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Shownotes for Episode 21- Justice

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:55 pm
Podcast begins

Pre-recorded shownotes
ScutterCast 21 - Justice
While lister is suffering with space mumps, the rest of the crew pick up an escape pod from a prison ship. The only survivors from the ship was a female security guard and a mass murdering simulant. They decide to take the pod to Justice World and open it there.
When they arrive at justice world, the crew's minds are scanned for any sign of guilt. Cat, Kryten and Lister pass, but Rimmer is convicted of 1,167 counts of second degree murder - a consequence of his faulty repair of the drive plate that killed the Red dwarf crew.
As rimmer starts his 9328 year sentence, Kryten appeals against his sentence, proving that the guilt rimmer felt for the accident was due to rimmers own inflated sense of importance, and that due to rimmers incompetence, would never be put in charge of something that could endanger life on Red Dwarf. Despite rimmers objections to krytens defense, he is found not guilty and released.
When they return to starbug, the pod has opened. The crew soon discover that it is the mass murdering simulant and run for their lives. As lister tries to reason with the simulant, the simulant fires 3 shots at lister - but on justice world, you feel the effect of any crime you commit - thus when the simulant fires at lister, the shots fire into the simulant. Lister helps the simulant attack him, until the simulant is dead.
Episode Review
Scene 1

Lister with his head under a blanket

Kryten in "nurse mode", because of the Red Cross on his front panel

Space mumps - lol at his head

Rimmer on vacation 10 day hike rambling through the diesel decks - wot diesel engine gonna use for air?

Cat busy with "pod business"....pod from a prison ship

Scene 2

Barbra Bellini (on the the sleeping quarters ?)

Lister and Cat planning on "dating" her

Lister says that Cat has never seen a woman before. Stasis Leak, Backwards, Parrallel Universe?

Cat - I have eyes, I have mirrors....lets face it buddy, I have a body that makes men wet...

I love Cats outfit. Frilly purple shirt- velvet matching jacket and favourite I think

Rimmer explains that there was a mutiny and with only 2 survivors, Barbra Bellini (guard), and a prisoner (Simulants)

He asks who started the "RP". Is this Resusitation Program as the commentary guesses at? Also at about 4min 58 seconds, just as Rimmer wals through the door there is the lens of one of the studio cameras in shot on the left hand side. So clear, it doesn't even register!

Plan to go to the penal colony and lock the pod in a cell until it defrosts, and release if it's the chick

We are told that simulants are "virtually indestructable" and could easily withstand a volley of Bazookoids fired at close quarters. Does it seem that indestructable at the end?

Scene 3

On starbug heading for the colony

Rimmer showing Kryten his slide collection, Kryten looked so bored - why is rimmer wearing laderhosen's?

In the background your hear a comes out of the cockpit looking distraught and covered in goo

Lister comes in, covered is said goo...

Scene 4

Arrival at the colony

After interfacing, they find out it's called Justice world - ship shaped like the scales of justice

Darren Murfin, the BtE DVD winner wanted to know if it was the same voice for the computer on Justice World that doed the voice from ITV's The Cube. The Cube voice is Colin McFarlane- a successful actor who has appeared in Dr Who, Torchwood, 2 Pints, Hyperdrive and also both Dark Knight and Batman Begins!! The Justice World voice is James Smille who's acting carreer is from an earlier era. Space 1999, Tommorow People and Metal Mickey!

Met by Escort boots (metal self walking boots)

Fast forward walking, then walked through a mind probe

As they have the mind probe Lister and Rimmer remove thier hats. Listers remains in his hand and Rimmers justs vanishes? Also, 11min 15secs-Boom mic on show!

Scans for any criminal activity

(the floor and roof, look like a cow ?)

Lister bricking it.....he went scrumping for cars

Kryten....don't worry about it (I wouldn't worry anout it, sir. I'm sure they're not interested in a minor misdemeanour you committed as an adolescent over three

million years ago.).......boy I'm really getting the hang of this lie mode

Kryten, Cat, Lister get to go....Rimmer 2nd degree murder 1167 counts 8 years

Yet according to series 1 the crew numbered 169. Lister proudly boasting that out of the 169 persons on this ship I ranked 169. Where did the extra 1000 people come from?

9328 years total ? - shud be 9339 (I get 9336) (typed mi 9 in upside down!!)

