Shownotes For Episode 60- Dear Dave

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Shownotes For Episode 60- Dear Dave

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Tue May 02, 2017 12:59 pm

Hello and Welcome to Scuttercast 60, this week I'm joined by.........Dear Dave
Lister has women trouble when he gets himself in a love triangle with Snack Dispensers 23 and 34 and then to make matter worse gets a letter from an old girlfriend telling him she’s pregnant and it might be his. Lister and Rimmer hunt through the mountain of letters from the Mail pod to discover if Lister is finally a Dad.

Episode Review

As I’ve already stated on previous episodes, the original plan for the final two episodes of Series 8 was to have a storyline involving the return of Kochanski. But this storyline was very much in need of location shoots. A luxury that had been abandoned to pay for the live audience. This episode and the next were the two episodes that were written by Doug over the Christmas period. But, at the time of filming, barely half of this episode was actually ready. In fact, Doug had tweeted on the Monday that he hadn’t even seen a single page of the script yet. The G&T set report says that, in light of this tweet, they were surprised during the filming that there were very few mistakes made.

The vending machine plot and the Rimmer plotline were both recorded later during, and indeed after, the pick up week. There was too much left to shoot for the pick up week alone. They considered shooting with two units simulateneoulsy, but ended up taking another day or so after the pick up week instead. However, doing this so late on meant they were unable to use the sets, which were being dismantled. The making of documentary says they actually used a different studio to record before a green screen and then added the background afterwards. This is shown in the documentary in an excellent example of how it was done. So basically, most of the vending machine scenes and the Rimmer plotline the budget plotline, all were actually green screen.

Also, because Dear Dave was missing half of the live audience laughter track, it was shown to an audience during post production a few weeks later to get a true non-canned laughter track. But the live audience on the night weren’t swindled out of half and episode. They got to see a rough cut version of Trojan as well as a reshooting of the scene from lemons where Lister is cooking and cat comes in to swipe his dinner.
Scene 1
Lister sat on the sofa all depressed, Kryten isn’t helping
He’s missing the human race, did like the bit how he he looking at the pics, and treating them as an ex.

I think this kind of gag was handled much better in Timeslides. It seems a bit forced here. maybe overdone...not as subtle. There’s a hint of that series ten over acting going off here.

Does anyone have an idea of who the guy is on the front of the JMC Traveller magazine? Just a random person?
It was also a scene that was shown in the original RDX trailer. This was the start of the ‘Krytens nose looks stupid’ debate. The out of focus background really jarred me during the trailer but didn’t pay attention here.

I don’t like his Sinead O’Connor exit. it jarred me on the initial viewing and it jarred me here.
Scene 2
Lister taking to a Vend-A-Bar vending machine about

The only guest this episode was Isla Ure who voiced the vending machines...not a lot on IMDB for her.

The live audience did get to hear a little of the Vending Machine voice as a prerecorded track. But with most of this storyline added later, most of it was recorded during pick up.
I got some some of ‘Miranda’ vibe from her in this scene. Like a really goofy silly woman.
It’s apparently stalking him..

Yeah, there’s absolutely no hint of flirting from lister here. The machine is totally bunny boiling material.
Scene 3
Rimmer doing subbuteo tournament and is limbering up his fingers...doesn’t want to go out in the 1/4 finals again....does this mean he lost his first match?

I think this is the first the green screen shots. Now some say you can really tell with the way the background isn’t focussed properly. But I think the back ground looks like the rest. I know the Red cameras give this effect anyway almost with people complaining about green screen where there is non.

What I notice is that there are less camera angles. There is one shot aimed at Kryten and one at Rimmer and some close up’s of his fingers. With most the action cutting between these two shots. whereas other non green screen shots have a variety of angles throughout. But I didn’t notice until the making of pointed it out to me.
Kryten comes in with a epost from the JMC onboard computer, saying he’s to be recommended for the golden stripe of honour....big speel, then told to stop sending in the recommendations
Scenes like this really made me wish Holly was brought back. The whole JMC on board computer computer has just come from nowhere and just doesn’t feel right to me. Red Dwarf always had a solid universe, the budget plot line and the onboard computer system don’t fit in to it.

