ScutterCast – Red Dwarf X

Posted by admin on October 3, 2012

On the eve of Red Dwarf X, we thought we’d give you an update on our plans for reviewing the new episodes.

We discussed recording an ‘instant reactions’ for all 6 episodes as we did with Back to Earth, and then the additional 6 ‘actual’ reviews at a later date once the DVD/Bluray had been release.

However, as the last episode will air on the 8th November and the DVD/Bluray release date is the 19th November, we’ve decided not to record an instant reactions, and just enjoy the shows as I’m sure we all will.

Once the DVD/Bluray is released, we’ll re-watch the episodes, watch the extras, and do our normal level of research and bring you 6 cracking ScutterCast episodes.

If you are missing our voices, the entire back catalog of the ScutterCast episodes can be found on iTunes, via Direct link, or even on Stitcher.

In the meantime, please feel free to join us in discussing the new episodes on the forum, on Facebook or via Twitter

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