Shownotes For Episode 59- Entangled

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Shownotes For Episode 59- Entangled

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Tue May 02, 2017 12:57 pm

Shownotes for Episode 59- Entangled
Hello and Welcome to Scuttercast 59, this week I'm joined by.........Entangled
Lister loses Rimmer in a game of poker to a group of Biologically Engineered Life Forms and in return gets an unwanted gift: a groinal exploder programmed to detonate in 24 hours unless Lister pays his debts. Meantime Kryten and Cat become quantum entangled and much to their horror do everything in perfect unison.

Episode Review

This was another episode plagued with problems from the start. As they wrapped up for the filming of Lemons, the Vision Mixer turned to Doug Naylor and asked what they were going to do with next weeks episode and how was he going to work around all of the break requirements for the chimpanzee actor. And this was the point at which Doug found out that the Chimp Actor, Peter Elliot had to be allowed a full hours break for every 45 minutes of working. Which makes you wonder how Robert Llewellyn must feel. If he had gone into playing primates instead of androids, life could have been so much easier for him. he wouldn’t even have to learn his lines!

Doug had a script in which the chimp was going to play a huge part of the second half of the episode. A story in which Rimmer, realising the intelligence level of the ape, would try to get it to take his astro navigation exam for him whilst also keeping the chimps intelligence a secret from the others. Doug realised that shooting all of that in a week with such strict and unavoidable break requirements for the chimp actor was impossible. And so he had to rearrange the scheduling with the cast. He wrote off the Mondays filming and set the cast shooting the Dave Channel idents. This allowed for a three day weekend for himself in which he could virtually rewrite the whole thing and cut as much of the chimpanzee storyline as possible.
Scene 1
Lister finds kebab on monitor 2 in the drive room...and call Kryten

First thing I thought watching this was ‘Ian will be happy to see the Leopard Lager can returning’ :)
Beer and a kebab, I couldn’t be happier. Love seeing the cheeky chappy style Lister in these early scenes, ‘wow, its a monster’ makes me laugh out loud.
Eats it in the messiest of ways, and gets it on the console..which goes bang
Very pantomine-ish in the way he eats it over the console. Much like myself on a saturday night.

We had the kebab spillage on the promo’s for Series X. And I can remember not liking the way Lister spilled the sauce from the kebab. it seemed very forced and I actually questioned before the series aired whether this was a deliberate act of vadalism by him. Whether the character was deliberately trying to sabotage the computer desk. But watching it in context of the whole scene and it doesn’t look anywhere near as forced. I thought that was a good example of how a promo or trailer can give you the wrong impressions and how, taken in context, things can look different.
And do you really think Lister would waste a kebab?
Life form detected on the screen

Why does he seem surprised at detecting life forms? they always meet other life forms...
Rimmer walks in...old Rimmer quoting Health and Safety protocols
We mentioned how good the few lines Rimmer had in Lemons, I love these type of throw away lines Lister has after putting the fire out with his beer ‘...don’t panic I have another one’. The entire scene reminds me of classic bunkroom Rimmer and Lister infact

Very much so. Throughout this whole scene, the interaction between these two is great.

I also wonder if Doug was trying to have some kind of dig at over cautious health and safety regulations....maybe with regards to a certain primate actors break times?
There are life signs on a moon 200 clicks away
Rimmer is the self appointed Health and Safety executive..and hand Lister 20 pages of the accident report form

