Shownotes For Episode 55- Back To Earth (part 3)

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Shownotes For Episode 55- Back To Earth (part 3)

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Mon May 02, 2011 7:17 pm

podcast begins

Pre-recorded shownotes
Hello and Welcome to Scuttercast 55, this week I'm joined by.........Back to Earth pt3
Knowing they are destined to die, the Dwarfers head to a mysterious address in London to plead for more life.

Episode Review
Doug was insistant on using the Red Camera for this project after being impressed by online videos using it. The Redcamera films at such a high resolution that it was possible to zoom right into shots and reframe the edges without losing resolution and avoiding many scenes from being reshot. They could film it all and sort out the framing of the shot in post production and editing. Examples in The Making Of documentries show Simon Gregson in the background during the Coronation Street postbox scene. It was felt that he was hanging around too long in the background and didn't look right so they just cut him out of the shot. The same in the first episode where they filmed Rimmer and Katerina walking down a corridoor having a conversation. The camera slowly zooms in onto Katerinas face cutting Rimmer from the shot. This was down to the Red Camera and was done in post production. The red camera meant that footage shot could be downloaded to a 24 terrabyte drive and then sent to the editors for editing. All within half a day of the initial filming! The low budget meant timing really was of the essance!
During the promotional work for Back To Earth, Doug made a comment that he would never do a series IX after this. This had lead to a lot of online debate about what the next series will be called and if the series VIII cliffhanger will ever be resolved. On the commentary, he explains that it was a throw away joke that shouldn't have been taken a literally as it has been.
Scene 1
Starts with them "landing" in coronation street
Not sure if we covered this before, but where did Lister learn to drive...I can understand Kryten knowing..but lister ?

Chris Barry talks about driving a car in Marooned (I thnk it is) and drives the E Type Jag in Better Than Life. He also was reading the Classic Car magazine in the first part of Back To Earth.

They had to remove the seats from Carbug to get them all into it....

They had a disaster when filming this. After coming back off a break, they found that the Carbug keys were locked inside. They called the AA, but ended up retreiving the keys themselves.....using a hammer to smash a window. This is on the making of Documentary.

Kryten tried to get info from the postbox....Kryten is smarter than this..He then has a key ? under one of his finger tips...

These Coronation Street shots were the first to be filmed for Back To Earth, even before any of the studio stuff.

Scene 2
They head into the shop (which even though it's a fake shop, it's manned ?)

This is Michelle Keagan who is obviously one of the Coronation Street actresses. But she seems to be in character here. On the commentary, she says she's seen Red parents were fans. That made me feel really old!

"Nowt on telly" mag
Told Craig Charles is in the Rovers (wouldn't she have freaked out ?)

Scene 3
In the Rovers
Steve (the dude) tells Craig Charles all his mates have landed in a green spaceship

This is Simon Gregson who plays Steve and is one of Craig's best mates in real life. Craig knew he was a big fan of the show and it was Craig who asked him if he wanted to be in it....presumably, with Doug's consent.

The rest of the crew turn up
Love Craigs "flashback" here
Back to Earth pt3 is the last one

Scene 4
Very much Blade Runner / London here

This shot of London with the Bladerunner Tyrel building is actually a still photo taken from the London Eye. All the water and vehicle movements were added later....even pedestrians were put in.

On their way to see the creator
Rimmer Munchkins answer the door

The munchkins used 2 children to play the part and then they superimposed some shots of Chris Barry's head onto them.....but Chris's facial expressions are freaky as hell!!

Scene 5
The creator loads up a gun with 4 bullets, all with the crews name on

We had the 4 walled set in the first episode. Here we have a set with no walls!! The shots in this scene took 2 days to shoot!

