Confidence And Paranoia

After visiting the officers living quarters aboard the ship before it has been decontaminated, Lister wakes up with a case of pneumonia and begins to hallucinate in his sleep. His dreams become real however, when it begins to rain fish in their room, and the Mayor of Warsaw appears and then spontaneously combusts in front of Rimmer. Lister wakes feeling better but then finds that two men have appeared on the ship, one his inner confidence and the other his paranoia. While Lister’s Confidence gives him the strength to face Rimmer to get Kochanski’s hologram disk, he is unaware that Confidence would do anything to be with him, including destroying the Medicomp and killing Paranoia. Lister discovers this but cannot stop Confidence from foolishly trying to convince him that he can breathe in space and ends up imploding into a billion pieces. Lister retrieves the hologram disk and loads it, but what results is far worse than being alone in space.