2nd degree murder....1000 people....I would have remembered...

"Your wilful negligence in failing to reseal a drive plate resulted in the deaths of the entire crew of the Jupiter Mining

Corporation vessel the Red Dwarf.".....Oh That ?!?

Marched to the Justice Zone

When Krytens "Escort Boots" come off, they just vanish.

Scene 5

Rimmmer in his stereotypical prison outfit

Going to appeal.

Justice system, whatever act you try and commit, the consequences happen to you

Rimmer gets him to set fire to the bed....and Lister sets on fire

If you watch the book on the bed, it moves to another corner on the bed and then moves back again.

Rimmers sense of guilt convicted himself

Kryten is going to build a case suggesting that Rimmer is a muppet, and even though he blames himself...he's not responsible. - Kryten stutters his line-Robert does say on the commentary that for once he learned his lines and didn't need prompt cards!

Scene 6

On trial

Arnold Judas Rimmer (is this the first time we hear Rimmers middle name ?)

And seeing as he is dressed in his formal uniform-where are all his long service medals?

Kryten saying that Rimmer is worthless, and he's not to blame

Lister as a witness, not a friend, a git...

In charge of Z shift (keeping the vending machines topped up)

He also claims that Rimmer failed the astro-navigation exam 13 times. Are we to assume that he resat in between series? (11 times in Waiting For God)

Rimmer goes free

Scene 7

Pod open, Simulants come out of the cockpit with a bazooka - holly ducks

Big scene about the Simulant shooting the Escort boots ?...I assuming they just like blowing things up :)

Run into the Justice zone

Favourite location again. Sudbury pumping station. Used in Inquisitor and stasis leak

What you waiting for, gloop him

He's not armed


What in the back ?

Yeah, it's just a pity he's awake

Lister is going to go and talk to him.....why ?

Meeting on bridge, they both lied about no weapon.

Takes shots at Lister, which go into him (Surely if he's escaped from there in the first place...he would know about the justice system.....and thinking back, how was there a mutiny ?)

Lister hits him over the head, and nearly knocks himself out

Simulants throws knife, which hits him (lol'd at the "pulling the knife out")

Lister passes him 3 pots then get it to strangle him

You can see the pots being placed into his hand from off camera
Finally cat comes up the stairs with a shovel, and hit it over the head, and falls to the floor

Scene 8

Back on Red Dwarf

Lister gives a big speech about how the Justice system works well, good things will happen to good people, and bad people will get what's coming to them....the falls down a "man hole"

If you look carefully, it looks like they walk up this corridoor and do a wide u-turn and walk back down the same corridoor!
4/10 The idea was good, but not very funny, and just felt like it dragged for me
8/10 I like this episode...especially the start of it with the space mumps and Rimmers trial is a classic!

12 out of 20- 60% total score.
Groove Town
There are 4 stories that have gone up on the official site this week.

One is an appearance by CarBug with Santa at an Otter sanctuary.

One was to inform us that Son Of Cliche- a Rob Grant and Doug Naylor written radio sketch show from 1983 and 1984 is being replayed on BBC Radio 7 on Sunday nights....also available on the BBC iPlayer. One of the recurring sketches in the show was Dave Hollins- Space Cadet which eventually became Red Dwarf!

One was to inform people that the official website shows TV listings for Red Dwarf being aired but not just for the UK. There are a multitude of countries that are covered. Including US-Australia-Europe-New Zealand etc...

Final story is about original artwork done to be auctioned off for the HIV and AIDS awareness and research charity Caped Crusaid. Artwork has been done by a multitude of celebs including Brian Blessed, James Earl Jones, Sylvester McCoy, Adam West and our own Robert Llewellyn and Danny John Jules. Details to be found at

From Simon G, on the podbean site, ScutterCast 20 "Just wanted to say good job guys all the way from Hollywood :)"

2 new members....Psychic Ori ......Doctor Studfarm.......

RedMidget and BlueMidget.....just a coincidence...

