Kryten wakes up on a moon surrounded by the remains of a crashed Starbug. He detaches his hand and tells it to return to Red Dwarf and bring back Lister and Cat. Lister comes, collects and “fixes” Kryten. Kryten tells them that Rimmer was captured while on a psy-moon (a terraforming moon that reshapes itself to mimic a persons psyche). The crew reluctantly go out on the surface to search for him. Rimmer is hung up in a dungeon and prepared to be tortured by The Unspeakable One. The crew make their way across the Swamp of Despair with frogs that say ‘Useless’ and through a graveyard with headstones that desribe a positive part of Rimmer’s personality that has died: self-confidence, honour, generosity, charm etc. Lister notices a freshly-dug grave with the headstone ‘Hope’ and Kryten tells the others to hurry, realising that they could be in serious danger if Rimmer loses all hope for himself. The crew finds the dungeon and drive back the unspeakable one, saving Rimmer. They try to escape in Starbug, but the ship gets caught in a swamp and begins to sink. Kryten realises that the unspeakable one only fled when he told Rimmer that they wouldn’t desert him. Rimmer’s personality created the terrain and they are forced to make Rimmer feel good about himself to weaken the Unspeakable One’s power so they can escape. They try it and eventually Rimmer’s positive emotions come back to life and fight off the hoards of negative emotions (self-doubt, mis-trust, lonliness etc.), allowing the gang to escape unharmed; except for Rimmer when they tell him that they only pretended to like him to escape!