The munchkins bring them in
The lines "I thought you'd fine me earlier", "it's not hard to find your creator"....Religious reference ?....Also, the creator writes what happens, so he should have know exactly what they were doing and when ?
They plead for more life, by pitching ideas at him
He then explains how it ends
Lots of running through "China Town"...then all shot through the back, and fall through glass (again, makes a lot more sense after watching Blade Runner)

Kryten kicks a bin out of the way in the chase as Robert was worried about tripping over it. It flew off much harder than Robert planned and smashed one of the light stands. Robert thought the exploding bulb was an audio effect explosion and was quite impressed.

The sugar glass was so fragile that they actually broke more panels than they used...

Lister kicks the table, the gun goes up, and cat catches it...again...surely the creator would have seen that
They make the creator write a happy ending...but he double crosses them and takes gun back
Lister then goes to squash his head (Blade Runner style)
Now the creator says here "If you kill me, you will have never existed"....not sure that's true
Actually, they aren't going to stay alive, as there is no writer...
Lister throws the script in the fire, and Lister decided to write his own end

We get a scene here where Rimmer flicks a vase off the desk which stops and hovers in mid-air before he plucks it out of the air and chucks it to Cat. It's one of those shots where, when you was a kid, you wondered exactly how they did it. The vase on the desk is actually the CGI one. It's the one in midair that is real which sits on a green stick. The green stick is edited out later.....the commenntary says, the CGI effect happens before you realise it. When you're looking for it, everything is then real!

"Slapstick central !"

I wasn't sure about all the rake gags and groin bashing. Originally I thought it was funny, but went on for too long. But Doug explains, this is not him writing a cr@p gag....this is him writing what Lister would do with the typewriter. And this is the sort of prank Lister would write! Thought that was clever.

He goes on to explain that his subconscious knows about Kochanski. That is why Kryten gets punisged so severly....Rimmer is punished because Lister just does this to Rimmer...and Cat too. He's always played jokes on Cat!

They then realise that it's not them controlling it
Cat then finally brings attention to the squids
He blows on it, and it turns into a squid
They then suss out that it's like the despair squid.....a joy squid ?
Cat can smell Kotchanskis perfume...
Lister wants to stay in this world.
Kryten fesses up about her
Rimmer, Cat and Kryten fade away

Scene 6
The 3 wake up on the cargo bay floor
Due to the dispair squid, their bodies gave built up natural antibodies, that allows them to choose realities ?

Scene 7
Chloe goes to see him, suggests he stays
There's then a long driving artsy scene, very somber....

Which is the end of Bladerunner....only Chloe here is the villian of the piece. The commentary points out that she is here to try and keep Lister in the hallucination and to keep him from returning to reality. I love how Doug did this here. We're all ecstatic about seeing the return of Chloe, which was a fantastically kept secret, and it's not till later we realise she's the villain.

Until he pulls over, and decided to go walking off
Chloe tells him he'll never get her (Kotchanski)...he's going to take his chances...and walks and fades away

Both this scene and the comic book scene from episode 2 were both filmed with a taxi waiting to rush Craig Charles back off up to Coronation Street.

Doug says in his commentary that this Kochanski ending wasn't in the original script. Originally, Doug wanted to have Katerina repair Holly and have Holly create the portal. Then, upon returning from the hallucination, Holly would still actually be off line, but he knew for this to work, he needed it to be a 3 parter. That was when Norman Lovett called demanding to be told before the end of the day if he was going to be in it or not. Doug, still not sure if it was a 2 or 3 parter or even if the budget would stretch to 3 parts, couldn't give him an answer and so Norman went online saying that he wasn't in it because they couldn't afford him and he never wants to appear in any Red Dwarf ever again. It's nice to have Dougs side of the story that we originally had.

Scene 8
He wakes up (surely they wouldn't have just left him there ?)
Kryten explains that the squid was a female...a joy squid
Cat fesses up to bringing it onboard, he picked it up from the ocean planet (the one with the despair squid)

Doug wanted to revisit a fans favourite and so picked the Despair Squid from Back To Reality as the basis of this story....and sounds unhappy at accusations that he can't come up with an original idea

Scene 9
Leaving the lift...Kryten suggests that the virtual world (our world) will still exist due to them creating them in their hallucination .......really ? do all dreams too Multiverse 101 ??????

