cigs."Lister to Red Dwarf. We have in our midst a complete smeg pot.
Brains in the an@l region. Chin absent -- presumed missing. Genitalia small and inoffensive. Of no value or interest."This continues for a few more turns, and Lister mentions that they have a holo whip ?
Apparently, Craig Charles was nearly sick after filming this scene as he did eat the cigarette...wasn't that in the smeg ups?
Scene 6
Back on the enlightenment, and Nirvanah introduces Rimmer to Captain Hercule Platini.
Played by Matthew Marsh...the cast commentary just talks about his use of props. It becomes hypnotic, watching his good use of props! :)Mathew Marsh also auditioned for Son Of Cliche to play Hab. He lost out to Chris Barry.
He introduces himself, and states his IQ of 212....he then goes around his cabin crew, and they all also have high IQ's
Rimmer introduces himself with IQ unknown..Rimmer wants to join the crew of "Super Humans"
The captain says he can't join because the crew has a full compliment, and the only way in, is dead mans boots ?....does this suggest that the ship can only sustain a certain about of crew, if so, how is Rimmer being sustained while he's on there ? is he still being projected from Starbug ? (a few sentences later "Should you win, your opponent's run-time would be terminated andtheir life force would be used to generate you."Maybe they have a database of smart people and swap for different situations.
Natalina Pushkin tells him that he can battle it out with another member of the crew for their spot, via a series of tests.Her Russian accent is awesome!! The "computer" suggests that best shot is crew member 4172.
You have a 96probability of failure, and he's given 24 hours to prepare.Why would they have crew member 4172, with less than 2000 crew ?
Nirvanah suggests that if he was free, how would he like to have sex for a couple of hours..
Scene 7
Rimmer with just a towel round him on the bed, thanking Nirvanah.She suggests that sex with Rimmer was different, and compares it to a Chinese meal, small portions, but so many course.
Rimmer tries to make out that the sex meant nothing to him (as it should on that ship)Nirvanah explains that they normally talk about work while having sex...Rimmer I'm sorry. I must have seemed very ignorant. I hardly said anything apart from, "geronimo."
Rimmer dresses, and Nirvanah says Transmit ?....and Rimmer disappears.
If you watch, Nirvanah actually ties her robe twice...and the bed makes itself. Apparently, this scene got cut and chopped and swapped about to try and get the time down on this episode!
Nirvanah has a message waiting on her console, and is told that "Stocky" (Assuming this is the name of the computer), has chosen her as a the best match for Rimmer (assume she's crew member 4172)
Scene 8
Back in starbug, Rimmer wants to cheat by mind patching
Notice the screen behind Dave, with just random 4 digit patterns of number
[The cast commentary mentions that, saying that The Matrix stole it's idea's and visuals from Red Dwarf
Sounds like a law suit wait to happen Rimmer give the big speech about how he's a failure and it's his fault his dad had 4 strokes.
Kryten : You will be joining a society where you will be compelled to have sex with beautiful, brilliant women twice daily, on demand. Now, am I really the only one here who finds that just a little bit tacky? The Cat and Lister just sit there....obviously thinking about it :)
Look a little jealous
Scene 9
Rimmer is laid on a bed, and Kryten is going to insert a lot of the brilliant minds from Red Dwarf.
Why has he got Rimmer on the table any way really u would think they would insert it in too the holo suit were Rimmer data is kept Which room is this ?
Looks like some kind of lab, and not the one we saw in Body Swap, also, as we saw in thanks Thanks for the memory, Rimmer doesn't even need to be in the same room, or even aware of what is being inserted into his head. Finally, how is Rimmer laying on the bed, it must have some kind of holographic field over it to stop him falling through.
In the deleted section of this scene, they explain that the mind patch can't be undone and that this is essentially the end of Rimmer as we know him
Scene 10
Lister walking down the corridor with and Kryten explains that Rimmer has read every book in the medical library in under 3 hours.
Rimmer is wearing doctors glasses, and it totally a different person, he's smart...They walk down the corridor with him, until he's tramitted to the other ship.
Do you need glasses then to become smarter?Bit odd how they are traveling with him to be beaned but when he finally stops he checking the area were he is going to bean throw
Scene 11
The test is about to start, 200,000 question in various languages, once they have finished with terminal a, they then move onto terminal b ?
If the computer is so smart, why doesn't it just load set of questions b, on terminal a once the initial 200,000 questions are done, not very processor or power efficient.
Must be the same sort of proceesors as my PC!! Easier to get another machine rather than asking it to do more than one task!!
Rimmer is going to take both tests at the same time.
Also, assuming they initially tested him 24 hours earlier to see who the best match was, they would also know that his IQ and appearance have changed ?
Looked like he bean direct to the test room Rimmer has a brain freeze at question 369 and disappears back to Red Dwarf
Scene 12
The crew are interviewing Rimmers replacement (this being the case, there would be no need for the test, would there ?, and also, they have Rimmer, plus this Harrison lass being supported by Holly ?)
She says "Basically you spend your time salvaging derelict spaceships,playing poker, and eating curries"At this point i thought that lister most of forgotten about being able to get kachanski back!
Kryten suggests that they don't do that much salvaging, and they don't alway eat curry.....he remembers back to last June where Lister had a Pizza, and he didn't like it until Kryten poured curry sauce all over it.She turns down the "opportunity" says there is a deleted scene of Lister wanting to bring a hologram of himself on-line. It's in the deleted scenes of the DVD where basically, the only potential replacement to accept thier invitation to join the crew is Lister's hologram. Have they not learned anything from Me2 ??
The next candidate beams in, as she beams out, and Rimmer comes running in demanding another mind patch
Kryten explains that his mind just can't take it, so he's heading back to withdraw from the test.
Scene 13
In the lift on the holoship, Natalina said that she hears he's doing well, and offers him sex on Wednesday morning, he turns it down suggesting he's going to be busy killing himself
Proving what an idiot he really is!!
Nivanah, enters and asks where he's been.He explains that he's pulled out, and give the whoo is me story.She tells him to carry on, as he's going to get his dream
Scene 14
Rimmer back on Red Dwarf, his opponent withdrew and he's not an officer.
Rimmer gives his goodbye speach of "And I know that, given the choice, I probably wouldn't have chosen you as friends. But, I just want to say ... that over the years, ... I have come to regard you ... as ... people ... I met."
Danny suggests on the commentary that this line came from Chris Barry, not the original script. But Chris doesn't sound too sure about it when he says it did. I'm not convinced
You would think they would have had some party poppers or a few balloons :) but lister looks gutted that he is going
Scene 15
Rimmer gets walked to his new quarters, which were Nivanah's.
Rimmer walks into the Captains quarters, and introduces himself as Navigation officer Rimmer ?....I would have assuming he'd have taken the place of the person he replaced....however Crane was a Flight commander.
If this is the case, they have an additional Navigation officer, and no Flight Commander ?
Rimmer wants to resign, because he suggests the Nirvanah was in love with him, and didn't know what she was doing.
Basically plays out like the movie they were watching at the beginning.Rimmer.....No captain, we won't be apart, we just won't be together...lolThe look on his face as he realises what he's just said is awesome!!So what u think was in the letter ??
7/10, Some great laugh out loud moments, decent storyline, a few flaws hence the lower score, but all in all, a good episode.
8/10 I love this epsiode. It shows how much Rimmer has changed from the Rimmer that we know from series 1. There is a definate softening to his character. From now until series VII, we sometimes see the softer new version, but sometimes the older cowardly and selfish one shows through. Fantastic!!
7/10 really find the scene when Lister is holding the cig packet up as a walky talky really cranks me up and made this hole episode for me
As there is no promo for this weeks Podcast of the week, we've dropping in a new one from our friends over at HGN73% :)Groove Town
Forum update, if you've not been on, pop on and have a look. The addition of skype to the profile, quick reply, different look, RSS feed and a handful of other features. I manager to break it at one point, and had to revert to a backup and start again, then I changed the SQL password, and took down the entire site.....