Back to the age old question....or at least the Back To Earth old question anyway, of which Rimmer is this one. He definitely seems to remeber the events of Series 1. This backs up the theory that this is not Series VIII ressurected Rimmer. Love the way he keeps blaming the system too.
Scene 2
Cat is snooping around the corridor...he's hunting a space weavel
Howard Goodall excelling again. Whose album was released on 11th January, and does feature ‘Red Dwarf Piano Fantasy’
Kryten comes down with tray with chemicals on
He's been working on the crystals that made up the quantum rod
This is the scene that was shown in the build up to this episode, couldn’t help but think they really wanted to get a scene in front of them fans. It reminds of of a game show panel, the way the two of them are behind a table, got a feeling thats just going to be me tho.
It apparently gives the ability of syncinisity
Now I struggle a bit with this whole syncronisity story line. He says they are ‘More prone to coincidence’. But later on, he says they just notice the coincidences more. And that the events would have happened anyway...which i can kind of understand and see with the reveal of Krytens theory and the book that is in Cat’s hand right at the atsrt of this scene. But later events wouldn’t have just happened anyway!
Then they speak...synchronized...again, spoilt by the trailer
I think the whole ‘sync’ talking may be overdone, only just a little tho, other than that I think Cat and Kryten are great here.

I loved the synchronised speaking. But, as Darren says, it was spoilt by the trailer. One of many scenes spoilt by the trailers for Red Dwarf 10. Would have been so much better to have gone into this particular episode blindly...
Based on the works by Arthur Koestler..the roots of coincidence....which the cat just happens to have to swat the weevil
It's an emotional thing

This scene finishes with a syncronised ‘Space weevil’ from the pair which isn’t the strongest of ends to a scene. It’s a shame there isn’t a really big woofter at the end of this scene. But the syncronisity and simultaneous line delivery that these two keep up throughout the episode, it just works fantastically well. It’s not there all the time. That would get very annoying very quickly. Sometimes it’s almost inconsequential in the back ground. I think it’s very well handled throughout this episode.

Scene 3
Kryten going into the bunk room to find lister, but he's floating outside the he's forgotten his key?

This was added onto the end of the Red dwarf ten trailer after the Dave TV channel ident...and from the moment I saw that scene of him floating by the window, I loved it. It’s Kryten’s reaction and the whole simple concept of a space man being locked out because he forgot his key. Loved it. The helmet Lister is wearing is actually a MIG flight helmet which, according to the making of, was very heavy and uncomfortable to wear...he should try wearing stormtrooper armour!
He went down to the moon, and met the BEGGs (Biologically Engineered Garbage Gobblers)....he spent the evening drinking whisky and playing poker...and lost Starbug and Rimmer...and has made it back to Red Dwarf on a jetpack only

I love Lister’s delivery of ‘I lost Rimmer too’. Reminds me so much of Cat’s delivery in Holoship when Kryten says ‘They’ve taken Mister rimmer’

Would Lister have really gone and investigated life without even mentioning it beforehand to the others?
A lot of people have asked ‘why is Lister outside anyway’. I thought it was simple as ‘he lost starbug’ and the only way he can get back is using the jet pack.
I think he is hoping its Kochanski and maybe he wants to go get her by himself?
Kryten gives him the rest of the report forms..and lister flushes them out of the airlock

Scene 4
Kryten drying spoons with his butt
Am sorry but how people found that funny, I don’t get. I thought it was a real hand in face moment for me. I had been wondering why he had that flap tho. A question to anyone who was at this episodes recording, did you get the air dryer sound effects or was Robert just bending over with a spoon by his arse.

I thought it was funny. It reminded me of Krytens groinal attachment. Although, as pointed out on the Garbage podcast, in Polymorph we did discover that Mechanoids and holograms don’t give off heat.
Rimmer walks in and asks for Lister...and asks about the report forms...
Kryten explains about the airlock..and Rimmer is going to get more forms

Bobby stumbles a bit on his line here about whether Lister has had the opportunity to speak to Rimmer yet.

Scene 5
Rimmer puts the box of reports in front of the airlock and a sign
Lister is in the drive room in a dressing gown?
Lister is hiding the groin exploder with the dressing gown isnt he

I have to ask, did Lister have the groinal exploder on when he returned before. Or are we supposed to assume that he has been back to the BEGG’s?
Am pretty sure he has it on under his space suit
Rimmer say's he knows what he's done (referring to the flushing), however Lister thinks he's on about him losing him at Poker

This is the first time where I thought the set didn’t look right. The camera angle used, particularly on Rimmer, show quite a plain and simple console behind him that looks like a cheap set. I don’t think it’s the set so much as the choice of camera looks awful.
Lister is going to fix everything in the morning
He passes him more report forms..and lister says "he hasn't got time to be 'twatting' around with that"....again...why not Smeg
I loved the use of ‘twatting’ here. I know what you mean, as it can be a very harsh word but if they kept using ‘smeg’ all the time, I think it could become very annoying.

