Shownotes For Episode 61- The Beginning

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Shownotes For Episode 61- The Beginning

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Tue May 02, 2017 1:00 pm

Hello and Welcome to Scuttercast 61, this week I'm joined by.........The Beginning
Hiding in an Asteroid, surrounded by a Simulant Death Ship and a fleet of Annihilators, the Dwarfers begin to wonder whether this is the beginning of the end. Only one man can save them, unfortunately that man is Arnold J Rimmer.

Episode Review

Again, going to the making of documentary, this episode was suffering from the lack any finances. Doug says that he was like a zombie and was both physically and mentally exhausted by the strains Red Dwarf 10 had put him through. So when 2 days before filming, executive producer Charles Armitage asked Doug to rewrite the script and write out all of the new sets, he was told that it was impossible to do so. So Doug went to see Micheal Ralph?...I think it’s Michael Ralph to see what could be done. The simulant death ship was easily resolved with them deciding to just use candles and black curtains. Then they needed the back room of Blue Midget, so they decided to just take three walls, and stack a load of silver crates against it. The Blue Midget cockpit was created from the drive room set and took 8 hours to transform. Although much longer than that was spent in the planning of it. This meant that the drive room set wasn’t available for the live audience filming and had to be done in the pick up week. The actors still had to perform the scenes in the Blue Midget cockpit set for the live audience. Robert Llewellyn was able to read directly from the script in full Kryten get up and spectacles and put in a rarely exaggerated performance. They said that this exaggerated comedy performance reading from Robert actually benefitted the laughter track for these scenes.

Scene 1
Io, First moon of Jupiter
A classroom (even though it’s in the future, looked very 80’s)

Love the shot of Io with all the atmosphere domes dotted on it’s barren surface. We’ve seen a decent city dome model shot before at the beginning of Dimension Jump in Series IV. But I was never comfortable with the lighting of the scenes there whilst Rimmer is being used as a swing by his brothers compared to the darkness of space from the model shot. But these new models really do show a light atmosphere being generated by the dome that matched the classroom scenes. These Io polytechnic shots were actually filmed in the office corridoor at Shepperton studios and the classroom was the actors green room. But it looked so much like a school!
I remember seeing the observation dome in Back to Earth and thinking that looked stunning. The domes here do remind me of a mixture between those and something of Dr Who. Not sure why Dr who, but just did ha.
Is this the first time Red Dwarf has indicatd that Rimmers father was a teacher? One thing I did notice in this scene there is a mnemonic on the whiteboard which spells ‘DIVORCE’. I take it the people who will be listening to this cast will have seen the epiosde. So, without going into too much detail, we find out the Rimmers mother was having an affair. Perhaps this is something that was playing on Rimmers fathers mind or is it a simple reference to that fact Rimmer divorced his parents?

Rimmer being late...they try a social experiment on him (his father, the teacher)

Here we get the first of quite a few guest actors.

Young Rimmer here is played by Phillip Labey. His physical likeness to Chris Barrie and his Rimmer mannerisms are fantastic. I don’t think they could have chosen anyone better to play the role. Surprisingly, his IMDB page is fairly blank. Apart from Red Dwarf and a couple of movie shorts. He also joked about his bowtie Rimmer costume and said he wanted to play the Doctor one day.

Where as Rimmers Father is played by Simon Treves. The original actor to play Rimmer’s father was John Abineri, but unfortunately he passed away in the year 2000. Simon treves IMDB shows a few other appearances. Jeeves and Wooster, Boon and Soldier Soldier.
Both of these are confirmed guests at this years Dimension jump.
Useless trivia: The jacket worn by Arnold Rimmer’s dad was one of the show’s costume designer’s own jackets. Am guessing it was howard burdens
Series of tests...

Tests into peer pressure and Rimmers suseptability to it. And the girl sat next to him, Wendy played by Joanne Gale, trys to tell him that he is a test subject. But he immediately thinks he is being insulted and calles her a ‘baboon four-eyes’.