Also, as Nik has requested some time off, I've asked if anybody want to do the synopsis for the shows, so far smeeeg_heeeeed, and Lisetta have provided this and the one for inquisitor, if anybody feels like writing a quick synopsis, we'll add it to the beginning of the show, and give you credit. These will also be used on the main site under the episode guide section.

They can e-mail these in or use the threads on the forum itself!

As for any new news....there isn't anything new

Additional member to the forum - smeeeg_heeeeed

We had an email from Darren Murfin, (one of the B2E DVD competition winners) asking about the laughter tracks for series 7 and 8 and whether they were added for the US audience only. No, series 8 was filmed before a live audience. Series 7 wasn't, but was shown to an audience to record the laughter track from genuine reactions.

He also asked me if I was aware of the 7th Son internet novel by JC Hutchins. I know of him through his friendship with Scott Sigler. I haven't listened yet as I am working through a load of sci-fi audiobooks and Star Wars novels. But it is in the list of things to listen to.

I'm currently on a week off, been off since last Wednesday, and I've been gaming....for a change. Played, loved and completed Brutal Legends....what an awesome game !, decided to fire up the PS3, as it only seems to get used as a media steamer. Finally completed Ghostbusters, which I've had a love/hate relationship with, but really enjoyed it in the end, just like watching an interactive version of Ghostbuster 3. Picked up a copy of Uncharted, as I watch and listen to a lot of gaming podcasts, and Uncharted 2 was praised as one the best games of 2009, and me being me, I need to know the whole story, and have to play the first one first. Did the same with Assasins Creed, Resistance, Battlefield bad company....and well most games...I know, I have issues.