Yeah, I loved this use of the word here. I think it highlights exactly how insignificant Lister views these forms. It also highlights the relationship the two of them have and how total polar opposites they are. Something which the entire show was originally based on.
He then explains he's been gambling and he lost him
The him, him and him gag from the trailers - We talked about the Jesus gag being used for lemons trailer and how it may of ruined it. I don’t think this was the same. i still laughed out loud and still do on rewatches. There is another line from Cat that was picked up heavily on Twitter, which is him talking about his CV. The twitter world really loved Cat throughout RDX
Rimmer suggests they leg it
Lister points out the groin exploder

Craig calls it a barbed wire thong on the making of
Theres a label on the side saying ERRA
Rimmer takes the mick out of him...but Kryten points out that if Lister goes, the ship will shut down Rimmers hologram

This scene is another amazing scene with a real classic vibe to it. I wasn’t sure about the Cat CV on first watches, but actually really like it on rewatches. I love it when Lister describes the device as a groin exploder and Cat says ‘It sure is!’
Scene 6
Great CG as they leave Red Dwarf and head down to the moon on Blue Midget

Classic Red Dwarf score here too which was nice to hear.

Earlier on when Lister is talking to Kryten, he states that they should return to the BEGG’s to get back Kryten and then add’s Starbug too. A few people misheard that line and were complaining that Lister said they were taking Starbug 2 and they went in Blue Midget. But it was definitely Starbug Too a in “T double O”
The BEGGS look very much like the GELF...and sound like Jabba
This entire scene just reminds me of the trading scene in Emohawk. The mouth piece doesn’t sit right on the main BEGG, played by Steven Wickham who also played the Gelf that married Lister.

I can’t remember if it was the Garbage Podcast or the Dwarfcast. But they said that there’s a better makeup job done on the others as they don’t have to move their faces much or speak. Whereas Steven Wickham, the BEGG Cheif, has to have more mouth movement.

Steven Wickham also played the GELF Bride in Emohawk. He said the GELF outfit used to take about 4 hours to put on. But this costume is down to about an hour. He also said in his interview on the Dwarfcast that he wished he’d been able to perform his part in front of the studio audience. But his bits were pre-recorded. Although he did attend the recording and see it filmed...

Steven has also had a couple of Doctor Who appearances back in 1984, as I’m sure I probably mentioned in the Emohawk review.

A few people expressed confusion at the BEGGS and what the difference was between a BEGG and a GELF. The way I see it is that there are many different type of GELF in the Red Dwarf universe. We’ve already seen Camille who was a pleasure GELF. The Kinitowowi tribe are obviously some other kind of GELF. And these BEGGS are also another form of GELF.
Try to pass Rimmer off as broken. Anyone notice he is wearing Dwayne Dibleys parker coat
and try and pass off the 'spoon of destiny' instead, suggesting 'he who hath the spoon controls all things'
They ate somebody from an English boarding school....which allowed them to speak english

So, if we are 3 million years into deep space and the human race is all but extinct, who did they eat?
I have no idea. I love seeing cameo roles in Red Dwarf, when done right, but the more ‘humans’ they add, it does take a little bit away of Lister being the last human being alive.
So they are putting Kryten and Cat in as prizes for Poker
All the Beggs...choke at once?
This one has confused a lot of people. Basically people wnated to know what caused the BEGGS to choke. I dont think the presence of Cat and Kryten caused the BEGGS to choke per se. The BEGGS were always going to eat the cable and were always going to choke. It’s just ‘coincidence’ the lads were there and due to the quantum crystals Cat and Kryten are more alert to this coincidence. Like it’s only a coincidence the cover of the book the Cat has leads them to the space station, the crystals have just made them more aware to this.

