Shownotes For Episode 62- Twentica

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Shownotes For Episode 62- Twentica

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Tue May 02, 2017 1:02 pm

Hello and Welcome to Scuttercast 62, this week I'm joined by.........Twentica
Synopsis By Tony Young aka Parallel Universe on the forums.
After Rimmer is momentarily kidnapped by a group of simulants called Expanoids, the Dwarfers find themselves on an alternate version of America in the 1950s, where all technology is outlawed; thus, making Rimmer and Kryten illegal. Needing help fixing a device to stop the Expanoids, they enter a science speakeasy, and enlist the help of scientist Harmony de Gauthier and an Albert Einstein lookalike, Bob the Bum. After buying Harmony and Bob some time, the device is fixed, and the Dwarfers return home, where Lister makes a bad joke about humans becoming too dependent on machines while Kryten undresses him.
You can hear Tony on “The Mix” radio show 98.3 WRLR FM

Episode Review

For those of you who don’t know, there has been 12 episodes recorded of Red Dwarf. The first 6 make up Season XI with Season 12 airing sometime in 2017. It’s all already in the can!

Whilst this episode is the first to be broadcast, this was actually the last of the Season XI episodes to be filmed before they broke up for christmas 2015 and returned to film Season XII in Jan of 2016.

Other changes for Red Dwarf XI include the introduction of Baby Cow Productions to help free Doug Naylor up so he could concentrate on writing and Directing. And the move from Shepperton Studios to Pinewood Studios

Scene 1
See Starbug with a nice backdrop with the sirens blaring
I always get bugged when I see Starbug flying through space and they don’t explain why. If they mentioned a supply run or joy ride or something, I’d be happy. As it is, I spend more time wondering why they aren’t on the Red Dwarf.

Boys come running to the cockpit

I thought this was a really fast start, especially for a new series. I thought we would start with the guys in a bunk room or cockpit of red dwarf. Not a bad thing though.

Nothing ‘bugged’ me when we first see the cast. It was comfortable seeing them. No ‘Oh krytens nose is weird, or his neck piece looks wrong’. Everyone looked like they should. reassuring.
Rimmer says there’s an incoming ship
On the comms simulants, they’re looking for Rimmer, then Lister, as they want to make an’s another Rimmer

This simulant is played by Kevin Eldon who has been in everything TV and Moviewise. Game Of Thrones, Hyperdrive, Hot Fuzz, Brass Eye, Spaced, Black Books...And is the current voice of Penfold in Dangermouse! is the

These guys turn up and ask if they are speaking to’s obviously a video call as the Cat keeps physically pointing out who they are asking why did they not know that they were talking to Rimmer? They have another Rimmer sat in the same room as them!

What do you think of the simulant costume design? It’s not my favourite simulant costume. Also Rimmer has now used the blue jacket costume for a while. Would you like to see an update in the future?

The discuss how it can happen, and how to negotiate terms

Slags of 3 of 63 (sound like the borg)

They want the casket of Kronos, in exchange for the whiny human
Cat and Rimmer absolutely make this scene. If you look at Lister during cats line ‘if he dies, not the end of the world’ he is laughing

Scene 2

Another nice external

Lister has the casket

The casket was upstairs holding up the pool table. This would make sense on the many decked Red Dwarf. But are we to believe that Starbug has an upstairs recreational lounge that we’ve never seen before?

We have seen scenes were the crew have walked up and down stairs in Starbug before. Psirens, has Lister wake up in the sleeping quaters, plenty of room for a pool table...a small pool table

Trading system?

They lift Rimmer, then drop him back...he was apparently gone for hours

Wouldn’t this Rimmer have warned his former self it was a trap earlier on during the video call?

But surely doing that would mean that the current version of the crew wouldn’t of traded him? Thus future Rimmer would not be released, meaning it’s totally within Rimmers character not too.

Expernoids? They’re going back into the past to mess with the future

The crew follow them through a time jump wormhole, to “time surf on their slipstream”

Scene 3

Starbug heading through the wormhole (looked like Doctor Who)

Come out above a planet, that looks like earth

Kryten detects an “Electron Wavelet”? Which acts like an EMP

They crash…

Got to say that this scene was impressive. Both in model work and CGI. It’s good to see interior shots during a crash too. The green screen on starbug windows was particualrly good.

Scene 4

Lister and Cat putting out the fire
Was this one scene filmed in front of the studio audience? It’s the only time in the episode were the cast continue talking over the audience laughter.

Scene 5

Everything looks flawless again

Going to restart Kryten with jump leads...Kytens nipples....

Kyten recharges his dynamos…
We spoke about the over acting in series 10 from Robert. I think the gag was perfectly fine without him walking up and down

Theres’ some kind of township nearby

Scene 6

They’re in an olden day town, looked like the scenes from Better than Life

The sets are really good. Some of the best I’ve seen.
It is extremely cinematic but does remind me alot of series 6.

