Shownotes For Episode 63- Samsara

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Shownotes For Episode 63- Samsara

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Sat May 06, 2017 9:09 am

Hello and Welcome to Scuttercast 63, this week I'm joined by.........Samsara
Feedback provided by Gareth Edwards from the Highway To Mars Podcast and Gareths World about living with Aspergers

The crew trigger a trap on a derelict. The only problem is that the trap is stuck in reverse.

Episode Review

Originally dubbed the ‘cheap episode’. But the producer and script editor felt that the story was far too good to just be passed off as this.
Doug went on to say that instead of a spaceship, the episode had in fact been set in two lifts with the characters being trapped inside them.
Scene 1
Nice visual, a ship ‘crashing’ ejects escape pod
Seen a few who didn’t like the FX here, but I liked it. It’s Red Dwarf...we’re not expecting Star Wars levels of CGI
Both episodes so far have featured original models that were specifically filmed for this series. We could go back to series 8 CGI?
Crash reminded me of thunderbirds

Scene 2
3 million years later
Nice pan from planet, to dwarf to an interior of the boys
Lister and Rimmer playing some board game..MyNopoly
I assumed it was MINEopoly with them being on a mining ship. That sort of made sense in my mind. I can’t remember if it was the Dwarfcast or the Garbage Podcast that pointed out it was MyNopoly on the subtitles. Looking at the board in the episode though, I’m sure it is actually MINE-opoly.
Lister is cheating
Slightly annoyed at how obvious he made it look. Are we supposed to believe that Rimmer wouldn’t spot this obvious card switch under the table…
In past reviews I’ve moaned about lister not being ‘Lister’. I felt he was no longer the scally we loved in the earlier series and his character had been ‘toned down’ a little too much. But, I really like this current version of Lister we have, going back to series 10 too. There is evidence that he has matured and can socialise with Rimmer, but only if he gets to wind him up too.
2 and a 1....gag went on a little too long
I quite liked it. At least we get a decent explanation later of why this is happening. I wonder how many shots they had to take before they got enough 2 and 1’s! Must have been boring for the live audience!! (Before anybody says anything, yes I know that wouldn’t have been done with the audience present)
I like this too. You know what’s coming and you’re just waiting for the anger Rimmer pay off. It’s the two characters playing up to their main strengths. This is a prime exapmple of why we love the relationship between Rimmer and Lister.

Scene 3
Pod with SS Samsara orbiting same planet as RD
Kryten and Cat discussing the medibay?
Still trying to decide if I like Cat’s costume. I think I like everything except the garish pattern.
We have spoke about the quality of the sets in the previous episodes, but I really need to echo that again. I’ve always prefered the ‘red hue’ on the sets but the production value here is most likely the best dwarf has ever seen.
Get an SOS with half a message
Kryten remotes the pod into the cargo bay
Again, nice effects here.

Scene 4
Lister eating ice cream in bed
Rimmer moaning about his life
This for me is Red Dwarf at its best. As a Series 1 and 2 fan, its bunkroom scene dialogue like this that makes an episode. This dialogue just works so fantastically well.
I also love the Battle Plan on the wall. I didn’t think this was the same one as The Beginning, but comparing the two, it is. I still love that “Tidy Workspace” final box!

I also loved the references to early Dwarf with the Arnie Living Legend newspaper headline cuttings and Lister’s photo of him and Jim Bexley Speed.
I have noticed with a large portion of Red Dwarf fans (in my experience) seem to be in 2 camps. Preferring very early dwarf, series 1-2, or the classic dwarf of series 3-6. I don’t think there is a portion who prefer 7-8 including BTE.

Ant has mentioned that bunkroom scenes are Red Dwarf to him, but to me, Red Dwarf is the 4 lads out and about exploring i.e Meltdown and Gunman of Apocolypse being some of my favourite episodes. I think since series 10 we have had a really nice blend of the two.

What would you say was ‘your dwarf’, Darren?
Also, Rimmer uses the computer to calculate his odds on throwing a 2 and a 1. I can’t help but think this scene would've worked great with Holly. Rimmer asking him what his chances are and him getting angry at holly...or hilly.
Kryten, bing bong machine..Col. Green and Prof. Barker

Scene 5
Lister and Rimmer go to meet the occupants....they’re piles of dust
The FX for the escape pod earlier gave me the impression that it was a tiny escape capsule. And the warning message we had before, what little we see of it, makes it look quite roomy inside. This had me thinking on my initial viewing that this was an old message recording being broadcast and the passage of time had caused the bodies to be reduced to dust. What we’ve actually witnessed here is the death of 66% of the human race. I think they could have put a bit more weight on the seriousness of that rather than skipping over yet another human death.
Lister sneeze...(saw coming from a mile away)
Yeah agreed. We’ve seen it before and it was too predictable to be as funny again.
Off to find ship on ocean moon