So all the BEGG’s were going to simulatneoulsy choke regardless of whether Cat and Kryten had been there as they happened to also be talking about Lister choking during card games? I don’t buy that at all. If they were making coincidences happen around them because of the crystal influences, i’d be alright with it. But for me, Kryten saying that the coincidences were going to happen anyway but they are just noticing it more is a weak point of the story. I’m sure they would have noticed a whole room full of BEGG’s choking regardless of syncronicity. It really jars and I find myself having to ignore and push it out of mind. I think a better explanation or more thought into the theory was needed.
I know it’s a head scratcher. But I see it as the event the BEGGS choking would happen no matter what. They were always going to eat the cable, even if the lads weren’t there, always going to choke and die. It’s just coincidence Cat an Kryten mention the word ‘choke’. Like its a coinsidence the cat has the book when trying to catch the Space Weeval. if he didn’t he wouldn’t be picking it up and get the location of the space ship. Now, I know this could have a floor as you could say he has the book already before he is exposed to the crystals. I did read through the G&T comments section that a few members seem to think that doug is trying to be ‘too clever’ with some of the story lines. I kind of agree, I know we don’t want everything explained so Lister could understand but, people have come up with some crazy theories for this one.
Scene 7
Sat in the hut
When lister reveals the pants for first time, there is a timer with 94:32 on it, counting down. In this scene the timer is 0:00
Have to bring Kryten and Cat into a heightened emotional state him
The TV comes on to say they need to goto the station....and the answer is in the stars

These two are played by Nick Barber and Emma Campbell-Jones. Now Emma Campbell-Jones also has a Doctor Who appearance in the episode, The Wedding Of River song. A few other appearances for her in the usual stuff. Taggart, Holby, Hollyoaks
The stars on the book that Cat seems to be still carrying with him, has stars on the front which they interpret at star coordinates
ERRA is a space station

Scene 8
This is on the Blue Midget cockpit. This set wasn’t built until the filming of episode 6 and so this is yet another scene not filmed before the audience.
It looks fantastic tho

On their way to the Erroneous Reasoning Research Academy
Explained as ....2 wrongs make a right
The staff are hand picked as being consistently wrong

Scene 9
Onboard the station...there's a lifeform is stasis
They try to go up in the lift, but it goes down...everything is wrong
There is a sign at the back of the lift that says ‘we understand that personal space is a priority and apologise for designing such a small elevator’. Is this one of these things that is wrong, as the elevator is fairly large ha! oh an the Belt now says 84:09
The stasis booths are behind a vault door
Rimmer is going to walk through and open the switch from the other side
A lot of people asked how Rimmer was able to get through the door with his light bee. Simple answer, he enters projection mode, as stated by Kryten.

There has never been consistency to the rules of holograms. Originally they had no physical presence and could only be projected off the ship with a hologram projection cage. Then we got the introduction of the light bee inside the physical form. The we got the solid light upgrade. For me, it’s a non issue. Doug could easily have written in a pipe leading through the wall that they could have dropped a light bee down. But it’s really not important. Projection mode works for me. I love the effect of Rimmer changing costume colour when in different formats. I especially like that they chose the familiar reddish colour. The walk through the door effect, whilst a bit dodgy on rewatches, is good enough. Overall, I love this concept of having both soft and hard light projections and I hope they use it again in the future at some point.
31 year old female in a stasis pod....Lister hopes it's Kochanski
Brunet 5'5"
Mentioned Kochanski a few times during this episode, was anyone else getting the feeling of a return? Garbage Podcast mention her age and the fact Lister says she is 31 and this doesn’t fit continuity. I would of had Lister say ‘was’ rather than ‘is’.

I must admit that it took me out of the episode on the initial watch. I thought if she was 31 now, and Back To Earth was 9 years after Series VIII, should would have been 22 back then which, whilst inconcievable, was possible. But then Lister was 25 in series 1 and Series VIII was years after that...The maths didn’t seem to work.