He’s not reported for duty for the last 3 million years, and if he doesn’t present his rebuttal within 24 hours, he’s going to be demoted to 3rd technician

I could understand if the e-post was 3 million years old and it was a response from the past. But they make it current timeline by mentioning the 3 million years. Also, Kryten talks about the response being from the JMC computer...but then refers to respose as being from them and they. Like this response is from the heads of the JMC or something. Really doesn’t feel like the Red Dwarf universe as we know it
He orders Kryten to help him....he’s going to get a note from the doctor for post traumatic stress.

Anyone think we were getting the Medi-Bot back for this episode?
Ye, I did. I was expecting some sort of argument back and forth between kryten and the Denti-bot. Thankfully we did.

Wasn’t there originally going to be scene with Rimmer and the Medi-Bot? Or I may just be remembering that wrong.
Just going back to the green screen again. I don’t think I noticed it was during my original viewing and its only really noticeable when kryten turns and walks out the bunk room. Even then you have to be looking out for it.
Scene 4
Lister in the drive room, Rimmer enters and tells him to stop moping around.

Lister isn’t moping though. He’s vigourously typing away...What’s he typing? Is he doing his coursework for his course he signed up for in Father & Suns?
That was my thought. When actors are typing away why do they always seem to be super fast and never make a mistake ha? I can’t complete a sentence without deleting and retyping it about 4 times.

We get the careful dunking speech here. Look left. look right. Mirror, signal, dunk. This gag just doesn’t make any kind of sense to me. I just fail to see the funny. Dunking a biscuit is like driving a car? For me, thats where this episode fails. There are moments of great comedy and great gags. Such as the Areolas Spanish Keeper line. And there are moments, like the dunking gag that show a hurried writing job.
Ye a lot of jokes just fall flat on their faces. You can almost tell the audience give a pity laugh here. Rimmer does save the scene here tho when describing the moves that don’t work anymore. Agree with the spanish goalkeeper gag tho. That did make me laugh loud.
Suggest that he’s also will have lost his touch with woman

There was also a deleted scene included on the DVD where Lister is being ribbed by Rimmer about having old sperm. really funny and a pity they couldn’t have kept that in. reminded me of the early bickering days of the two characters
Scene 5
Lister at vending machine 23....with a Allo Allo french accent

A point raised on the Dwarfcasts and also by the G&T written episode review was about the lack of offence this French accent caused compared to Taiwan Tony. Both are as exaggerated and stereotyped as each other. The Dwarfcast suggested that another eastern European country accent is considered less racist than an Asian one.
Lister tries his moves

We’ve already seen that Lister hasn’t shown any indication of flirting with the vending machines. So obviously Rimmers talk about him losing his ‘moves’ has really gotten to him.

Ye, along with curry and beers, pulling girls is one of Listers ‘things’. Its almost like telling Darren he doesn’t need 3 playstation 3’s...he just wont accept it.
Kryten comes along, and Lister explains himself
Rimmer comes along aswell

One thing I noticed on broadcast here is how non of the characters seem to make any kind of eye contact with the vending machine. Not just in this scene either. I don’t know if these bits were greenscreen or not. But it reminds me of movies where cartoon characters are inserted in old films and the eyes don’t quite match whats happening on screen. really jarring.
I thought that myself. Kryten is looking nowhere near it.
Scene 6
Rimmer, Kryten and Lister in the bunk room...the medi comp won’t give him a sick note
There’s the suggestion of a ‘bribe’ (donation) . Medical Fund
2143 rest rooms, Kryten suggests budget cuts to save loo rolls???????

I’d always assumed that they were using as and when needed from the ships cargo holds. Kryten or the Scutters just topping up. It’s obvious that the shuffling of budgets was playing heavily on Doug’s mind when he was trying to write this episode!
Ye, I get the feeling some parts of RDX really wrote it self. Doug putting his personal experiences into the episodes. Which isn’t a bad thing, I think its worked really well throughout the series.
Cat walks in and breaks bad charades
Mail Pod arrived...and crashed into the Cats clothes.