If this opening had been shot on the old style cameras, I do not think it would have slipped nicely into any of the old classic series. Although Rimmers fathers storyline was written for specifically for this episode, this actual scene was taken from one of the Red dwarf movie scripts. As were a few more elements of this episode. And, for less than 2 minutes in length, we get so much information and set up for this episode. You don’t have to have seen any Red dwarf before now to understand Rimmers relationship with his father or Rimmers personality traits. It is script writing perfection.
I think this goes back to what we said on the last episode ‘Dear Dave’. it’s half way through the episode until the episode is set up. Here its done before we even see the main cast. As you say Ant its the perfect start.

Originally, Doug had the idea of this plot point for Fathers and Suns thinking it would work well if Rimmers father relationship was explored alongside Listers. When that didn’t work out, he later realised how well it fit into this episode.

Scene 2
3 million years later
Rimmer asleep reading a book
I paid close attention to the book when it first aired, making sure I got the title of the book, thinking it was going to be involved. It wasn’t.
An alarm going off...saying ‘Security Breach on G Deck’

There is also a display in the background stating that this is Hogey The Roguey.
Scene 3
There’s a external shot, with a pod (or something attached)
Inside a simulant morphed through the wall
I must say I was really impressed with the effects here. We are so used to seeing big rubber crocodiles and such in Red dwarf, but series 10 has really impressed me on the visual effects front.
The simulat leans over a sleeping cat, and said ‘You killed my brother’....he calmly points him at Lister
He then bumps into Kryten and says the same, Kryten said...1 floor down, very calmly
He then gets to Lister, who thinks it was Rimmer

It was public knowledge before this episode aired that we were going to get simulants on a rampage. So when we first saw Hoguey entering the ship, i assumed this was it. I could understand the lack of interest from a sleeping cat. I mean, what’s more important than a Cat’s sleep. But I found Krytens lack of concern really off putting initially. However, on rewatches, and knowing whats going on, this is so funny and you can appreciate the casts reactions to Hoguey more.
Ye, when this first happened, I was like ‘what the hell is going on’. When you rewatch and know whats going on, it’s a great introduction to Hogey. Who is absolutely fantastic in this episode. He does look like an evil version of mario tho ha.

Did anyone else pick up on the detail that cat sleeps 2 floors above Listers bunkroom? I have a theory that Cat’s are solitary animals and so he probably has a whole floor that he has made his own and scented. Probably has rack after rack of suits all over this floor. it’s close enough to pop in to see the others if he wants. But far enough away for him to feel comfortable.
Thats something I have never thought about. We obviously see the bunkroom for lister and rimmer, i have never thought about where the cat or kryten would go. The image of cat having his own floor could be great. would make for an interesting episode too.
Rimmer walks in and turns the lights on as he’s challenging Lister to a duel across time and space.....Lister isn’t having any of it
It seems it’s a common thing this whole situation, as they know he’s all Hogy

Now Hoguey is a character that was also taken from one of the Red Dwarf movie scripts. Not many people realise that this is actually Richard O’Callahan from Back To earth. Richard played the Hoguey role for the pre-production read throughs of the 15 million pound movie. This is before the movie had fell through and before the role had actually been cast. Original plans for the movie had names like Will Ferrel banded around to play the part, but Richard O’Callahan was so funny in these early read throughs that he made the role his own. This obviously lead to him getting his role as the creator in Back To Earth. The Hoguey costume is also a last minute hobbled together costume working from sketches origianlly done for the movie. Robert was saying how his costume was worse to cope with than even his own Kryten outfit. With the costume needing more layers and more make up as well as leaving the actor anable to actually see anything!

Now we’ve done Richard’s IMDB listing before on the Back To earth episode, but just to quickly recap. he’s been a voice actor in the movie version of Watership Down. he was in a couple of Carry On Movies. And his IMDB goes right back to 1965!

