2 more series of Red Dwarf announced

Posted by admin on June 5, 2010

Thanks to the guys over at G&T for having their fingers firmly on the pulse. Craig Charles has announced 2 more series of Red Dwarf, filming in January.

To hear for yourself, goto the BBC iPlayer, forward to 1hour and 21minutes

The transcript is below

“…the Smegheads are a thing from… em…, it’s from the Red Dwarf days, isn’t it? Which I can now announce – we’re going to be doing two more series of it. Starting in January next year.”

[Production guy, muffled since he clearly doesn’t have a mic, asks something like “Is that like a proper exclusive?”]

“That is an exclusive mate! What d’y’think?”

[Production guy: “That’s pretty impressive.”]

“Gone a bit nervous.”

[Pg: “Were you meant… are you allowed to say that?]

“Emmm… no. But I got the call today and it said ‘Craig, can you do it in January?’ I said ‘Yeah, I’ll sort it out.’ So I will be able to do it in January and… emm… I’m a bit nervous though – I don’t know if I’ll be able to fit into leather trousers anymore.”

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