I’m not a fan of the charades scene. Lister seems to be blurting out about kochanski which doesn’t match any of Cat’s motions. Kryten is blurting out about being replaced. Maybe being reminded of Hudzon 10. Rimmer’s is the only one to match Cat’s actions when he does a scary face and he blurts out Polymorph before then continuously mentioning Giant Death Worms. I don’t know if these are supposed to reflect the fears of the crew, but to me, it doesn’t quite go together all that well.
I thought it was classic cat at first. Asking kryten how to break bad news, walking out then walking straight back in was great. The charades scene was kinda funny too

And Cat’s closing ‘Oh man’ line just reminds me of the Swiper character from Dora the Explorer!
Scene 7
Kryten with the mail bag...taking it into the bunk room

When the lads are looking through the mail, it reminds me a lot of ‘better than life’. The whole idea of years upon years of post, could be expanded on even more.
Rimmer wants a letter from home...and gets one...a parking fine
Lister gets one from Hayley Summers...7 weeks pregnant...with his or they need to find the letter with the results

Rimmers reaction here just reminds me of the early Smeg up and Smeg Out shots with his sports commentator impressions. Where as Listers reaction “Haley Summers “Badda-Bum Badda-Bish Badda-bam” What was that about?

I love chris barrie and think he is criminally underrated actor. But for someone who was an impressionist before he joined the cast of Red Dwarf, he does seem to use the same impression over and over. This one and his ‘carry on’ impression.

Something raised to the live Dwarfcast immediately following this episodes airing by a listener on Twitter was the use of the names Hayley and Roy. Craig Charles is now as famous in the UK for his role as Lloyd in Coronation Street as anything else. Roy and Hayley are both characters who are together in Coro. And Hayley’s character was born a man. So when Rimmer jokes that she is writing to say she is a man, is Doug jokingly referencing Coronation Street. If not, the use of those two names is quite a coincidence!
Maybe they are quantumly entangled? ha

One failure I think this episode has is in the portrayal of Lister’s feelings for Hayley. Both the Dwarfcast, G&T’s written review and, i think The Garbage Podcast too, pointed out that this was handled much better in ‘Thanks For The Memory’ with Listers memories of Lise Yates. I think getting to see them both happy together on screen really cements that relationship for the viewer. Whereas here we don’t get to see it. I think there’s only a couple of scenes where she’s actually mentioned. And she is introduced to us as somebody who has clearly cheated on Lister during their time together.
I agree. It seems like she was a massive part of Listers life before joining Red Dwarf. It kinda feels like its just thrown right in your face here. It comes from nowhere. on the other hand, one of the plots in the episode is that Lister has ‘lost’ it when it comes to woman. Its obvious Lister was a bit of a playboy in his youth, so something like this is viable.
Scene 8
Lister taking to vending machine 34 (Vend a Bar)....she’s got the hump...and they break up?

Definite bunny boiler
Really haven’t enjoyed the vending machines in RDX. give me tony slattery as a vending machine any day...and that’s saying something.
Scene 9
Kryten walking down the corridor with toilet roll on a trolly, and meets Rimmer in the drive room
The medi comp took the donation....and the only way he would get a sebatical is if he was ill or looking after somebody he picks Lister
Scene 10
Cat attempts to comfort Lister about the news....but doesn’t

This for me is one of the funniest scenes of the episode. We’ve consistantly said that Danny John Jules has been in form this series. Well, apart from his ‘Oh man’ line earlier. But this here reminds me of classic Red Dwarf. Although, it also kind of reminds me of Duct Soup where he’s talking about claustrophobia. Where his talking is making the situation a lot worse.
I usually wouldnt want anything to remind me of ‘Duct Soup’ but as we keep saying, Danny is on form here. Short and snappy lines get a big laugh all the time. The innuendo gags extremly funny.

This scene also serves to destroy any positive thoughts we may have for Hayley Summers.
must say, I love the lone clap from one of the studio members as the scene ends
Scene 11
Can’t find the 2nd letter....Kryten tells him to forget about the pass.
Scene 12
Lister makes up with vending machine 34......she wants to see around the corner, so he wheels her around there. (long power lead?)
Very long power lead, we see as he wheels the vending machine round corner.
He tried to put her against the wall...but falls over on her....and it looks like he’s having his way with her.

Yeah, because whenever I want to lift something heavy, the first thing I do is lie on top of it. I said on the night that they should have had his coat snag in the coin slot or something for this to make sense. It’s funny, but would have been a lot funnier if there was a genuine reason for such an unnatural technique.
Ye, such a huge talking point this scene. It was a bit weird when I seen it on broadcast, because I didn’t laugh and I think it would of been slightly awkward being in the studio audience at recording. Like you said Ant, getting his jacket caught in the coin slot or something would of fixed the situation. Rimmers reaction to it, saves the scene.
Rimmer walks past, and is going to use it as ammo for his sabatical

Scene 13
Cat walking down the corridor similar to the end of Backwards.....he’s wanting paper.....finds some letters.

