White Hole

Kryten attempts to use a technique called ‘Intelligence Compression’ on Holly by reducing her life span to restore her I.Q. of 6000. Unfortunately he botches it and Holly gets an I.Q. of 12000 but she only has 3 minutes of life remaining. She powers down the ship to preserve her lifespan and the crew have to fend for themselves without heat or power. On their way back from collecting supplies, Kryten and Rimmer experience a strange time phenomena in the hallway where time slows down in one part and quickens up in another. Kryten believes that there is a White Hole out in space which has the opposite affect of a Black Hole by throwing time back into the universe. During their conversation they switch places and repeat things they have already said. Rimmer consults Holly about the white hole and she suggests firing a rocket into a nearby sun a causing a solar flare to knock a planet into the hole, rather like playing pool with the planets. Lister scoffs at her coordinates saying that he can play better pool than Holly. Rimmer argues with Lister and suggests a vote which Lister wins 3 to 1. Lister prepares for his pool shot by getting drunk but concentrates hard enough to play a trick shot, bouncing 3 planets off each other to throw the last one into the hole. As the effects of the white hole wears off and gang begin to vanish from that part of space, Kryten takes the opportunity to deliver an extremely good insult to Rimmer.