The episode opens with ‘Star Wars’ style text explaining that Lister gave birth to twin boys that were returned to the other dimension, Holly has changed his face to look like his counterpart from that universe, and that Kryten has returned and become part of the crew. While Lister and Cat discuss the sexiness of Wilma Flintstone, Kryten and Rimmer take the Starbug for a piloting lesson in order for them to become more independent. They accidentally pass through a time hole and appear on Earth where everything runs in reverse order. While Lister and Cat attempt to find them, they get a job as a novelty act in a pub, showing off their ‘forwards’ actions. Lister and Cat finally track them down but Rimmer and Kryten don’t want to leave claiming that the world makes more sense this way. They are soon fired for causing a pub brawl and then proceed to start the fight in true bar-room brawl fashion (or rather a bar-room tidy).