Thanks For The Memory

After partying away to the anniversary of Rimmer’s death, Lister and Cat wake up with broken legs, Lister’s jigsaw has been completed, four pages have been torn from his diary, the clock is four days ahead and the black box is missing. The crew go after the black box and discover it in a shallow grave with a gravestone that reads ‘To the memory, of the memory of Lisa Yates’. Lister comments that he once dated a girl named Lisa Yates. They view the black box recording and watch as Lister, after hearing Rimmer cry and wail because he has never been loved, implants a memory of his into Rimmer’s; the eight months that he dated Lisa Yates. Rimmer wakes with this new memory and believes it to be his. He ponders why he and Lisa broke up and Lister realises that he was stupid to ever let her go. Rimmer finds out that Lister also dated Lisa and Lister is forced to tell him what he did. Rimmer asks that the last four days be erased from everyones memory and that they bury the black box. Lister and Cat recieve the broken legs when they drop the headstone on themselves. When they get back to the ship, Lister tears the pages from his diary and puts the last piece of the jigsaw into place