Shownotes for Episode 17- TimeSlides

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Shownotes for Episode 17- TimeSlides

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:35 pm

Podcast begins

Pre-recorded shownotes
This episode starts with lister and cat playing table golf. Lister announces to cat that he is bored of everything, and he hates his life. Kryten meanwhile is developing photos while listening to music.
He notices that the photos are moving.....
As Lister is telling rimmer how un happy he is, they are interrupted by kryten, asking them to come down to the developing room .
There they discover that the photos are alive - and when projected, Lister can actual enter into the photo.
After stealing Hitlers briefcase, the crew plot some adventures in photos. Lister thinks he can change his past, so he won't end up stranded on the Red Dwarf, so the crew travel into an old photo of Listers past.
Lister tries to convince his 17 year old self to register a patent on an idea that made one of Listers friends a multi millionaire.
When they return to Red Dwarf, Cat, Lister and Kryten disappear as the timeline re-adjusts itself. As holly finds out, Lister did register the idea, became a multi millionaire, and died shortly after in a plane crash. Rimmer sets off to "save" him, but lister doesn't know Rimmer yet.
SO Rimmer decides to take the idea back to when he was 7, so Lister Kryten and Cat return to red dwarf, and rimmer would be the millionaire, but his plans are thwarted when his younger selfs roommate registers the idea instead.
When the timelines readjust, they are all back on red dwarf as if nothing had happened, except for one small change, RImmer is alive and not a hologram - until he blows himself up!!
Episode Review
Scene 1

Starts with the cat playing mini golf, and lister looking so bored

Lister hates his life

Cat wear odd clothes he as a top on with a RD badge on, is that not a lilttle odd ?
And once agian lister is dressed smart .

Scene 2

Kryten developing photos, Rocking out ?

This is actually a song by The Sons Of Gordon Gekko, Craig Charles band. They also wrote the "Cash" song used later in this episode and wrote the OM song! Playing an old audio cassette on his mid-riff. Still not CD....Again!!! Also, not digital photography technology

Notices pictures have come to life

Do mechanoids have birthdays then? This roll of film is from Novo 5, you see on one shot Kryten and the 3 femaile officers doing the conga.

Scene 3

Tension sheet And how can you tell it's called a tension sheet?

Rimmer, "Your unhappy aren't you" When Rimmer comes in he is humming church music and says "Lovely service Lister, you shoulda come. Most uplifting" I thought Rimmer didn't believe in God and wasn't religious!

I bet 3 million years away for home u would be a little depressed

Rimmer talks about Fred Holden, millionaire at 26 (Thicky Holden)

Scene 4

Lister and Rimmer in the photolab

Holly explains that the fluid must have become mutated

Lister walks into rimmers (brother franks wedding) slide with Chris Barry playing Frank. Why do none of the guests look surprised when he jumps out of the photo?

Next photo, snowball, looks like mash potatoes when the cat throws it back at Lister Commentary says it's sorbet. Also if you look close, some of it actually splats onto Rimmers uniform. Holograms shouldn't get splattered!

Before they walk into this print there is nothing for them to step into the photo with. Then it cuts to a side shot and there are suddenly 2 silver boxes that have appeared for them to use as steps! Also, both skiers are credited in the titles which is unusual for non speaking parts. They originally had dialogue about some ghastly photo's of Listers they recieved, butthey realised that this was an error in continuity. They wouldn't have got the prints when the shot was taken, so the lines were edited out. Also, their legs are below the photos edge. Are they allowed to go beyond the top and bottom of the frame?

Lister goes into the Hitler photo...but if he'd have just "walked in", he'd have fallen to his death ? And why would you test it on a photo of Hitler. Would you really? And wouldn't Lister have just been shot!

Bomb in briefcase, kicks back, paper updated with a pic of lister and "Hitler escapes bomb attack at nuremberg" (Where did they get a 3 million year + paper from ?) Also, how did the paper get a mugshot of Lister!!? Why is it that Rimmer is the one stating the details of the failed assassination of Hitler. Thats Krytens job

Proves that they can also bring stuff back out of the photo's. Shame they never looked into this. Lister could bring Kochanski back. Rimmer could bring himself back...etc.....

he could ahve tokld some one about the drive plate and saved the crew ...........

was there any pics of the cat race ?

Scene 5

Explains they have a time machine

Lister is going back to stop himself from joining RD

I like Rimmers relaxed attire in this scene. Stuffy jacket off. Just T-shirt, braces and trousers.

Scene 6

Slide of smeg and the heads See how tight the frame is to the band. Yet all the crew enter and walk freely about the pub!

The "om" song

Noticed that young lister, is about 6 inch taller ? Heals ? Looks nothing like Craig Charles, the accent is all fact, seems quite posh and VERY camp! It is however, Emile Charles, Craigs younger brother! The other two, the "heads" are Jeff Walker and Bill steer who were founder members of the band Carcass before joining Napalm Death!

But the main questions is who was the photographer ??