The corridoor they walk down here is actually a lot shorter than it looks. They used a model of part the corridoor and placed it over the camera lens to create an optical illusion. Everything from just after they turned off is actually the small model in the foreground perfectly matched up to the genuine full size set.

The directors commentary explains during the closing credits about Red Dwarf rejection from the BBC and how it eventually came to be on Dave.

I could never understand the whole Bladerunner inspiration for this until I listened to the commentary. Doug explains on the commentary that he wanted to do a Bladerunner homage for two reasons. One, he is a huge fan and wanted to do a decent homage which hasn't been done before. Also, bladerunner has the right dreamlike qualities and atmosphere that he was looking for this story.

One last thing I picked up from the commentary. Doug says it is impossible to do a Red Dwarf story in 23 minutes. Thats why he wrote Back To Earth as a single story.....Does this mean the new series will be full of parts 2 or 3?

6/10 It was ok....
9/10 Love the comedy start around Coronation Street. And the emotion at the end is fantastic. The only negative I think about this is the creaters vision of him gunning them down. This to me was such a let down after seeing this in the promo's and trailers. But apart from that, it is awesome. Lister now has a directional goal in life and the crew continue on into, what we now know is a new series.

a lonely 7 from the forum
Advert from Visual Digest
Groove Town

I want to discuss whether Back To Earth is now called series 9 or not. I would argue that it isn't. Back To Earth is the 2009 Easter special. Series 9 is a mythical series that only exists within BtE and will never actually exist. Events from within series 9 will referenced to in the future and already has been in BtE. For example, we know that series 9 was when Kochanski left Lister because of his drinking. We know that Kryten told Lister whilst he was having a bath that she was sucked out of an airlock because he knew Lister wouldn't be able to cope knowing that he blew it with her....

There's actually not been any more news since Dimension Jump. As far as we are aware, all the cast has verbally agreed to the new series of Red Dwarf, but are yet to sign their contracts. Presumably, until filming begins in November, we won't hear much at all.

The official site has now confirmed the new series announcement. Has an article on what some of the cast are currently up to....and the final 3 Red Dwarf novels are now released in Germany
Done very little, beat Band Hero, now onto Lego Rock Band...bought keyboard (digitaltopia...) Played a lot of Halo...ODST and now reach.....the weather has been too nice to waste.

Not really done a deal. Went to Clumber Park near Sherwood Forest. Has to be the most scenic and beautiful part of Nottingham.....£5.50 to get in though. As a National Trust park, I thought I part owned this.

Had to report a bloke at work last week for eating food and drinking pop he has found in the rubbish heap!!
Podcast of the week
Never Buy A Stripper A Drink is this weeks podcast of the week. People who know me from the Simply Syndicated forums may remember a forum member from a couple of years ago called Plform. His real name is Nick and he is one of the hosts of Never Buy A Stripper A Drink. He and the other hosts are also in a band called Letters To Voltran. A kind of comedy punk electro type band. They use this podcast to promote themselves and other bands who are members of Omega Prophet Promotions. Basically, it comes out most weeks and lasts about 1 and a half to 2 hours. And it's just them talking about getting drunk and what their weeks have been like. A good event of the week is called a finger in the A-hole. A bad event to the week is called a sack twist. They have regular guests on, usually from other nbands returning from tour with tour stories. Sometimes it is a couple of the ladies from the Rollerball Derby which is like a team females sports game which involves chasing, overtaking and blocking each other on a skate circuit. They once interviewed the owner of a porn house cinema...

