Future Echo’s

Lister and Cat prepare to go into stasis while Red Dwarf goes to light speed until they get back to Earth. Rimmer does not want to be turned off, so he demands to be left on for the journey, even though he will be by himself. Unfortunately they reach light speed 22 hours before they expected and don’t get to go into stasis after all. While shaving, Lister watches himself accidentally cutting himself in the mirror and Rimmer rushing up behind him, then a few seconds later he does cut himself and yells for Rimmer, but dismisses what he saw in the mirror. Lister goes to the drive room and talks to Rimmer, only Rimmer is enjoying a conversation with an invisible person. Rimmer leaves through one door and immediately returns through another where he has the same conversation with Lister that he had before. Lister tries to tell him about what is happening and Rimmer is convinced when he sees Cat rush past them in the hall but then sees him in the sleeping quarters immediately after. Holly calls them Future Echoes, pieces of the future that they are catching up with as a result of light speed, backed up when Rimmer spots a picture showing Lister holding two babies in his arms. Rimmer sees Lister getting killed by an exploding panel in the drive room and doesn’t seem to be too concerned about it in front of Lister. Lister goes to face his death, but doesn’t get killed. They return to their quarters and see a very old Lister lying in the bunk. The Old Lister tells them that it was Lister’s son that Rimmer saw in the drive room and tells Lister to grab his camera and run to the medical bay. Rimmer wonders how Lister fathers two children without a woman on board and Lister responds with “I dunno, but it’ll be a lot of fun finding out!” The two go to the medical bay and are greeted by Lister, the same age he is now, introducing them to his twin boys, Jim and Bexley..