There has been a bit of debate about whether Hoguey’s brother may have been the Rogue simulant from Beyond A joke who died after taking onboard all of Krytens negativity.

There was a bit of dialogue here that caught my attention on first watch. When Hoguey is challenging Lister, according to the DVD subtitles he says ‘Do you accept my challenge Humo’. Now I thought he said ‘do you accept my challenge ‘homo’ My first reaction was to laugh, but then I thought, oh god. We have tackled Racism and religion, and now we are touching on homophobia.
Closest guess, is something along the lines of ‘humo’ meaning Human.

They suggest, ping pong, golf, even a cooking competition. The simulant throws in a potential prize of a map of the galaxy...he stole it from a simulant death ship

The death ship have hunted him down, and start firing on the Dwarf...and blow a hole in the hull.

Love this shot as Lister sees the attack coming. I also love the way Kryten comes in to clean the room. Although it does seem a little odd when he says ‘I didn’t know you had company’ when in the previous scene, he had told Hoguey where to go.
Another example of the visual effects looking great. So, I think this is the perfect chance to say that this episode was dedicated to the memory of Peter Wragg, the BBC Visual Effects Designer who created the original spaceship models for Red Dwarf, and oversaw the effects for the first seven series.
The simulat gets stuck in the hole and blocks they leg it, and swipe the simulants gun
On the way out, Rimmer picks up what looks like a microscope.
Probably my only negative thing about this episode. Now we know why he picks up item up, it does feel like a random object threw in for the plot. I would of been much happier if we had seen it at the beginning of the episode. Rimmer looking through some old possessions and wondering what it was or something to that effect.
Scene 4
Great CG of the death ship sending fighters at the Dwarf

The Death Ship had been specifically built for the episode. But the annihalators were actually existing models sat on Bill Pearsons shelf which he had built for a proposed Red Dwarf Christmas Special years before.
The all head for the drive room.
Kryten suggest...they look out of the window, as all the readouts are down
He confirms that the Rogue simulant death ship is out there

I find Rimmers lack of concern a bit off here. He says he’ll be reading I’m Okay magazine? But he knows from past encounters that they despise even hologram humans. I also didn’t like Krytens ‘Something a bit deathy, line about the Death Ship. Although it is the first line that slightly grated and it’s nowhere near as bad as some lines we’ve had this Season.
See am the total opposite here. I thought the 2 lines were really funny. The entire scene played up to some classic dwarf, very simliar to the rogue simulant scene in Gunmen of the Apocalypse. I was just waiting for the suggestion of Tarka Dal and Bhindi Bhaji.
Scene 5
On the ship....a Hundzon type Commander characters as the simulant general, how gets his chancellor to fall on his sword
....but he only want him to polish it, and write an apology letter

Here we get my first two real disappointments of the episode. The interior of the Simulant Death Ship. The black drapes and candles are a cheap way to work around the fact that there was no money for a proper set. Which, when you compare it back to the Gumen Of the apocalypse Simulant ship interior, is a real shame. However, it’s not an episode killer for me and, knowing how pushed they were, I can live with it.

And I don’t like the simulant design. What the hell is on their foreheads? I think it must have been as easy and as cheap to produce the already established double eyebrowed Simulants of Season 6. However, the comedy and the dialogue here is brilliant and more than makes up for it.
I disagree...again ha. The set here didn’t bother me at all. I actually thought it fitted in well. It reminded me a lot of the judgement scenes from The Inquisitor and perosnaly liked the design of the simulants. I do agree on their performance tho. Both are more than strong enough characters to carry these scenes.

We get two more guests with Gary Cady playing Dominator Ziurth and Alex Hardy playing Chancellor Wednesday.

Gary Cady has a Doctor Who appearance back in 1985 playing Luke ward in The Mark Of The Rani. He also appeared in The 10 Percenters which was a show with many Red Dwarf connections. Rob Grant being one of the writers. Doug Naylor one of the executive producers and Ed Bye as a producer. Gary cady has also appeared in numerous other Tv shows.