The tech is a bit weird?

Sign saying ‘Closed for Violation of Prohibition Act’, suggesting they were in the 1920s

It’s actually 1952

So this is where the Twentica title comes from. Did anybody else feel a bit “Oh is that it?”. I was looking for a clever link...not sure this title really works for me. Bugs me, but I don’t know why…

Am I right in thinking the title comes from 20’s america? Twent(y) (Amer)ica

Cops, illegal contraband...a toaster?

So there’s a tech ban, because the Exponoids they could enslave us

Firing squad?

Guy give Lister a card for Lady Be good club

Also give him some tech and says ask for Harmony, De, Gootia? Yes, it’s French

So they get some clothes to dress the part

Come out all suited and booted
Kryten really looked like his character in Back to reality here. Making these notes, started to realise that this episode, seems to feature some ‘greatest hits’ of Red Dwarf.

And steal a car.. Technically, they must have stolen the clothes too. How else did they pay for the suits?
Stolen? Scrumping you mean

I really like Lister as a character again. As the show went on around series 8 and back to earth, he seemed all grown up. It’s good seeing the old scally wag version of Lister.

Scene 7

Guys find the club

They struggle to get in

Bouncer is played by Sam Douglas- Looking through his IMDB listings, he was in an episode of Lexx, The Fifth Element, 1989 Batman, Adrian Mole- The Cappucino Years and TV Mini series- The Bible! (He played Herrod in a Bible documentary thing)

Cat...Lucky, Listerano....Scientist Joe Lister, allowed in

Scene 8

Looks like a chemistry lab

Now did you recognise this first blonde woman that comes over? The character is listed in the credits as “Big Bang Beryl” and is actually played by Rebecca Blackstone who of course played that heroic self sacrificing ship computer, Pree

I got reallly strong ‘meltdown’ vibes here. Kind of like the additional cast memberes were over acting, almost caricatures.

They meet Harmony
Anybody else think she looked like Clare Grogan’s Kochanski? Whilst I love Chloe’s portrayal, I’m a bigger fan of the early years of the show. So I’d love to see this actress, Lucy Pohl return as Kochanski. IMDB, small parts in Homeland, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and a lot of German stuff. Including a movie called Endlich Sex!

She’s a science hooker? Possibly, in Endlich Sex!

Lister gives her the capacitor

She’s got the other part attached to her girdle

Together they create an EMP to take out the Exponoids..

Einstein is apparently now an alcoholic

String theory, pram theory joke...

Told he’s on the corner of Hope Street

Scene 9

Einstein with his pram of string
On this last viewing, Lister and Cat just seem to help themselves to a tray of mugs...seems kinda out of place and unusual.

David Sterne plays Einstein. He’s appeared in Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire, 300 Rise Of An Empire and Pirates Of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest

I was sure Einstein was was before 1950’s. He was born in 1879, so that would make him 73. Which is believable based on the look of the character in the episode

They take him back to the club

Little overkil on the string gags....we get it!

Again, it’s kind of like what they done in Meltdown, where they keep re enforcing who the character is (or not, next scene). Maybe a little too, it certainly reached it’s limit

Scene 10

They sit him down and give him the bits

He’s not Einstein, he’s Bob the bum....hence the ‘Hey! Look at the string’

There’s raid, everything spins, and it becomes a club again

Lads end up on stage

Cops come in, and question Harmony
The female cop is played by Suanne Braun who was a South African travel show presenter for 5 years. I checked her IMDB page and she appeared in the SG-1 TV Series as well as a movie short called Fall Of Knipple. Apparently she played Grandma Knipple...

The male cop was played by David Menkin. He’s done loads of voices for things like Thomas The Tank Engine, the new Thunderbirds show, and video game stuff

Lads interrogated
There was apparently a cut scene of Kryten doing a sax solo or something which I don’t think was included on the DVD...although I’ve not watched all of the extras yet

Lister gets them busted
I must admit I did laugh out loud when he started drinking

Exponoids appear and recognise them.

Future humanity realise that humans aren’t mature enough, so the Exponoids and the good guys, coming back to stop that from happening

I love the character of the exponoids here. We have been told throughout all of Red Dwarf that the driods are the worst of the worst and I didnt really see them as any sort of threat until this point

LOL...his chain reminded me of Flavor Flav!

Other droid, 3 of 63...find out he’s been slagging him off

Bob put the parts together, and zaps the Exponoids
Ok, I get the Einstein gag and he turned out to just be bum. Who happened to fix the capacitor but then know exactally what to do with it? Now, is this really Einstein then who everyone thinks is just a bum?

Don’t you think at this point, the cops would have done something? They just walk away...