Scene 6
Great model shot at the bottom of the ocean - gives real scale to the size of the samsara ship
They’ve gone salvaging
Backstory told in flashback form
I really love these seamless transitions from present to past. Very effective.
There is a slight warping on the transition but I blame my job for noticing that haha! But I would much rather have these flashback rather than Kryten explaining what has happened to the crew. The pacing of the episode is perfect.
They’re having an affair
Back to boys..investigating
Skeletons laid in some ‘interesting’ positions
It’s not very subtle this gag. Although funny, I was a bit taken back on first viewing. Think Cats innocence playas in well!
Nice to see the return of the Psi-scan. This looks like the one used in Series V rather than the BtE type device.

Flash heated to death
Dictation strangled?
Thats one thing I hate about Series XI. The way Kryten just guesses the correct answer to everything or states everything we need to know. Another example is earlier when for o reason he staes they were “both married, but not to each other”. Here it’s to set up the choking gag. But they jarringly use it for exposition to move the plot along almost as an ongoing gag, but it really just bugs me. It’s lazy writing imo.
Another flashback...bad luck?

The guys enter the room I’m sure the music is the same as ‘Legion’. I’ve thought this in the past though, so could be wrong!
Random placement of 1 armed bandit
Cat takes cash from collection...and wins
Lister puts cash back in... and his hair gets caught in a food dispenser
This is the moment on my first watch where I figured out what was happening with the whole anti-Karma thing
Cat helps him, gets a knife in his foot
The lights drop, and doors lock
I love the scene at this point. Cat’s Foot & Eye disease line cracks me up. As does his monkey swinging from trees line
Ye, we have had classic Rimmer and Lister, this is classic Cat. Would of loved to be in the audience for this episode. This scene just made me want a version of Marooned with Lister and Cat...even if it does get a bit long winded in the next scene with them.
Rimmer and Kryten also locked out
Lister goes to fix Cats foot...with glowsticks?
Is it supposed to be a gag the way they stick them all around the skeletons and hold them up to their faces? Because it isn’t funny and I’m left wondering why the audience is laughing. They should have just cut the glowsticks thing and turned on a lamp or something...
Ship slipping into mush
Scene 7
Rimmer and Kryten find the carma drive
Punishment and reward system
Based on the Justice World technology
Rimmer suggests its why the 2 and 1 dice
So Rimmer figures out that the dice going against him was due to the Karma drive, but assumes he’s being punished for the way he is. Not yet knowing that the drive is working in reverse and Lister was being rewarded for cheating
This is where I was completely confused on first viewing, I didn’t have a clue what was going on. But same as Twentica, you really start to appreciate these scenes on a second viewing. Sometimes recording these reviews, have brought out the flaws in episodes, but times like this, really reviewing the episodes, you realise how good they are.
Flashback...Green and Barker....been bad
We find out here that the Samsara is a part of Mega Core, not Space Corp. Interesting little development. And, for reasons I won’t go into yet, I’m now wondering if we’ll ever come come across the Mega Core again? I need to talk to you two about this either before or after we start recording
I suppose it’s time to go over the guest stars in this scene.
So, playing Green we have Dan Tetsell. He has been in Hollyoaks, Peep Show, he was a robot salesman in Humans and appeared as “Robot 1” in the Harvest episode of Hyperdrive
Barker is played by Maggie Service. She made an appearance in the Doctor Who episode Deep Breath playing Elsie. She was also the voice of the computer in Hyperdrive
Captain Tom Kadri was played by Eddie Bagayawa. He was in 24: Live Another Day as well as having uncredited bit parts in 47 Ronin, Skyfall, Bourne Legacy etc.

What were your opinions on the supporting cast? I personally don’t think they were the best actors but found them to be really likeable.

Scene 8
Cats food fixed...bandage around boot?
Inventor ...R..Archimedes...
Cat’s skewed version of it
Lister seems a bit too intelligent here
My notes for this scene read, How does Lister know the magic marker inventor? How does cat know who Archimedes is? How does Lister know Newton discovered gravity? How does Lister know what Formica is? Why does Cat not know Albert Einsteins real name. Especially after Twentica...Didn’t he fight alongside him in Waxworld too?

This Bath story scene goes on for far too long. I enjoyed it more on my second viewing. But on my third, I hated it again and I’ve just rewatched tonight and hated it more. Gravy sounding a little bit like gravity isn’t funny. Neither is confusing a Knighthood for a special hat to hide the bruising. Although I do like the leading a hearse to water and can’t make it sink line...mainly because it signifies this scenes end!