Also, as it's a new year, I've decided to get back into shape, but I'm using the Wii....tried Wii fit's ok, tried EA Sports active....which isn't bad at all, and tried "The Biggest Loser"...which just I'm sticking with EA Sports Active. Currently in a lot of pain :(

I've decided to get fit too. I'll let you know when I start!! :)

I have found a new trailer for Kick Ass. The Hit girl trailer that shows how brutally violent this movie is going to be and how bad the swearing is going to be. It looks like so much fun.....

Also, to please Ian, I watched Backwards again....and loved it and hardly noticed the errors. Well okay, I did. But there was lots of scenes with no errors that I loved!!

I would liek to add the book of backwards is a really well put together book once u get use to the story and would highly recommended it too any one
Podcast of the week
Gunaxin podcast. This is a "mens" on-line magazine type site. Just warn you, the site has lots of busty ladies and is possibly NSFW. It has lots of sports features and is very Americanised in it's topics. However, Jay, Mike and Art from the Masters Of None podcast have started to do a weekly Gunaxin podcast that is awesome. 2 of the Masters Of None hosts link up with one of the Gunaxin "reporters" and discuss one or more of that reporters stories. It's a fairly new podcast with only 3 episodes up at the time of recording this. They've already covered 80's one hit wonders, the top 25 Misters of Pop culture which included the Mr Men, The top fictional gadgets that you wish were real, soda pop failiures, the worse muppets and the funniest moments of Mike Tysons carreer. The best thing was, the muppets episode was hosted by a guy that sounded just like Kermitt the Frog!! Can be found at or search on iTunes. There is an enhanced version of this podcast too, so keep an eye out for that!

Back in 2 weeks with The Inqusiter

Additional post-record shownotes
Intro music followed by "voice over guy" (AKA Tony AKA CyntaxError from Fictionshed). This weeks episode, Number 25, Holoship Original air date 20th of February 1992.

Introduction of hosts-
Darren AKA BassJunkie
Andy AKA Anti-Realism

The only video I can find for Little Voice is ... ce_vost_fr
I can’t find it on you tube, but a trailer can be viewed on this link

Trailer for Here Goes Nothing Podcast which can be found at

Darren tells us about his updates to the forum. If you are reading this….you’ve probably noticed! Darren broke it at one point and Antony worried Darren by announcing that the site was giving out the forum site password and access username to anyone who tried to log on. Luckily, it wasn’t Darren’s access name or the password…phew!!

We are allowing Nick some time off from ScutterCast and so have now opened up the Synopsis to the listeners to be written. They can do this via email to or on this forum at this link viewtopic.php?f=88&t=2725 Although some of us suspect that Darren has either sent Nick on a few weeks PD…or maybe sent him outside with Confidence to prove that he doesn’t need oxygen….”oxygens for losers!”

These synopsis will be replacing the episode guides we have on this forum….Darren is not even sure where he borrowed them from in the first place!!

I’ve rewatched Backwards and really enjoyed it……just to please Ian who was slightly disgusted with our review in his absence…..

Darren also tries to score the same way Ian does. Before researching!

Andy brings up the Backwards novel which we all agree is a fantastic novel….(certainly in the fans top 4 of Red Dwarf novels…. J )

Thanks to Smeeeg Heeeead for the synopsis.

Also response to Darren Murfin’s email about a laughter track enquiry and a podcast novelist suggestion. See above for details. JC Hutchins work can be found on iTunes or at

Antony mentions an episode of Here Goes Nothing Podcast that he appears on in which he discusses Scott Sigler….a pod cast listened to by Mr Scott Sigler and given the Dark Overlord’s approval!! This can be heard at or search iTunes for Here Goes Nothing episode 47

Parrots Bar

Darren is off work again!!!! And has a cold again!!!! and has been gaming again!!!! (It’s a hard life J) He tells us about the Brutal Legends game

Also talked about completing Ghostbusters on the PS3


Also talked about Uncharted on the pS3


Also talk about fitness “games” on the Wii. Darren appears to have an allergy to fitness as every fitness attempt ends in illness!! Darren basically did to Wii fitness games what Goldilocks did to 3 bears porridge.

Wii Fit was far too easy.

The Biggest Loser was far too hard

EA Sport Active was just right!!

Darren recommends….


Antony talks about Kick Ass the movie and has now seen the ultimate trailer….which put Darren off the movie slightly…


Podcast Of The Week

Not a lot more can be added to from what is written above without just re-writing the Podcast Of The Week thread. So, check out viewtopic.php?f=88&t=2322&p=47829&hilit ... eek#p47829
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Re: Shownotes for Episode 25- Holoship

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