Podcast Comedy Featuring Hattie and Chris Barrie...

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Podcast Comedy Featuring Hattie and Chris Barrie...

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Fri Oct 29, 2010 6:23 pm

This has just popped up on my Google Alerts under the search fields of "Red Dwarf" and "Podcast". I haven't listened yet, but it is now downloaded. All information I am passing on is straight from their website pages...

It is an audio sitcom created by Andrew Ellard (see below) and starring Hils Barker and Tom Price. Also appearing are Chris Barrie, Hattie Hayridge, Eleanor Wyld and "featuring" Matthew Crosby.

The description of the sitcom reads
Barry and Linda share a house - and categorically nothing else.

With a friendship that appears to be founded on mutual irritation, the inseparable and idiosyncratic pair spend most of their time trying to avoid chaos at work, at home, with friends, family and romantic partners. They are rarely successful.

The rest of their time is, of course, spent repeatedly explaining that no, they are not a couple.

For those who don't know, Andrew runs the official Red Dwarf site, was the nice chap who read out the text from Doug Naylor at DJXV (2009) which "unofficially" announced the commisioning of new Red Dwarf. His full CV can be found at http://www.andrewellard.com/CV.html
This informs us that he was an Associate Producer on Red Dwarf: Back To Earth, Director for The Making Of Back To Earth and a script consultant for Red Dwarf: The Movie. There is a lot more on the CV which includes various work on various comedies, much of it as a Script Consultant or writer

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