I think it was Gary Cady who, after shooting had finished for this scene and they had broken for lunch, asked Doug Naylor if Red Dwarf was a comedy.
Ye, I believe they had shot the entire first scene before he realised they were recording a comedy. You would think he would've watched a few episodes before hand wouldn’t you?

Alex hardy has a few Tv appearances from the Bill to Birds Of A feather to A Touch Of Frost.

Question. What is the difference between a rogue droid and a rogue simulant? In the classic series episodes, it seemed to me that they were pretty much the same thing. I’m sure they said Simulants were rogue droids. Although some looked like Borg and others looked more human. Now it seems that Simulants and Droids are actually different things altogether. The simulants were described in the previous scene as having been crossbred? and we now know they have organic insides...Made out of Sausages, chilli relish and HP sauce :)
Scene 6
The boys heading down a corridor, and Lister tries the gun...which makes him fall through the floor
Cat calls it a wibbly gun.

A few people said that effect looked cheap, but I really liked it. Worked well enough for me
They’re heading for Blue Midget in ....CB3?
I was stumped on CB3 too. I thought it maybe some sort of reference to something outside of dwarf because subtitles indicate lister saying ‘Blue Midget AND CB3’. It was lister saying ‘AND’ that really threw me. Google only returned a Honda CB3 car, and am pretty certain that’s not it. So I took to facebook to ask Alex of the garbage podcast and this is his reply...
“I've always assumed its Cargo Bay 3. The ship has several cargo bays throughout with different ships in each one. The original intention with the episode, as Doug outlined at the recording, was that for some reason the crew couldn't get to the bay with Starbug in, presumably because the damage from the attack prevented them from doing so. Therefore they go to the cargo bay with Blue Midget in. I think the most likely answer is that it was a fluffed line and was meant to say ‘in BC3’ rather than ‘and CB3’.”
Scene 7
They’re in Blue Midget but still getting attacked
Kryten explains that Rimmer is carrying a holo lamp, which Rimmer explains that his dad gave him as a boy....told to play it when he joins the space core and becomes an officer

Scene 8
So the leg it from Red Dwarf, and they’re being followed by the death ship and 3 annihilators
They decide to head for an asteroid field...and hide in an asteroid itself
How good does this scene look? Bill Pearsons best model work in series 10 for me. The rear view shot of Blue Midget shooting off into the asteroid field may of looked a little too much at first but the rest of the model work is gorgeous.
Scene 9
Back on the Death Ship........the commander is told they’ve lost the ship....he tells them to speak up and question him, but then kills somebody if they do

This is where we get introduced to the rest of the guest actors. Colin Hoult playing Chancellor Thursday and Taylor james playing Big Simulant Advisor. None of the others around the table are creditted. Colin Hoult has a few roles. Most notable probably being Ian Crumb in Being Human. Taylor james doesn’t have many roles. But I did note that he appeared in Mamma Mia. And is also creditted with an appearance as himself on Blue Peter
Scene 10
Back with the boys...they’re hiding in the asteroid.
Rimmer is taking the mick as he’s already dead
Lister suggests he shouted ‘mummy mummy’ as he died...though it was Gazpacho soup.

Don’t go there. There’s others claiming his last words should be ‘I am alive’ from Timeslides when the crates blew him up. I think the best explanation I heard was on the Dwarfcast. Lister had promised in Me2 not to mention Gazpacho Soup again. And here, he’s just taking the mick out of him. That’s it.
Thank god you said ‘don’t go there’. Read so many different explanations to this, and as you say the Dwarfcast explanation is the best. I just don’t want it to open up the huge debate as to ‘what Rimmer is this’
They discuss how they’ve got out of worse.

