Status Leak

While going through Kochanski’s personal things, Lister finds a photograph of him and her getting married. Remembering something from the past, he reads Rimmer’s diary and finds a piece where Rimmer thought he saw his own head pop up through the table and say that he came from the future to save his life which Rimmer believed to be an hallucination. Following directions from the diary, the gang head down to floor 16 and find a stasis leak which transports them back to the past, a little while before the crew all died. Because they can’t bring anybody back to their time, Lister and Rimmer fight over who they should convince to go into the other stasis booth (Lister himself being sent into the other). Lister wants to save Kochanski and Rimmer obviously wants himself. While Rimmer goes back to convince himself, Lister and Cat find Kochanski at a hotel, but she is already married. Kochanski invites them in and Lister discovers…..Himself from 5 years in the future who has found another way to go back in time. After the meeting they all return to the past Rimmer and Lister’s quarters where the past Rimmer promptly tells them all to go away.