Countdown to Red Dwarf X begins

Posted by admin on September 7, 2012

With the launch of Red Dwarf X imminent, Dave launches Red Dwarf Weekends starting Saturday 8th September showing every series from VIII to I in their entirety…. oh and there’s a chance to unlock some brand spanking NEW trailers, too!

Red Dwarf is returning to our screens in just a few weeks (Thursday 4th October at 9pm to be precise) but it’s still a while to wait.

So to get you in the Red Dwarf X spirit, Dave is dedicating every weekend in September to your favourite space-set comedy sitcom starting this Saturday 8th September from 11am.

What’s more, by making a note of the secret codes shown during the ad breaks throughout the Saturday episodes and heading to, fans will be able to unlock a brand new trailer every weekend until the new series launch.

Get your diaries out, here’s the schedule:

(Keep a lookout for the secret code during the ad break)

(Don’t forget to look out for the secret code to unlock new trailer on the website)

(Reminder: secret code = brand new trailer!)

(Last trailer to be revealed – keep an eye out for the secret code during ad breaks)

  • Red Dwarf I – Sunday 30th September from 11am

  • RED DWARF X – Thursday 4th October at 9pm

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