Lister gives young lister the tension sheet and tells him to go and register it as his

Scene 7

Walk out of photo, and lister disappears, as does Cat (no cat race), and didn't rescue Kryten, so just Rimmer....

but..if no Lister, then Rimmer would have had help with the drive plate, meaning they wouldn't have all died, also Rimmer wouldn't have been brought back as a hollogram, as he was only brought back to keep Lister sane. Also, if Kryten didn't exist, then he wouldn't have developed the phones, allowing them to go back in the first place....massive paradox. Finally, if the timeline had changed, then Rimmer would have no recollection of Lister so the rest of the episode makes no sense
You have just broken the episode lol

Scene 8

Age 98 died, making love to his 14th wife in a plane

Ruby Wax as Blaize Falconburger, host of Life Styles of the disgustingly rich and famous Originally Graham Chapman was cast as the reporter, but he died and so Ed Bye brought his wife in, Ruby Wax.

Holly says that is the only picture reference for Lister. Surely there would be more with the life he is reported to be living! Favourite line in this episode- "Thats the kinda cash that opens anybodies legs!"

Rimmer decided he's going to go in a rescue him, it's his duty as a complete and utter b@stard

Scene 9

Lister turns up and is greeted by his servants (what the hell are the security guys doing ?)

Lister is wearing a Fred Flintstone t-shirt. I know they were popular in the 80's but why does Red Dwarf seem to reference them so much?

Also, Gilbert, the butler, was played by Robert Addie. I had to check IMDB as I recognised him from somewhere. He was Guy of Gisbourne in the 80's Robin of Sherwood!

Lister having lunch with SABRINA Mulholland-JJones (mi bird)

She's reading "Newsweek" magazine with Lister on the cover. Another picture reference for Holly, surely. If they can find a 1940's newspaper, a gossip mag should be acheivable!

Rimmer appears in the room ? Really, wouldn't he need a photo of that exact moment to be able to appear in it ?
Lister doesn't recognize Rimmer When he appears, he should be walking into the frame of the picture he has. But he is just stood there and appears with his face tensed if he had teleported in! And wouldn't all the security have just pounced on him...or have they all gone home for the night?

Scene 10

Rimmer goes into a phone of young boys sleeping in a dark room....erm, who took that photo ?

Rimmer goes back and tries to give the tension sheet to himself when he's younger

Rimmer obviously slept in boxing gloves with a war general teddy bear! Also has his antique wooden soldiers from Marooned on the shelf in the back ground. I know its not the first time we've seen Simon Gaffney as young Rimmer, but it looks more like Rimmer than young Lister did!

Cat, Lister, and Kryten back, Rimmer not a hologram......Rimmer just put things back how they were

Unpack Rachael, and get the puncture repair kit...

Bangs his hands down on 2 wooden boxes with Explosives written on them, and blows up

What seemed a bit fun was the fact the rimmers torso bounces off camra :)

7/10 Good Episode, great idea, many flaws though.
6/10 Okay episode. Thought they could have used the Timeslides concept better than they did.
6/10 i liked this epsode, i think it was pretty good idea for an epsode, they could ahve done a lot more fun with all he photos they would had :)


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I was listening to the polymorph podcast and you raised the question: Why is Rimmer's mum so much older than in the video that Rimmer was watching?
Well, I think it's because the video was filmed when he was about 9, so his mum would have been youngish, but later when she's on Lister's bed, she's older bacause that's how Rimmer last saw her which would have been a good 15 years after the video was filmed.

Anyway, I've been listening for ages and I'm only now joining the forum.!

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The Last Day

Additional post-record shownotes
The not so new anymore intro music followed by "voice over guy" (AKA Tony AKA CyntaxError from Fictionshed). This weeks episode, Number 17, Timeslides. Original air date 12th of December 1989.

Introduction of hosts-
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From “I Drive A Car Made Of Cheese” In response to us all asking where his mickname came from. Just to say it was a “handle” he thought was unique...but he is looking for something equally unusual if anyone has a suggestion
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Re: Shownotes for Episode 17- TimeSlides

Postby Rudolph » Thu May 27, 2010 2:42 pm

How come Cat has a Red Dwarf badge on his jumper?
Cat has been making his clothes from the supplies he finds on Red Dwarf. Perhaps he found a Red Dwarf badge and thought “hey, that’d look good on my jumper!”

Why did Rimmer go to the church service?
He might have gone to appreciate the organ music being played.

How come Rimmer knows the details of the assassination attempt on Hitler?
Rimmer has an unhealthy interest in war and military history. Knowing a random piece of information on someone trying to bomb Hitler is not really that unsurprising.

Where did they get the newspaper from?
They either went into another photo, taken a few days after the bombing, and bought a copy; or they searched through the Red Dwarf databank/library and dug out a copy.
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Re: Shownotes for Episode 17- TimeSlides

Postby D5120 » Fri May 28, 2010 11:49 am

Love the over analyzing your doing of our over analyzing :)
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3rd Technician
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Re: Shownotes for Episode 17- TimeSlides

Postby Rudolph » Sun May 30, 2010 7:14 pm

What can I say? Now I've finished university I have a LOT of free time on my hands :D

Besides, it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.
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Dwarf Police
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Re: Shownotes for Episode 17- TimeSlides

Postby D5120 » Tue Jun 01, 2010 10:20 pm

Rudolph wrote:What can I say? Now I've finished university I have a LOT of free time on my hands :D

Besides, it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.
LOL, Glad to be of service :)

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