Now we come to the much debated topic of this episode. Has Cat been and just needs to wipe away the dangleberries. Or is he just touching cloth? I know it’s crude, but it has be asked. the online Red dwarf communities demanded to know!
His shirt is tucked out of his pants, so my answer...deffo just needs to wipe
Scene 14
Rimmer Kryten and Lister in the bunk room, can’t find letter number 2...they’ve got to the bottom of the pile
Cat walks in with the letters, complaining about no loo roll, Lister sees the letter in there.
Scene 15
Lister holding off reading the letter, bigging up Hayley....turns out, it’s not his.

The moment of controversy. I know a lot who loved this line. And I know a lot who hated this line. Doug says on the documentary that he thought long and hard before deciding to go with it. He says it is something that, for the character, is absolutely right in that instance. It’s the crushing disappointment of that particular moment that makes him say that. I personally was never bothered by it. Following the previous speech where he builds her up as almost saintly. Saying how great a woman she was and what a great Mother she would have been, it’s funnier to go with the stronger contrasting verbal attack rather than a softened attack. They did try filming it with the word trollop, but Doug felt the harsher version was funnier. He also went on the audience reaction of the night which was much better for the harsher line. Maybe they could have tried a few more words...but by then, the moment with the audience would have been gone.
We seem to talk about listers use of language a lot during our series 10 reviews. Again, I think the harsher version we see in the broadcast works fine. Lets not forget its a word lister has used before when he calls the lads slags in polymorph. I know you prefered the use of ‘smeg’ on other occasions Darren. What you think about slag?
5/10, Bloody vending machines!

5/10 - The weakest episode of RDX for me. Think Cat and rimmer have some good gags, the ‘moves don’t move’ scene and the ‘finger wetting’ scenes’ were great comedy, but it just felt like nothing happened in the episode. I know the episode was plagued with problems, and hats of to Doug for pulling it together, I just feel the episode was a fairly weak one. And as Darren said...bloody vending machines.

4/10- Not sure if I’m being over critical with it being so close to air date. but it really feels unfinished. An episode where very little happens and keeps aboard the Red Dwarf rooms and corridors should be right up my street with the love I have of Series 1 and 2. But it just feels like the jokes need working on. Some are absolutely spot on. Such as the Areolas Spanish Goalkeeper line. But others, like the dunking line from the same scene, just aren’t funny. I think potentially the story could have been great. It just needed more work on the script itself.

From facebook, 2,3,6,6,6,8,8,9,10

72 out of 120- 60%

From CJ Thorpe on Facebook-
I'm very suprised by the high scores for this episode. Personally, I feel it's by far the weekest episode of the series. Except for a couple of funny lines during Listers opening exchanges with Kryten and Rimmer I didn't laugh at all. The story line was uninteresting and uneventful and the scenes with the vending machines really grated on me. Red Dwarf can have uneventful episodes (Marooned is my favourite ever episode) but the dialogue needs to be extra strong to compensate.
The charades scene went on too long and the line about "Kochanski's got a space virus" seemed really misplaced.
The end of the episode was predictable and the final line didn't quite sit right with me. I feel something more along the lines of Lister building up the idea of being a dad in his head then just saying something like "Thank smeg for that" when he finds out he isnt would have been funnier and more in keeping with Listers character.

POTW - RebelForce Radio

Groove Town
Many twitter conversations with Noel Cunningham re problem downloads...fixing them as he finds them.
podbean account finally cancelled after 9 months, still getting a lot of downloads but hopefully we’ve fixed that.

Thecuban1 - In "Entangled", the naked legs we see, after the ape turns into the doctor, belong to@DougRDNaylor. #FakeRDXfacts

Scott Pike -
First I'd like to say I loved season 10, it was a good comeback to the old series, somewhat like it was on the fifth or sixth season, and is only improving. I liked season nine, but loved 10.

This was my overall season 10 impression, good to really good. I just missed having some idiot computer character, any version of it. It just doesn't quite feel like red dwarf without a version of Holly.

