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Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 5:15 am
by Dr McFisto
I'm really quite giddy as i'm now left to rot in the moonlight to support myself with a half decent wage, I have only just found out that my pitch for an animated show has been green lit we have funding backers and that jazz, just need to update the Mac software, work some more scripts then hand animating duties over to my friend and the project wh9ich is now only known by the working title Superhero Super Market will be up and running.

The idea is that back in the 90's all the Superheros of the world teamed up to defeat the last great evil of the universe which will be some kinda weird exotic animal, so with the universe at peace they went to ground until they were needed again unfortunately they did too good a job so ended making themselves redundant.

So they all end up taking regular jobs this focuses on a few that have ended up working in a Supermarket all the characters are loosely based on existing comic book characters like Captain Amazing (based on Captain America) who changed his name by depol in the 80's is now a bitter and twisted security guard, Titanium Man (Colossus) is now a Polish immigrant worker, and so on we have a few cruder ideas to throw in too making it more of a South Park/Drawn Together style of humor.

My friend has also secured a spot on a BBC3 talent drive early next year which means we need a complete hour long pilot ready in 6 months so they can decide if they want to use it fingers crossed.

Things are starting to look up ;)


Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:03 am
by Madam Flibble
Sounds cool!!!! Congrats!! :D


Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:29 pm
by D5120
Well done matey :) Hope it pans out for you.


Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:40 pm
by Queeg
sounds great.

How long do one hour pilots normally take to make?


Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 7:26 pm
by Dr McFisto
I've no idea never animated anything before but have been working on the opening credits and so far have managed to animate 3 minuets :lol:

There is also voice overs and voice casting character and location design there is a hell of a lot of work to do as everything is been created from scratch no templates to work from.


Posted: Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:39 pm
by Dr McFisto
Thought i'd mentioned this somewhere on here this was the main reason for my extended absence.

Me and 3 friends from Uni formed Phantastic Productions in order to present this project to the BBC, we had around 10 min done for the deadline which was enough to showcase to the BBC. They peep's there liked the idea but we're concerned with legal issues with the comic companies we had a green light from Marvel who stated that "If there work inspired others, then they had achieved what they had set out to do, as long as names and costumes were changed there was enough difference they had no copyright issues." DC on the other hand basicly told us to go fcuk ourselves, they had major issues with a UK company taking the piss out of there creations. So the BBC legal peeps said that if we could cut out some characters we could go ahead.

Alan and Mick (2 of the lads from Uni) left to work on their own project, under the Phantastic productions Banner (Nothing came of it, and both buggered off) as this was all getting too complex for them, myself and Jenni soldiered on. We revived a phone call a couple of months later informing us that at this point we had a week to show a finished product or they would be going with another project, 2 of us working part time on a project that 4 had started, wasn't making it easy and things didn't workout too well we missed the deadline with a rushed project (It looked cr@p, and the jokes wern't that funny due to the rush) and so we lost out to a show called "The Gemma Factor".

Jenni buggered off too she is now 6 months pregnant, and getting married in 2 weeks Alan is in Ibiza trying his luck as a DJ/Barman, and Mick keeps kindly reminding me that any money made under the Phantastic Productions banner has to be split between the four of us, nice of him that as I was the only one making anything.

So after several failed projects (inc the Robot Review thing), I;m piecing together a new Show though Go Animate with Rob and Sam, just to keep my mind ticking over (Why it looks so rough).

But there is a collaboration with FS, and 2 prominent forum members in the works for a live action web based thing Watch this space!