Harmony is going to attach to the transmitter and wipe out all the Kryten....and Rimmer

They’ve got 15 mins to get out

Scene 11

They’re 5 mins from orbit, they acrtivate the kronos machine

They escape, and back to Doctor Who

I did make a note about waiting in Stasis for the Earth to catch up with their time era and voila, they were home. But they were running away from that devices effects. However, they do still have the Kronos device. Is there no way they could return to their timeline and their Earth…? It’s like they don’t want to get home!

This is something I thought about. There have been a few devices throught the show that could allow them to, or find an alternative version of Earth yet they never seem to have any luck with them. Maybe he sees Red Dwarf as home now?

Scene 12

Back on Dwarf

Kryten and Lister chatting in bunk room

Lister gives a speech about over using Kryten slaves over him

This episode was actually the last one filmed for XI, not the first. According to IMDB, this last scene was actually shot when they returned to film Season XII after their Christmas break.

I’ve read that a lot of people didnt like the end scene. For me it really finishes of the episode well

On a 3rd watch, it was better. I’d give it about a 7
I’m on 3rd watch too. Definitely enjoyed it more the 2nd and 3rd viewing. For me, there’s just not enough funny there. I know hardened fans that loved it and hardened fans that hated it. At the same time, I’ve seen the more casual viewers bothing hating it or loving it. It’s really weird. But I’m going to give this a 7. But it’s only just scraped into a 7 for me! I’ve enjoyed rewatches too much to give it just a 6.

Some of the gags did feel jarring but some really hit home plus, visually, a HUGE step up. The cinematography is great with a little feel of series 6. I think twentica makes a point in showing what Doug wants to do with the show, minus the budget restraints (not saying this had millions) and production problems. It had some moments that reminded me of old dwarf too. This one, you really do need to watch more than once. I felt a bit ‘meh’ on first watch but since then you realise this is a really good episode. Same as Ant, it just gets a 7. Only because of the re-watch my first score was a low 6.

Groove Town
How we’ve been watching? I watch UKTV, then iTunes
I tried the UKTV app, but it was awful. Freezing up after adverts etc..I actually watched on the Sky App where it was advert free a week early and then rewatched on broadcast.
Then I got the collecters metal box bluray thing...which has the episode titles on the back which are incorrect. Rumour has it that these titles are probably the titles for Season 12...but are subject to change.

I watched the first 3 episode on Sky Go app but rest of this season I’ve only watched since I bought the DVD. I’m really un-decided on this series if I’m honest. I didn’t feel any hype leading up to it, nothing like series 10 or even Back to Earth.

Do you feel that having it on the UKTV/Sky app made the TV event an anti-climax? I loved looking over twitter and speaking to you guys after series 10 episodes. Now we were checking to see if we had access to apps to watch, weird.

Lego Dimensions - Red Dwarf
Don’t like Lego stuff. Lego bricks are okay. But a Lego Millenium Falcon is basically an awesome design that has been ruined by Lego Bumps. I hated that the Lego Star Wars became more widely available than proper Star wars.
So much, bought house, new job, new car, turned 40, went to New York, started another podcast, new consoles Xbox One and PS4, Atmos sound system…

Quickly going through, I got promoted to nightshift Supervisor at work….then nightshift got cancelled and I was a day walker supervisor. Then, a couple of weeks back, I got another promotion in a different area of work. I’m now Nightshift Manager…

I’ve just returned from a fortnight in Los Angeles...what a dump! The extremes between poverty and the Elite is so upsetting. People walking down the street in Santa Monica counting the biggest wedge of notes you’ve ever seen and walking past a woman routing through a bin for food. There’s whole camps of the homeless with tents and tarps sheltering from the sun under all the freeway bridges. Proper eye opening… And the traffic!!

I also went to see Placebo last night on their 20th year greatest hits anniversary tour...

So it’s been 4 years nearly since the last one? Jeez! Deposit saving! Nearly 30, so does that still class me as the ‘kid’? Trying to get back into gaming. Most notably because of MGS5 and a bit of Uncharted 4. Few good games coming up in 2017! Death stranding trailer?

Alter bridge, same as olly

Caught a few decent netflix original, most notably Stranger Things!

Another podcast meetup this year, with me hosting the next one. Should be fun!
Podcast of the week

The Parapod

This is basically a podcast hosted by comedian and Red Dwarf studio audience warm up funny man Ray Peacock- real name Ian Boldsworth. His co-host is Barry Dodds, also a comedian...and an absolutely gullible muppet when it comes to anything paranormal! Each episode has Barry produce evidence of the supernatural to Ray/Ian. Ray/Ian then literally tears him a new one… It’s highly entertaining. I suspect some of Barry’s gullibility is maybe exaggerated for the benefit of the has to be. Nobody is that stupid! or search iTunes for Parapod.

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