It's lots of toilet humour and non politcally correct chat. The tagline is "erected weekly for your pleasure" which says a lot about what this podcast is....Sometimes, it's just what you need to lighten your working day. or on iTunes


Back soon, with Red Dwarf USA....keep subscribed.
Additional post-record shownotes
Intro music followed by "voice over guy" (Tony AKA CyntaxError from Fictionshed). This
weeks episode, Number 55, Back To Earth part 3. Original air date.12th April 2009

Introduction of hosts-
Darren AKA BassJunkie

Trailer from You Tube channel Visual Digest. This can be found at
An example of this channels work is as follows...

Antony and Darren have a discussion about Back To Earth and whether or not it is now called “Series 9”.
Darren is of the opinion that BtE is now series 9. Antony is of the opinion that Series 9 exists only within BtE and is a non-existant series which will never actually exist....
A poll has now been set up at viewtopic.php?f=12&t=3367 Your input would be appreciated...
Antony does a brief round up of the official Red Dwarf site stories without giving any real details. Until we get closer to the recording of the new series in Nov 2011, we don’t expect to hear any breaking news stories.
The official site has articles on the final 3 RD novels being released in Germany, some of the casts current projects and confirms the DJ XVI news of new Red Dwarf series. Thats about it....
Parrots Bar
Darren has done very little. BBQ and drinking during the 4 day weekend. Antony was working!!
Darren has about done with Band Hero and has moved onto Lego Rockband
...and then has to explain to Ant the appeal of Lego Rockband. He understands Star wars Lego...or Lego Indie...but not really EVERYTHING Lego.
Darren talks about a keyboard he has purchased for the playing of these Rock Band games which does actually teach yopu to play the keyboard... and mentions forum member Digitaltopia.
Antony then tangents off about Digitaltopia and his podcast, The Verbal Release Podcast. Formerly of The List Podcast which was once a podcast of the week.
This can be downloaded from Here, you will also find some amusing GoAnimate Star Trek adventures featuring Captain Monkey and other bits of random silliness.
Antony has also been trying to get some comedy sketch writing going within the Verbal release Podcast forum community. If you fancy inputting there, it can be found at ... .php?fid=8
Darren then tells us about Grifball. A Halo game mode that he and Mrs Darren are currently hooked on.
But the weather has been too fine for Darren to keep up on his gaming.
Antony recommends Clumber Park as a place to visit in Nottingham. Better than all the other Nottingham parks including Sherwood Forest.
He mentions the Major Oak which is the main attraction in Sherwood’s an old tree that is fenced off and you can’t get near to.
But Clumber Park is the nicest place to go...
Antony then tells a rather nasty story about a sickening thing he saw at work...involving a thirsty man and a pile of rubbish...
Podcast Of The Week
Not a lot more can be told from what is written above.

The Podcast Of The Week thread is at viewtopic.php?f=88&t=2322
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Re: Shownotes For Episode 55- Back To Earth (part 3)

Postby digitaltopia » Sat Oct 15, 2011 9:44 am

I can't believe I missed this one. Onto me downloads it goes.
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Re: Shownotes For Episode 55- Back To Earth (part 3)

Postby ori-STUDFARM » Sat Oct 15, 2011 1:04 pm

It's been out long enough!! Mind you, I know about the last half dozen episodes became corrupt and Darren has had to reload them recently. Maybe thats why...
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Re: Shownotes For Episode 55- Back To Earth (part 3)

Postby digitaltopia » Sat Oct 15, 2011 6:56 pm

That almost sounds like a good Red Dwarf storyline of sorts.

And while we're on the subject of speaking of things that aren't related, Darren should install a phpBB mod called Full Quick Reply Editor. It gives you that little quick reply box on the bottom of every thread, complete with the full buttons and bits and bobs like you get with the regular reply box.
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Re: Shownotes For Episode 55- Back To Earth (part 3)

Postby D5120 » Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:40 pm

ori-STUDFARM wrote:It's been out long enough!! Mind you, I know about the last half dozen episodes became corrupt and Darren has had to reload them recently. Maybe thats why...

Yeah, the last 5 episodes kinda broke !....but they're back up and running now.....thank you podbean :(

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