ScutterCast Goes Fortnightly

Posted by admin on June 22, 2009

Hello, ScutterCast fans, due to work commitments there will be no ScutterCast this week.

We’ve also decided that from next week, ScutterCast will be a released fortnightly.

This is for a number of reasons,

Trying to get everybody together on a weekly basis can be hard as we’ve all got real life commitments, that will always comes first, doing the podcast fortnightly will allow us to have a full team more often.

Over the past couple of episodes, we’ve found that Red Dwarf news seems a little thin on the ground, same with the parrots bar content. Having a week in between each episode allows the Red Dwarf related new build up, as well as us build up things worth talking about in the Parrots Bar section.

Each episode of ScutterCast takes around 12 hours to record, edit, and enhance, which is extremely time consuming, so we thought it only fair to do a fortnightly episode to help relieve Darren’s stress levels, and give him every other week off.

Doing the podcast on a fortnightly basis will mean it will take us twice as long to get through the episode, which who knows in this time, there may be more Red Dwarf.

Anyway, we will be recording next Monday, for release on Friday, any audio or written comments, please send to


The ScutterCast Team.

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