Lister gets more that he bargained for when the disk supposedly containing Kochanski’s hologram is actually a copy of Rimmer. The two Rimmers decide to move in together leaving Lister who is all too happy to be rid of them. However, the two Rimmers are so alike that they cannot get along and continually insult and berate each other. Lister discovers a tape of Rimmer’s death on which he utters the words “Gazpatcho Soup” before his demise. When the childish behavior between the two Rimmers forces Lister to put his foot down and demand that one of them be erased, he tricks the original Rimmer into believing that he will be the one in order to make him explain what ‘Gazpatcho Soup’ meant. It was the day that Rimmer’s desire for public respect finally came true, as he was invited to the captain’s table for dinner, after working for 14 years. Unfortunately, he did not know that Gazpatcho Soup is meant to be served cold, and he publicly embarrassed himself in front of the Captain and other guests by demanding it be served hot.