SFX tickets, for Free Entry

Completed some more games, Borderlands Addon, Batman Arkham Asylum

Fancied a change to Meadowhall for christmas shopping. Last year I tried the Trafford Centre and found it the same as MeadowHall but an extra hours travel! So this year, I revisited Birmingham after being impressed with the BullRing at the DJXV. I spent 5 hours total in traveling from Nottingham and only got 4 hours traveling. Late for the dentist...and that was after they put it back an hour! Never travel by car to Birmingham!!
Podcast of the week
BrokenSea Audio. Variety of AudioDrama's. Unlike Pendant, these aren't ongoing monthly serials. Some are one parters. Some are seriealised in to episodes, but not ongoing like Pendant. I've really enjoyed Logans Run, Battlestar Gallactica (classic, not new BSG), Johnny Quest, Planet Of The Apes, Doctor Who, Mad Max, Escape From New York, Conan etc... Really worth checking out.

Next week, White hole....
Additional post-record shownotes
Intro music followed by "voice over guy" (AKA Tony AKA CyntaxError from Fictionshed). This weeks episode, Number 21, Justice. Original air date 28th of Feburary 1991.

Introduction of hosts-
Darren AKA BassJunkie
Nik and Andy are tied up and unable to record, though Nik did record the Synopsis
Apologies to The Denim Cowboy. The conversation had a section removed which, on listening, made it sound as though I’d called him a stalker!! That wasn’t what we meant when we said this...and by “we” I mean me!

All links associated with the four stories from the official Red Dwarf site are in the pre-recorded shownotes.

Parrots Bar
Darren had a bust weekend with Nik and Andy getting drunk. Rest of time he spent gaming. Talk about the Batman- Arkham Asylam game. Talk about the game details- costume wears- beard growth. Inquiring about the link between the graphic novel and the game.
Talk about shopping in Birmingham. Fed up with MeadowHall, disappointed by Trafford Centre so went to Birmingham...5 hours travel, late for dentist for 4 hours shopping. Nice to revisit Birmingham after the Dimension Jump XV convention

SFX have been back in touch offering 50 sets of 4x free entry to their convention. Details for the convention can be found at
Also, we are still trying to give away a BluRay of Back To Earth. New question-
How many episodes of ScutterCast has there been? First person to email us at wins!

Podcast Of The Week
Details above. Also see the Podcast of the Week thread for more details which can be found here viewtopic.php?f=88&t=2322

Re: Shownotes for Episode 21- Justice

Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2010 12:07 am
by Rudolph
In reply to the extra 1000 onboard Red Dwarf - there were 400 prisoners in The Tank. Add to that the prison guards down there and the miners being taken to Triton, then you might get the extra 1000 Rimmer murdered.

Re: Shownotes for Episode 21- Justice

Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2010 5:23 pm
If memory serves me right, wasn't "The Tank" a part of the new and updated series VIII Red Dwarf from the original plans and not on the original series 1-5 (I may be wrong on this though....)

Re: Shownotes for Episode 21- Justice

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:23 pm
by D5120
ori-STUDFARM wrote:If memory serves me right, wasn't "The Tank" a part of the new and updated series VIII Red Dwarf from the original plans and not on the original series 1-5 (I may be wrong on this though....)
A ScutterCast member wrong with their info ?!?.......yeah probably :)

Re: Shownotes for Episode 21- Justice

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:19 pm
Give us chance.......I only just started making my notes for Psirens this week.

BTW, my notes are normally about a full sheet of A4. This episodes notes are 2 full sheets!! Looks like it maybe a longer one.....

Re: Shownotes for Episode 21- Justice

Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:27 am
by Rudolph
ori-STUDFARM wrote:If memory serves me right, wasn't "The Tank" a part of the new and updated series VIII Red Dwarf from the original plans and not on the original series 1-5 (I may be wrong on this though....)
Holly mentions in 'Back in the Red (Part 1)' that The Tank was classsified and only the senior officers knew about it. The prisoners were on their way to Adelphi XII and Holly says he reckons they've all been resurrected too.

Re: Shownotes for Episode 21- Justice

Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 3:47 pm
Rudolph....I really hope you never do a Re Dwarf would kinda make ScutterCast redundant...:)

Re: Shownotes for Episode 21- Justice

Posted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 12:38 pm
by Rudolph
ori-STUDFARM wrote:Rudolph....I really hope you never do a Re Dwarf would kinda make ScutterCast redundant...:)
I'll take that as a compliment!

Re: Shownotes for Episode 21- Justice

Posted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:11 pm
As it was intended, for sure.