But, as the Garbage Podcast said, iif she left Lister not long after the events of Season VIII and had been put in stasis fairly sharpish after is possible.

Professor Edgington
It's an monkey...
This scene had on-set rewrites when it emerged that there were rules and regulations which governed how long Peter Elliott could play the role of the chimp without taking a break

Peter Elliot, who was in the ape suit also had to have two puppeteers to work all the facial animatronics. Peter Elliot has been in many TV shows and movies specialising in playing primates. Congo, Gorrilas In the Mist and even Bollo in The Mighty Boosh. But his talents don’t end with primates. Also in The Mighty Boosh, he played Chi Chi The Panda and Ivan The Russian Bear. He also played a wheeler in Return To Oz.

Doug said on the making of that he had concerns that the chimp may look a bit too cheap. but I think it works okay. in fact, had we seen more of the chimp, I think it would have looked even more realistic.
Scene 10
She was attempting to evolve, but went back to a monkey
Kryten reverses her, and she goes back to a woman
Really didn’t stop laughing through the ‘naked’ gag here. The faces are the lads are priceless. These legs did not belong to the actress who played Professor E (who hadn’t been cast when it was shot) but were a models.

I think this may have been the last scene that the audience saw filmed...As you said, she hadn’t been cast which, considering she had only been written in at the weekend, is no surprise. Although I did hear that she had been cast by the time of the live recording, but had been too ill to film. Unless that was just the excuse given to the audience at the time...All these scenes onwards were filmed in a single day after the end of the series had been shot during the pick up week. She, like Steve Wickham, also never got the chance to experience the live audience.
Scene 11
Back on Red Dwarf
Irene...professor E
Glasses upside down...getting Rimmer all wrong
The upside down glasses was a little bit much.

Yeah, that was a step too far. She is being played by Sydney Stevenson and is actually the daughter of Robert Lindsay and Diana Weston, both established British actors. She hasn’t got a massive IMDB listing. Had a small part in Misfits and My Family.
Points at the Guitar case and thinks it's a trumpet?

I thought all this backwards way about her was a bit over done and didn’t really make much logical sense. i had to consciously decide to just not worry about it and go with it in the end.

Scene 12
Diagram...5 symbols...need to turn off in the correct order
Theta, show?.....Delta....Alpha......Beta ....Eireen E...wrong way round.

So, her name was always going to be Irene E, and the quantumly entangled twosome spot the coincidence it would be if her last answer was actually ironically correct. It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife!
It drops off

Scene 13
Rimmer walking with her
She asks if it's ok for them to make love on the first date...and he was the perfect man
...she falls over the box he put in front of the airlock...and she disappears
The ending is great, for Rimmer to be bugging Lister with paper work throughout the episode, then have Irene trip over a box of reports into an air lock! Lister offering rimmer a pen is classic dwarf.

Anyone feel uncomfortable with how dismissive they are about her death. the death of what could prove to be the last woman in the universe?

6/10 An average episode, they syncinisty annoyance throughout wasn’t worth the payoff.

7/10 - Really enjoyed this episode, think it gets better with a rewatch too. All the lads are on form throughout the episode. wWe established last week that series 10 has established its own vibe, but I love the fact this has bits of early series 1-2 dwarf, with Lister and Rimmer in drive room and a lot of series 6 style. For me the episode was just ‘really funny’. i have stated a few times, Trojan was the strongest episode of the series, but reviewing this, I can’t pick between the two now.

6/10 For me, some of the best scenes of series 10 come from this episode. the dialogue is brilliant. But I just don’t get the Quantum Entanglement. i don’t think it is explained fully or even makes sense. The whole backwards thinking of ERRA, the coincidences and the just doesn’t work for me. And it is too much of the main plot to be ignored and it ruins what would have been a great episode for me with some great doialogue and interactions between the crew.

