The Last Day

A mail pod arrives containing a message indicating that the “out-dated” Kryten must be dismantled and his replacement will arrive within 24 hours; a new, and improved “Hudzen 10”. Kryten is not upset though, because now he goes to Silicon Heaven. Lister is shocked at this idea, and explains that there’s no such thing as silicon heaven, but Kryten isn’t convinced. The crew throw a “going away” party for Kryten, in which we find out that Lister was an orphan and Rimmer got his first french kiss from his uncle Frank, who thought he was his mother. The next morning, the crew wake up with hangovers and Kryten decides that he wants to stay. A ship requests docking, and the crew meet the replacement in the docking bay. They try and fight off the Hudzen 10 so Kryten will not have to leave, but he is too strong. Eventually Kryten informs him of the absence of silicon heaven, which causes Hudzen 10’s circuits to overload.