This does feel like it was just tacked on, in order to fill up the gag quota. We’ve mentioned in other episodes, that Lister is a lot more clever than he lets on, but this just go a little too far. Cat’s part I don’t mind too much. The Cat often gets information wrong as it’s been lost in translation over the years, i.e Cloister and Fucshal etc. He could of got all his information from a senile 3 million year old computer that was bound to get words mixed up, hense gravy and gravity being mixed up.
Scene 9
Ship is making the ship crash?
Kryten and Rimmer trying to be nice to each other
Have to be genuine
The ship is going to flash heat
Rimmer is cruel to Kryten..
So this is the reveal that the carma drive is in reverse, so the crew need to be bad to each other. Surely there were some missed gags with Rimmer and Kryten here? We got some but Rimmer could of really let loose here.

Scene 10
Cat telling Lister about Julie Caesar
Kryten comes in and starts punching Lister
Flashback....Barker and Green having bad time
Anyone else feel the the make up reveal was bad? The gag is as bad as the make up and it kind of ruined the good gag streak!
Decide to reverse the protocol
This is the scene where I finally realise that Barker and Green were actually alive at the beginning of this episode. The weight of their deaths is just washed over. Non of the crew really seem bothered...just like with Professor Edgington’s death in Entangled.
Kryten explains
So they explain what had happened
They have to leave by being dicks to each other.
Really abrupt ending. Cat manages to let slip that Lister was cheating when playing MyNopoly with Rimmer.
It does feel like the ending to scooby doo where the entire episode is explained to the viewer. A Mine-opoly rematch would of been a good way to finish the episode, seeing Rimmer win.

3rd watch, was a bit meh. Once you already knew the outcome, the rest didn’t seem that great. The carma drive could have been a lot smaller sub plot in a larger episode. For me, 5.
I’ve gone for a 7. I enjoyed it more than Twentica on my initial viewing. As with Twentica, I’ve enjoyed it more on subsequent viewings. Although, whilst trying to research this episode, I did stumble across the “All Sorts Of Smeg Tumbler” page and I’m so tempted to deduct it an episode for that! “For all your slashy Red Dwarf needs.” Does anyone NEED slashy Red Dwarf? Anyway...I won’t be deducting. I’ll stick with a 7. It’s okay with some classic bunk scene’s.

The first half of the episode is great, really well paced and solid gags. The second part was just ok, with some scenes taking longer than they needed too. The carma drive has a lot of potential for a great episode, it just didn’t come together at the final stages. Twentica improved dramatically on second watch but this episode I don’t feel my score changes. If I could score the first half and second half separately I would. With a 7 for the first half and a 5 for the second. So, I’m going to split it down the middle with a 6.

Overall 6

Groove Town
Now we haven’t got a regular release schedule, there doesn’t seem to be much point in the Groovestown section any more. However, on this occasion I have got a bit of something to say… Did you hear about the Steel Book Collectors Blu-Ray release? The Steel Book Blu-Ray has a little card sleeve. On this card sleeve it gives the episode titles. The six episode titles given are NOT the six episode titles for Red Dwarf XI. The official site confirms that these relate to the next Season. But we’re hearing that these were working titles that were probably going to be changed anyway, but are now Definitely going to change. Apparently, these incorrectly printed ones were only available for the first week and have been recalled. So if you have one, keep hold of the card sleeve. It’s now even more collectable!

Christmas, telescope, camera, much games and much drinking. Quiet night out with Ant and Amanda.
I eventually got around to watching Rogue 1 on Christmas Eve. It’s good, but it’s not great. I struggled to feel any emotional attachment to the main characters. The droid K-2SO was by far the best. Forrest Whittaker’s character was by far the worse. Although I think that may be down to poor editing and alteration of his characters involvement. The fact that I struggle to recall any of the characters names speaks volumes.However, the last 30 minutes absolutely blows me away. It doesn’t make Rogue 1 a great film, but it adds so much more gravitas to the original Star wars movie and the importance of the plans R2 is carrying. I would say it’s worth seeing on the big screen once, just for that final 30 minutes.
I’ve heard a few complaints about a certain CGI effect in this movie. For me, it isn’t 100% right yet, but was better than not including it or doing it any differently.

Switched to Mac...

Christmas was awesome, got some much earned time off work and basically completed netflix whilst Laura was at work. Rogue 1 was a great watch for me, could of used Mads Mikkelson a lot better though.
Podcast of the week
Have I done the Infinite Monkey Cage Podcast yet? It’s a Radio 4 comedy podcast performed in front of a live audience. It’s hosted by scientist and former D:Ream band member Professor Brian Cox and comedian/writer Robin Ince. They usually have three guests made of two scientists and one comedian. And each episode they discuss a particular topic such as extra terrestrial life or black holes or time travel. Really witty and entertaining conversation… Can be found on iTunes or on the BBC website. Just go to and search Infinite Monkey Cage

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