From Facebook we have 5,7,7,7,7,7,7,8

Total is 74 out of 110 67.3%

Feedback for the episode from Tony AKA Parallel Universe

My thoughts on Entangled:
Not the best episode, but I've seen much worse. I don't understand why the BEGGs couldn't just be referred to as GELFs, as they look exactly like GELFs and sound similar to them. That is really the only downside to this episode. The Cat and Kryten talking in unison didn't grate on me like I thought it would. I found Irene very adorkable, and not too bad on the eyes, either. Though the Irene E. (irony) gag was a bit cheesy. The episode as a whole was just okay. Not as good as some of the previous episodes this series, but not bad by any stretch. My score: 7 of 10.
Parallel Universe

Groove Town

G&T Silver survey does end on 1st February, Jonathon Capps has told us the results will be made public on 15th, or around that date.
Need to catch up on some we need to just paraphrase


I am a Yank stuck on the wrong side of the Pond who has been a Red Dwarf fan going back to the early 90's, when a local PBS station here in St. Louis, MO (pronounced Lew-iss, not Loo-wee) first broadcast the programme. I found your podcast fairly recently, and going in order, I am currently up to Episode 44 - Nanarchy.

My one comment on the Scuttercast is on your tendency ot "over analyze," and to complain about how factors in earlier episodes contradict plot elements from later episodes. An example is how Cat was schooled in Season one's Waiting for God, and was self-educated n season 7's Epideme. I wish to offer that Red Dwarf has been and continues to be a "loose cannon with a loose canon."

As an ongoing fan, I have never required that the entire series flow tightly as I would a more serious science fiction series such as Doctor Who or Star Trek. Red Dwarf is best taken a single episode at a time for each show's merits, not for its series wide slow. It's the lot's humour I value most.

Enjoying the podcast. Looking forward to seeing the newest series Stateside.

jt august

Alright lads, been on the scuttercast forum for a couple of months now but this is my first contact(i know that sounds a bit of a sh1t way of putting it but...) just wanted to say that you're podcast is superb. I was a late comer to podcasts, got into them cus I heard Ricky Gervais had a podcast n thought I'd check it out because I think some of the stuff he's done i rate his early stand-up n sitcom stuff and I heard he was the top podcaster for a while so I thought might aswell give it a bash, it turned me into more of a fan and still think his podcast stuff is probably among his best work largely thanks to karl pilkington. Anyway, i typed in 'Red Dwarf' on Itunes after I made my way through the episodes of Gervais because Dwarf n Bottom are in my opinion the 2 best comedys of my generation (im 31) Yours was the 1st on the list so I thought I'd give it a go. Your Podcast is now my favourite. It took me a few months to work through your episodes and I think they get better and better. Ive listened to quite a few podcasts since and the only one that even comes close for me is one than you reccomended - Waffle On Podcast. So thank you for that also.

I'm also slightly addicted to your 'arcade' section of your forum. I'm 'FrankRimmer' on there. Loving the battle with welshy on pacman and more so, my new favourite game - 'Gold Minor'.

Sorry for banging on a bit and e-mailing you, I know ya got a facebook page which would be better to contact you on but I dont do facebook. Just wanted to say thanks for a lot of hours getting me through walks to and from work. Keep it up and please carry on after you've reviewd Series X. Would be interested to know you're opinions on the rest of the novels/audiobooks.

Keep it up boys, your legends

Mark Hattersley

I drive a car out of cheese was the last one we read out?

Ray de ace
No taken username
Hey, I thought of that first!
David ‘Onion’ Ball


Who deleted Parrots LOL
Not been doing much, editing the other podcast, and zombie 40th this weekend

I’ve been after a decent mic stand as the desk top one I was using wasn’t tall enough. I had to precariously balance it on top of books and it was always over balancing and falling over. But pricing them up, they’re not cheap. Last week at work, I managed to recycle one. The anti shock mic holder screws straight onto it and it is perfect. Feel like a right pro now that I have an upside down mic hanging from an arm in front of me.

