What we know about Series 9

Posted by admin on October 11, 2009

I think the first question on most peoples lips, is…will this be called ¬†“Series 9” ?,

Although it wasn’t confirmed by Andrew Ellard when he announced more Red Dwarf, he did however make a point of saying that the new series ¬†referred to in “Back to Earth”, where in fact fictional (an hallucination), and shouldn’t stop them from creating an actual series 9.

The burning question of who’s in it ?

Again, nothing was confirming, however based on the reactions from the team, Danny, Craig, Chris and Robert were more that aware of the new series, however Chloe seemed genuinely surprised by the news in this this mornings Q & A session, which would suggest that she’s not as yet been approached.

Will they be a holly, and if so which one ?

Andrew did ask if we’d like to see Holly back, and if so which one. Based on the show of hands, Hatty seems to be the favourite for the role

Will there be a laughter track ?

Again, this was something asked to the audience to show their hands to, I believe all but 1 person suggested they bring back the laughter track. Craig, when asked in this mornings Q&A, said he prefers to perform infront of an audience, however understands that you can’t really have an audience stood around a green screen. He hopes that they can somehow do both.

Where will this new series be in the Red Dwarf timeline ?

Andrew suggested this would pick up straight after Back to Earth, so essentially 10 years after series 8

When will they be aired?

The planned air dates are towards the end of 2010, so over a year to wait to see more Red Dwarf on our TV’s

Any other information ?

The only things that spring to mind at the moment, the words that Andrew used were “Dave TV have commissioned 6 scripts for Red Dwarf”, meaning that officially there will be more Dwarf, but who’s in it, etc, etc is all up in the air. Andrew also hinted that they have commissioned “at least 1 series..”, suggesting there maybe more to follow.

That’s all the news we have for the time being, however keep an eye on the forum, and we’ll update you as soon as there is any more news.

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