This is the tease from Doug about the Series VIII resolve. just as Rimmer is going to explain how he feels he saved them all, cat shush’s him. Now this is Doug just playing with viewer. he knows we want a resolve and is acknowledging that and making us wait. But the ammount of people who were actually outraged by that is unbelievable. There have been some proper torrents of abuse...For me, i think it is brillaint. And rewatching the episode knowing the gag makes it even funnier.
I thought it was genius by Doug. I can picture the amout of people sitting forward on the edge of their seats in the audience just as rimmer is about to explain. Surely thats the best trolling ever? Thats got 12 years of waiting behind it.
I remember the twitter eruption shortly after this episode because of it. It was amusing, the amount of Red Dwarf ‘know it alls’ on twitter, yet most of them can’t spell gazpacho correctly. There are a few brilliant examples on the Gazpacho soup blog.
Lister decided they need a battleplan...and calls on Rimmer...because he’s into military strategy.

Love Rimmers initial ‘Pardon’ line here. We also get a really enthusiastic Kryten miminga towel folding competition. When I saw this on it’s own in the trailers, I thought this was going to be another overacting scene that would annoy. it’s actually quite the opposite. i love this over enthusiastic response to Lister. Maybe my favourite Kryten moment in this Series...
He heads to the supply room to come up with a plan.
Scene 11
Rimmers Battleplan timetable....quite brilliant!

Not long after airing, a screen grab of this appeared on the Ganymede and Titan website. And it is quite genius! We have the timetable split into 6 hours and each hour split into 15 minute blocks. And it is so funny and yet so easily missed by the viewer, that I have to go through it with you-

Hour 1 has Read Strategy Books. The first book is labelled as A and the title is “The Space Corp Book of Military Strategy” The secodnd book is labelled as B and it’s title is “How To defeat an army of militant russians whilst still finding time to be the worlds greatest golfer by Kim Jong Il” And the final book is ‘I Did it the Reicht Way’ by Adolf Hitler.

Hour 2 is Coffee Break followed by Snack Break- followed by two snooze breaks with Essential written in brackets. However, snooze is scribbled out and the words No Time are scrawled on the table.

Hour 3 is make Notes. This is followed by make an Idea web. Then it’s transfer to bullet points before ending on List conclusions.

Hour 4 is simply to Ponder. Followed by a 15 minute block of free time/ponder. This is followed by another snack break. There is an added arrow pointing to his previous snack break and the words “Don’t have the same snack twice- Diversity” are scrawled. This is then followed up by another crossed out essential snooze break.

Hour 5- Brainstorm ideas. Mind Map thoughts. Repeat before ending with Collect Ideas

Hour 6 has two 15 minute blocks combined into one. And this time is for Cross referencing notes from A, B and C. Which is the three books read in the first hour. The next block is colour code notes and pens. And his final block simply reads Tidy Workspace. Then there is a little tiny area in the corner marked as his final 5 minutes. In this is written “Think Of A Brilliant plan”
Remember at the beginning of this review I said ‘I paid close attention to the book when it first aired, making sure I got the title of the book, thinking it was going to be involved. It wasn’t.’ wrong was I? ha. Perhaps, I overestimate my close attention.
Speaking of attention, wait for the story I have for parrots bar everyone.

Kryten comes in with 2 forks and a pencil sharpener...there’s are the only weapons onboard.....but theres a rumours of some sticks and string...but he doesn’t want to get his hope up.

I think Robert messes his line up here. He says “I’ve done a ship wide search and collated all the weapons we have on ship sir”. it just doesn’t sound right to me and I’d be surprised if thats how it was on the script. I don’t think he was supposed to say on ship at the end of this line. It’s a petty gripe, but it narks me every time I hear it.
The only other weapon is Hogy’s molly’d ?...molecular destabilizer?
Can comes in with the string and the game.