As some will have seen on the Facebook group page, I have watched the animated version of Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns. This was one of the first comics I bought... certainly one of the reasons I love the Batman character so much. For those who don’t know, it tells the story of the Batman 10 years after he has hung the cowel up and retired. But Gotham is absolutely going to the dogs and he can’t help but go out and take on the scum once more. This is Batman trying to deal with his age slowing him down. About not being up to the job when he is needed the most...and appearances from other heroes and villains as the story progresses is just amazing.

But I wasn’t really expecting much from a cartoon...But it is amazing. Definitely the best screen version of Batman I have ever seen. I like Nolan’s Batman, but I always thought it didn’t warrant as much praise as it gets. The first was good. The second movie was not the perfect movie claim it to be and personally, I would actually only rate is as second best in the trilogy. The last movie was pretty bad if I’m going to be honest. It just seemed to me that people give it too much credit.

But the animated version of The Dark Knight Returns is absolutely awesome. It’s dark and violent. It’s shows the brutality of The Batman and the brutality of the world he lives in. But what impressed me the most was how well it recreates the comic book. It’s not a panel for panel animation. There are changes...but every alteration is, for me, a change for the best. I can’t stress enough how good this is! The atmosphere is exactly what I love the most about Batman...

I’ve started a discussion on the Facebook group about podcasts people listen to. I’m always on the look out for other interesting ones. But next month I’m going back to 12 hour shifts. The first time since before the wetsuit incident...This means that, with me playing podcasts at the faster speed setting, that I will get about another 4 hours of podcasts in every working day. So any input into the discussion will be very much appreciated.

We had a discussion after the last recording about watching the US version of Netflix and different services that will alter the DNS for a monthly fee to allow this. Well I’ve just found a free to download extension for both Chrome and Firefox called Hola Unblocker. This unblocks the US Netflix, Pandora and Hulu and all of those services. It will also allow US citizens to watch the ITV Player and the BBC iPlayer which currently has some Rob Grant and Doug Naylor written comedy sketches in their Son Of Cliche show. It means I can’t watch the US Netflix on the big screen through my Wii like I currently do. But the kids love having access to it from their laptops...

Podcast of the week

A few episodes ago I named Star wars In Character as the podcast of the week after it was suggested by one of our listeners, Jarred. Well now I have to thank Jarred again for his suggestion as it lead me to some of the other podcasts that the same people from Star wars In character also do.

The GR80’s podcast is done by these very same people and it is brilliant! It’s kind of a cross between The Black Dog Podcast and Midnight Movie Club Podcast and, unsurprisingly, the Star wars In Character Podcast. As with the Black Dog, they look at classic movies and see how they hold up today compared to their original opinions. As with the Midnight Movie Podcast, they keep their movies to classic movies which are closely linked to feelings of nostalgia. And just like the Star wars In character podcast, the very same people are equally as funny and entertaining.

Now I have looked at a few 80’s podcasts over the years. But I’ve always found them to be too irrelevant or distanced from my own nostalgic feelings. But not here. The movies they look at are, for the most part, the movies that made up my childhood. the hosts original feeling for these movies are pretty much on a parr with my own feelings. And, in general, I find myself laughing and enjoying every episode. Something that most other 80’s podcasts fail to do.

I’ve also been looking at other podcasts that NEOZAZ produe. They do one about the Trailer Park Boys TV comedy which, as someone who hasn’t really watched much of Trailer Park Boys, I haven’t listened to yet. Although i am now considering doing so just so i can complete the set with my NEOZAZ podcast subscriptions.

They have also launched a new show which, at the time of recording this, only has one episode. It’s called Indiana Jones: In Character and, as you would expect, it’s just like star Wars: In Character, but covering obscure Indiana Jones characters.

I really can’t recommend the Neozaz podcasts enough. i’m loving them all and, again Jared, thanks for your recommendation.

You can find all of them at

The GR80’s podcast is at or can be found by searching iTunes for GR80’s or Neozaz



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