Grand Theft Auto 4 (SE)

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Grand Theft Auto 4 (SE)

Postby Dr McFisto » Tue Nov 20, 2007 7:11 pm

1st of all, official release date for the consoles 4th April 2008!

Now take a look at this........... ... sku=676554

Yep the GTA 4 Special edition!

Presented in a customised Grand Theft Auto metal safety deposit box, Grand Theft Auto IV: Special Edition contains:
Grand Theft Auto IV with special packaging.

The Grand Theft Auto IV Art Book, featuring never-before-seen production artwork from Grand Theft Auto IV
Selected soundtrack CD from Grand Theft Auto IV, featuring new material from top artists, only available on this release

An exclusive Rockstar keychain for the safety deposit box keys

Limited Edition Rockstar Duffel Bag, (full size)

All of the items have been created with the utmost attention to detail to create a unique Grand Theft Auto IV experience for any fan of the series, and are strictly limited and only 4 retailers will be stocking them (Play, Amazon, HMV and Virgin).

Only £20 more than the normal game (£69.99 rrp), more than worth it, if only to sell the extras on and you can guarantee the game will sell out 1st day (Its getting a bigger release than Halo 3, trust me i've seen the launch pack!) and is available for both Xbox 360 and PS3 although this is where Sony's Special relationship with Rockstar comes into play, The PS3 version will feature almost 8 times as much downloadable content than the 360.

The Xbox version is what PC gamers are going to get a very basic limited version of the game, as Rockstar want this to push PS3 sales.
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Re: Grand Theft Auto 4 (SE)

Postby D5120 » Tue Nov 20, 2007 9:00 pm

That does look pretty sweet dude :)

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