Nowhere near as funny as the yo yo gag from season 1. Although I suppose the gag is that Kryten is looking for the stick and string...
Ye, kinda think this was a bit too much even for the cat.
Cat suggests his father is messing with his head, and stopping him for coming up with a plan....and he needs to get rid of the demon.

When did cat become so wise and insightful? I think it was the Garbage Podcast that pointed out that this may have seemed more true to character if it had come from Lister.
I thought that. He could of brought it up talking about his relationship with his dad from Fathers and Suns.
Scene 12
Rimmer can’t come up with a he’s going to listen to his message.
His father says.....he’s not his’s the Empire Darth, Luke scene....and he’s actually the son of Dungo...the gardener.

This episode is actually full of nods to Star Wars. We have the hologram effect used. very Help me Obi wan Kenobi. We have the I am not you Father line. But don’t forget, they are hiding in an asteroid whith the simulants blasting their way through the asteroid belt. if thats not a nod to Empire Strikes back!

I personally love this revelation about Rimmers parentage. It doesn’t really come as a surprise. It was made clear early on in Dwarf that Rimmers Mum may have played away a bit. I’m thinking of Uncle Frank looking for his Mum that time and kissing Rimmer. Or in The Last day when he says “You can all have my Mum. everyone else has”. Not too sure about this being the first we hear about Austrian Princes and French Royalty.
But i think it was Tanya or maybe Jo pointed out on the Dwarfcast. It kind of undoes what Trojan did with regards to Rimmer’s brother Howard pretending to be something he’s not. One of the best things about that episode was the thought that maybe all of Rimmers brothers were failing and lying to each other which was making each others lives hell. Well now Rimmer’s failings are kind of justified and explainable as not his own fault. He can blame his parentage. The only way for Trojan and this episode work is to assume that Howard was also an illegitimate son of Dungo’s
Doug has totally turned the Rimmer parentage on its its head. When I finished watching the aired episode, I was kind of unsure of how I felt about the revelation. I always thought it was great watching Chris when nothing goes right for Rimmer. On re-watch am just happy that it hasn’t damaged the Rimmer character but instead has turned him into some sort of working class hero. If you watch the triple fried egg sandwich scene in Thankf for the memory, you kind of get the impression that this working class hero image is a trait pf Listers that Rimmer has always liked. Red Dwarfs biggest twist? Rimmer becoming more like Lister?

Scene 13
They’re worries that Rimmers bottles gone...but he comes in with a plan
Dad...Dennis, Dungo........he’s happy with that
They boys aren’t happy with the plan, Rimmer joins them.......but then retracts his hand.

I love it when we get a flash back memory at the episode opening that bears a relevance later on with the plot. This episodes plotline really puts me back in the series IV era of Red Dwarf
As we said at the beginning of the epsiode, the plot is brilliantly written. The way it all ties up in this scene is brilliant. To go from the standards of Dear Dave to this, was a massive jump.
He’s going to use jujitsu style, use the enemies might against them self.
The boys give him a chance.
Scene 14
They pop out from the meteors, and they’re surrounded
Rimmer tries to surrender, but they don’t play ball.

The 3 annihilators and the death ship fire on them, Lister fires the mollyD, and destabilizes all 4 bulk heads...which allows the torpedos to pass through.....which blows them all up.

Most feedback I heard after the initial airing was that it was so obvious how they were going to resolve this scenario with Kryten so blatantly passing Rimmer the Molly Dee. But I have a bit of a confession. I didn’t see it coming. I was so engrossed in what was happening on screen that at first i thought it was the age old Rimmer plan of surrendering. Then, when I saw how they were surrounded in a 2 dimensional pattern with the missiles headed for them, i assumed they were going to dive or fly upwards to escape. So destabilising the ships four walls came as a surprise and i thought it was a fantastic resolve. Although with missiles headed straight for them, i don’t know how the simulants thought their attempts to surrender would help their imminent demise.
I have read a few reviews stating they all seen it coming, I don’t know about you Darren, but I think it’s just us who didn’t piece it together, until last minute. It is a cheesy way to escape, and yes, people may say it’s such a massive coincidence that the 4 ships lined up in a way they could shoot each other, but I thought it worked really well. The whole scene is focused on Rimmer, and its his ‘moment’ of the series. His ‘pardon’ as the simulants try to call for the Prisons of war treaty had me laughing loud. The “sometimes you live, die and then live again” phase, it all pinpoints he Rimmer character, and just makes you smile.
One thing I wasn’t so sure on tho is the way Blue Dwarf flies off after the explosion.
Rimmer is happy he’s a working class here....tells Kryten to set a course for Red Dwarf.....’the slim is coming home’

