Please read before posting in these sections, thanks

As the Cool/Uncool sections seems to get used for everything, thought we'd split it up a bit :)
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Please read before posting in these sections, thanks

Postby Jake Bullet » Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:49 pm

This section is a polling section peeps. Any new post always goes into the "Unsure" section, and you should include a poll, with two votes, love it or hate it. Once a few votes have been cast (I think at least 3 or more), then the topic can be moved to either "Love it" or "Hate It" by a Moderator.

To create a poll, see below the text box you are typing, and you will see a tab which reads "Poll Creation" - click on it.

Type in your question - this will appear above the thread after the topic has been posted. Also select two vote options. Simply write either "Love it" or "Hate It" or something, each on two lines, in the Poll Options box.

After you have also finished typing your message in the main text box, submit your thread :)

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