My question for season 10 is, what happened to the Skutters? They were their for season 9, but we didn't see them among the machine attack with Pree, so did they break the skutters and is that why we never saw it? And no one on the show has mentioned it yet so I thought I would. As soon as I have a an extra 25 dollars I'm getting season 10 on dvd. I am really looking forward to a season 11 if we get one.

I might be wrong, but I’m sure somebody said there is an inactive one under the stairs in the drive room during the first or second episode. I keep meaning to look for it and forgetting.

iTunes Reviews

David ‘Onion’ Ball 5*...enjoyed
Julian_F 5* ...enjoyed, get more out of it from POTW (for Ian, that’s Podcast Of The Week ;))
AndyFoulkesleeds 5*...previous comment was regarding the download issues which is now fixed. Mentioned we are a little too analytical, but we know. Agreeds with us that RDX has it’s own vibe, and like Ian said, the Cat steals the show with his one liners, and believes ‘The Beginning is RDX’s biggest achivement’

All reviews can be seen in full on iTunes

Booked tickets for Eurogamer! PS3 announced, now 5 months into my challenge. Watched Utopia...payoff wasn’t that great, watched a lot of good and a lot of bad films, and played a lot of game....SR3, RDR, Halo....XBOX live sale......currently at over £1.1k from ebay.

Work cancelled the 12 hour shifts at the last minute, choosing instead to run for 24 hours with 3 shifts. On week two, due to consistant breakdowns from various plant and machinery, we only got 6 hours of running time out of 120 hours available. And other weeks haven’t been much better. Which for a 6 month old 2 million pound investment, isn’t boding well.

I went to a Quadrophenia night the other week in Nottingham. Nobody wanted to go so I ended up taking my Mum. It promised a big screen showing of the movie. Followed by a live band playing music of the era and from the movie. Afterwards a disco with the sax player from the specials DJing.

It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. The movie was played through twice on big screen. but without sound. It was instead accompanied by the DJ...and instead of playing 60’s Mod music, he was playing old school reggae and ska music. Obvioulsy playing more to the 70’s revival mods than my Mum’s original generation Mod’s. It was okay...but most songs had me thinking I prefer UB40’s version. or Madness did this better...

The live band were brilliant though. Playing songs from the soundtrack as well as the 60’s Yard Birds, The Animals etc...Really good. Bit of a heavier modern edge too. Loved them. Although i did get absolutely wrecked. i think my Mum is a bad influence...

had my first trip down to london over the break to pitch some work. Spent the weekend in the business district where every place was closed, so had a 40 min walk to find the nearest placed to get a tea. Wasn’t too bad tho, spent most of the time ordering room service wearing my complimentary bathrobe and comfy slippers :)
Plus I ended up getting the contract and in the process of buying a new car as a treat.
Podcast of the week

This week is RebelForce Radio which can be found at Way way back, i recommended The Forcecast as the best place for all things Star wars. Well I noticed at the end of February that i hadn’t had an episode delivered to my feed since before Christmas. I checked and there hadn’t been one released. Eventually one came through...but the hosts had changed. Jimmy Mac and Jason Swank were not to be heard. So i did a little online investigation and it ends up, they’ve gone their own way and set up a new podcast. Now I listened to both podcasts for a while but, to be honest, it was Jason and Jimmy that made the Forcecast for me. Their departure meant i was switching too.

It is for me the definitive spot to find all my latest Star wars news. Especially at this time when Star wars story after Star wars story seems to break every few hours on the web. I basically ignore all rumours. Their show tells you any relevant rumours along with latest news. They offer insights into things that nobody else seems to. A good example is the Star wars 7 8 and 9 news. Months before Lucasfilm was bought by Disney, Kathleen Kennedy joined Lucasfilm. Straight away they said that there must be something really big on the horizon for Kathleen Kennedy to come. And they even went as far about speculating on episodes 7, 8 and 9. About 6 months or so later, it was announced.

Not only this, they also have lots of fun features that they’ve carried over with them from their days on the Forcecast. Billy Dee quote of the week. Star wars in popular culture. Funny Star wars related news stories. They have lots of guests on from lucasfilm. The writer and director of fanboys is a regular guest along with half of the Clone wars cartoon voice actors. And as hosts, they just sound so professional. i think their show even gets broadcast in Chicago...but I may be remembering that wrong.

It really is the one stop shop for anything to do with the Wars. So, doing my bit to let people know where they are, it’s now rebelforce radio


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