Body Swap

A scutter has gone mad and rerouted the entire ships circuitry and Rimmer and Kryten can’t find the self-destruct mechanism but Lister accidentally activates it when he orders a milkshake and chocolate bar from a vending machine. Needing one of the senior officers to deactivate it, Kryten introduces them to a mind-swap, which involves implanting another crew-members brain (via a disc on which all of their brain patterns were kept) into Lister’s body. Even though the technique works it does not fool the computer into deactivating the auto-destruct. The count-down finishes, and Lister receives his milkshake and choc bar from the vending machine as there is no bomb on board the ship. Rimmer decides that the brain-switching idea is a good one and he persuades Lister to loan him his body, promising to get him fit. Lister finally agrees and they swap, but Rimmer is too busy being able to eat and drink to care about what he does to Lister’s body. Lister forces him to swap back, but with Kryten’s unwilling help, Rimmer steals Lister’s body during the night and does a runner with Starbug. Lister, Cat and Kryten give chase in Blue Midget, but as they catch up, Rimmer crashes. Back in his own body Lister gives Kryten the third degree, whose guilt chip is in overload. Rimmer walks in with a stunned look and speaks in the Cat’s voice. Cat walks in and in Rimmer’s voice, promises to give his body back in a few days and starts to gorge himself on a pile of food.