ScutterCast | Episode 06 | Me2

Posted by admin on May 5, 2009

This is the 6th instalment of many ScutterCasts, to bring you reviews of old, and new Red Dwarf episodes.

Discussing everything Red Dwarf and Sci-Fi related, not forgetting the main website of

This episode we review is “Me2″, we also discuss the Red Dwarf “Back to Earth” DVD, and just a general chinwag about everything Sci-Fi.

If you would like to email in any comments on the episodes, please email to, or feel free to follow us on twitter

This episode is hosted by Darren, Nik, Antony and Andy

This is the last one of series 1, we are talking a short series break, and will be back with you in a couple of weeks with the episode Kryten

Any queries about the ScutterCast, please feel free to read the FAQ’s

edit: We’ve been made aware, that the Novo Babylonia advert is missing, as this is only 20 seconds long, we’ve going to leave it as is, apologies for the inconvenience

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