I love the way Rimmers closing line is a deliberate mirror of Listers closing line from the first episode. If there was to never be any more Red Dwarf, i think it is a great way to bookend the show. But it isn’t such a solid bookend so as to not allow any more. which I’m sure we will get at some point.
Ye, I loved the link between, this episode and the first episode.The ‘slimes coming home’ phrase was a huge nod to the fans. Seb . Now we have reached the end of season 10. If we were never to get an 11, I think we have a perfectly good ending. That being said, I would like there to be a series 11.

We then get the after credits scene where Doug toys with us over the Series VIII cliffhanger conclusion. This is the first time we’ve had an after credits scene isn’t it?
In video form I think it is. We have had voice interruptions from Rimmer saying ‘It's a garbage pod!’ in waiting for god.
10/10, Brilliant episode, very rewatchable, great pacing, great story, some throwbacks to the earlier seasons, and looked great.....

9/10. My memory of this episode was that I really enjoyed it, but I didn’t think it was my favourite of the series. But deliberatly leaving a long break before rewatching it again has left me surprised at how good this episode actually is and able to really appreciate it. The pacing is brilliant. The dialogue is brilliant. The comedy is second to none...and apart from the odd dodgy set, I really have nothing to criticise at all. And to top it all, it had Star wars references in it! I think this is the first episode in Series 10 that didn’t have any of the over acting that popped up from time to time during Series 10. I love that we have a character development with Rimmer losing his self doubt a little. It will be interesting to see if this is carried on a little. I love the introduction of Hoguey and hope we see him again from time to time. I like the introduction of a map of the galaxy showing every wormhole and derelict and planet on it and hope that this plays a part in any Red dwarf future episodes.

8/10. Same as you say Ant. They way I have done this, is watch the aired episodes, and I haven’t re-watched until we done the reviews. After all the episodes aired I was convinced Trojan was my favourite. But now I have re-watched this, it has to be the best of the series. To me this episode just felt right. Could this be the last ever Red Dwarf episode? If it is then, we have a great episode to end on. The refrences to ‘The End’ were great, doug toying with the series 8 conclusion was genius, it also had some of the best guest characters dwarf has ever had. We have said a few times during our series 10 coverage that, the series had its own feel.So hopefully, The Beginnning isn’t the end, but the beginning to a new era of dwarf.

Feedback sent to me via Facebook from Tony Young

The Beginning is, without doubt, my favorite episode of Series X! It's not my favorite of the whole show, but it's definately in the top five. The Simulent General was brilliant. A bit hammy, yes, but brilliant. I loved the entire storyline involving Rimmer and his father. Rimmer's confrontation with the Simulent General was great. The only downside to this episode was Hogie the Rougie. Now, I don't dislike Hogie, and I did think he was kind of funny, but he got old really fast. I'm glad he wasn't in the majority of the episode, as that would've been annoying. Apart from that, excellent episode! Can't give it a perfect score, but it's pretty darn close. My score: 9/10

Facebook including Tony’s score is 8,8,8,8,8,9,9

85 out of 100. Dead easy 85%...

Groove Town

Last episode we asked if the guy on the cover of the magazine Lister was reading was one of the Red Dwarf crew or not. Alex from the Garbage podcast answered via the Facebook group page. Apparently, it was Reece King who, according to his Linked In Page, was the Behind the scenes B camera operator...

