A blast from the past

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A blast from the past

Postby Dr McFisto » Fri Jul 23, 2010 2:12 am

My cousin recently recently moved house and whilst helping him clear out the attic he found his old Apple 2 in the loft, and it brought memories flooding back. (YES GAMES ON AN APPLE MACHINE! BEFORE STEAM!!!)

This was my introduction to all things Apple, and yeah the C64 had better graphics and sound but the Apple 2 was a proper computer it could be used for just about anything and was the start of Apple's simple to use polaciy which can still be seen in it's products today. I can't remmeber the original specs but he upgraded this every time he could, I only know this from him telling me but by the time he'd moved on to the Macintosh (Mid 90's) it was fully up to date at the IIgs spec's and running the proDOS OS to support the newly added diskette drive.

Most of the software still works Word processors, even found a few old games including A Star Trek one where your researching a replacement for the Kobayashi simulation from the Enterprise's data banks, The Aliens Game, Load Runner, and the one I remember most fondly as I was amazed hearing this (I was 4 at the time).

As some my know this was the first piece of propper music used in a Game (Admittedly the C64 version was better quality, but this is how I first saw it with the upgrades it sounds a little better more like the C64 version but can't find a video!)


and just for comparison here's the C64 version, didn't quite have the same impact four years after when I got my C64 :lol: (Apple 2's cost a lot more than the C64 no change there then :lol:)


Anyway thanks to my cousin's wife I now can live out my dream from 26 years ago as I now own an Apple 2 which still works as my other main apple product (MacBook) is currently in Manchester with the lovely Amy (My personal Apple Store go to person lol) been fixed (Don't know what's wrong with it but get well soon little MacBook)

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