About Us

I originally build this site on the 10th March 2006 as a place for us, the Red Dwarf fan to hang out and reminisce over old episodes, and personally I found it hard to navigate the official Red Dwarf bulletin board

Since then, the site has had many make-overs, and the forum has gained many users.
Back in August 2008, we got the great news that there was going to be a special Easter episode, and since then, we’ve received an influx of new member in the forum.

We have recently decided to create our own podcast, to review the past and new episodes called ScutterCast, please feel free to tune in and listen.

Please also feel free to pop into the forum and say hi, it’s always good to see a new member contribution to the ever growing community.

Thanks again for visiting and hope to see you again soon.

Red Dwarf Forum Admin