Dimension Jump is not too far away now, and for the first time, all 3 of us will be attending. Well, I say all 3 of us, it was nearly just you 2. Sat at my desk in work on Thursday,and I receive an email for Birmingham Holiday Inn. The email read ‘greetings from Holiday Inn Birmingham, we’re looking forward to your visit’.

Thought to myself, thats a bit quick isnt it, Dimension Jump isn’t till 3rd May. Open the email, and the dates were for the weekend the weekend. So, am sitting there thinking, why am I booked into a holiday inn in birmingham this weekend? Don’t ask me how, but for some reason, I booked that weekend thinking it was for Dimension Jump. All is fine tho, managed to cancel the booking and book the correct dates.

Some RDX Viewing figures taken from official site

Episode (Broadcast Date)
Trojan (4th Oct, 9pm)
2.09 million
Fathers and Suns (11th Oct, 9pm)
1.65 million
Lemons (18th Oct, 9pm)
1.63 million
Entangled (25th Oct, 9pm)
1.46 million
Dear Dave (1st Nov, 9pm)
1.63 million
The Beginning (8th Nov, 9pm)
1.33 million*

These figures are the final figures for the actual broadcast only. An its welcome news to see RDX averaging above 1.5 million viewers throughout.

Quick question to you 2. RDX success or failure?

Dom Risk - twitter ... -future-pa

Daughter has just been to Italy skiing for the week. Come back with burnt face and lips....and I think I have realised the ideal best job in the world ever. 2 drivers, 20 hrs each way split between 2 drivers...and a weeks skiing, inflatable rings etc...

Had a great phone call. A bloke wanted us to keep an eye out for a brown A4 envelope at work....amongst about 80 tonnes of paper for recycling...

I have also got a t-shirt in the star wars drakside t-shirt competition. Now these have to be approved by Lucasfilm before being even accepted into the competition. o mI have a lucasfilm t-shirt approved. By the time this episode comes out, voting should have begun. So please go to We Love Fine .com and vote in their Star wars Darkside competition. You’re looking for the Onion Rings Stormtrooper design.

ME3 DLC, watching a lot of films, watching Young Juctice, and Smallville.
Podcast of the week

This weeks podcast of the week is Geek Fights. This can be found at

The iTunes description reads “At Geek Fights we debate, discuss, deconstruct and deliberate the eternal burning questions of geekdom”. The podcast logo image reads “intelligent discussion about inane topics”.

The weekly show is hosted by Damon and Mike plus whichever guests they happen to have that week.. What they do is basically take a topic for the battle. Be it the best of Star Wars, best episode of Buffy, Gene Hackman Vs Michael Caine, or Best Fictional product. Each host brings a list of things to represent aspects of the topic in hand. So with Star wars, it may be a list of characters, or storylines or ships. Or they may go with a mixture of these things. They then pit these against each other one on one with the winner of each bout going through to the next round until they eventually end up with a single victor. So, Star Wars round one may be Han Solo Vs Darth Vader followed by the Millenium Falcon Vs The Force. If Han wins his first round and The Force wins it’s first round. The second round pits these two against each other....I can’t remember how many they start with, but most episodes last in the region of an hour upto 2 and a half hours...and sometimes beyond.

The hosts use what they call Geek logic to determine who they vote for to win. Obviously the victor is the one with the most votes....And I can hear you asking what geek logic is...Well, it’s any argument that you can make to support who you are voting for. It doesn’t necessarily have to make sense to anyone other than yourself. Although you can, with a well argumented geek logic argument, cause one of the other hosts to change their minds...

It sounds more complicated than it actually is...but give it a listen. Some of the topics don’t really appeal. Like if you’re not a Firefly fan, The Best Of Firefly might not appeal. But there’s plenty of really good varied Geek Fights episodes. You are sure to see something you like.


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